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The all-in-one e-commerce platform that delivers a truly professional experience

We specialize in using the WIX e-commerce platform to create professional, scalable websites that give high-growth enterprises a competitive edge. Wix’s interactive and specialized websites offer advanced features and customization options, ensuring unique user experiences that distinguish you from competitors.

What our services can do for you

With our enterprise-level WIX solutions, high-growth businesses can swiftly launch personalized, specialized websites and storefronts. Our expertise ensures the creation of exceptional e-commerce websites with unique designs that effectively reflect your brand identity.

Harnessing the advanced capabilities of WIX for Enterprise, we create custom websites and storefronts that align perfectly with your unique vision. Leveraging WIX's cutting-edge releases, we integrate advanced features and dynamic content to establish a strong brand identity for your enterprise.

Scalable and performance-optimized website

Our WIX platform solutions provide enterprises with a stable and optimized hosting infrastructure, ensuring robust website performance. Experience seamless handling of high-traffic volumes and heavy loads without compromising performance.

Quick integration and custom applications

Extend your WIX website's capabilities with our custom applications and seamless integration with enterprise software, boosting business performance through efficient data exchange.

Unique website and storefront designs

Ensure a consistent brand identity and unified brand experience for your enterprise across digital channels and applications. We leverage WIX's design templates to develop your brand identity, providing you with a cohesive visual presence.

Empower your enterprise with a data-driven approach using WIX's analytics and reporting features. Gain valuable insights and optimize your online presence effectively, ensuring a competitive advantage in the market.

We are creative team of designer who has a vision


We are creative team of designer who has a vision

We are creative team of designer who has a vision

We are creative team of designer who has a vision

MLVeda is a certified WIX partner and certified Velo developer.

We offer comprehensive website services including customization, optimization, management, and support.

Building your online presence on WIX

MLVeda’s offerings on the WIX platform help you set up and establish your unique brand presence

WIX website design

We create stunning websites using WIX's Custom Creation, utilizing available templates to reflect your brand's essence. Every page can be customized for a cohesive user experience.

WIX e-commerce store setup

Quickly establish an impressive online store with our assistance. We provide appealing storefront designs and seamless backend integration for effortless selling.

WIX custom app development

Enhance your e-commerce platform with our custom apps, leveraging APIs and third-party applications. Deliver a unique user experience tailored to your needs.

WIX maintenance and support

Our dedicated support team ensures smooth onboarding, website maintenance, application management, and timely support to prevent downtime for your website or store.


Kickstarting your website on the WIX platform is a breeze with MLVeda's WIX development team. Our team of dedicated WIX experts assist you in setting up your website and establishing a strong presence in the world of e-commerce.