Custom Middleware Solution

Streamlining Complex Corporate Orders with Multi-Destination Fulfillment


In response to Shopify's expansion of B2B functionalities for Shopify Plus users, a critical limitation emerged: orders could only be shipped to one address per transaction. Recognizing this, our client sought a sophisticated solution to enable partial shipment of a single order to multiple locations, ensuring accurate tax calculations pertinent to each destination.

Client Profile:

Established in 2005 in Wichita, Kansas, Cocoa Dolce has distinguished itself as a premier chocolatier, renowned for its exquisite, handcrafted chocolates. Guided by the Voegeli family, the company is lauded for its innovative and collaborative spirit in producing superior confections. With a dedicated team of expert chocolatiers and pastry chefs, Cocoa Dolce excels in creative exploration and meticulous ingredient sourcing, offering an array of chocolates, macarons, and assorted gifts, distributed nationwide.


Shopify's B2B Limitations: While the platform supports B2B transactions, it restricts orders to a single shipping destination. Additionally, the client required a quotation system for pre-approval before finalizing orders.

Multi-Location Shipping: The client needed a system to partially distribute single orders to various locations, including options for partial pickups from warehouses or retail outlets.

State-Specific Tax Calculations: Since shipping destinations spanned multiple states, each with unique tax rates, accurate tax calculation for each address was essential.


Cocoa Dolce partnered with MLVeda to develop an advanced, automated solution for multi-address corporate order processing. The solution encompasses:

Order Approval Process: Unpaid orders, inputted into Shopify, trigger a quote-like confirmation email with an approval button. Clicking this button tags the order and adds a metafield, signaling approval.

Multi-Address Upload: Corporate clients submit a CSV file detailing each destination and corresponding products. MLVeda's system validates and uploads this information.

Tax Calculation and Order Finalization: Taxes are computed based on each shipping address. The client is then sent a payment link for the order with the adjusted tax amounts.

Individual Order Segmentation: The main order is split into individual orders per address. Cocoa Dolce processes these as independent orders. Completion of all individual orders signifies fulfillment of the main order.


Operational Efficiency: Automation significantly reduced manual order entry and tax computation, streamlining the process.

Accuracy Enhancement: System-driven operations minimized human error in order creation and tax calculations.


Cocoa Dolce's adoption of MLVeda's custom solution transformed a labor-intensive, error-prone process into an efficient, automated system, ensuring accuracy and expedience in handling complex corporate orders.