Supply Chain Integration

Streamlined shipping integration for a high-growth Shopify Plus enterprise

Touche is a renowned online fashion store in the ‘modest fashion’ segment. Established in 2014, Touché has reached a network of around 200 sales points in over 30 countries and 5 continents with its unique story, high-quality fabrics and reasonable prices. Their mission is to spread free spirit and innovative designs all over the world and show that women can be modest without having to sacrifice their modern, young, chic, sporty and colourful attributes.

Client’s scale of operations-

  • 200 points of sale
  • 30 countries
  • 5 continents


The client sought to automate their shipping process by integrating their Shopify Plus store with MNG Kargo, a leading Turkish shipping company. The manual process was time-consuming, especially with a high volume of orders.

  1. Sending data to MNG Kargo's portal, which required understanding basic Turkish shipping terms and matching data formats.
  2. Editing Shopify checkout pages to capture necessary shipping details not included in standard order information.
  3. Navigating MNG Kargo's APIs, which were in Turkish, and interpreting their XML response format.

Project Objective

We aimed to develop an end-to-end shipping automation system that would transfer order details to the shipping carrier, update tracking details, and notify customers about the status of their shipments. We also designed an error mechanism to inform Touché Privé's team about any failures in tracking detail retrieval.


The MLVeda team planned an execution strategy and estimated a delivery timeline of 2 months.  The execution plan included -

  1. Creating a system for handling order webhooks and mapping them to MNG Kargo's Turkish keys.
  2. Developing a scheduler for transferring data to MNG Kargo at specific times.
  3. Fetching tracking details from MNG Kargo, updating Shopify orders, and notifying customers.
  4. Generating and storing authentication tokens for API calls to MNG Kargo.
  5. Editing Shopify checkout pages and scripts to capture required shipping information and display shipping options based on the customer's location.
  6. Implementing an error management mechanism to notify the Touché Privé team of any issues with data transfer or tracking detail retrieval.


To ensure continuity of performance, we managed post-deployment services. We deployed the system on our server and provided 24/7 support for any issues Touché Privé encountered. We maintained transparency by sharing configuration files, demo videos, and documentation for all functionalities and usage.


The implemented system created a positive impact on the client’s digital commerce operations.

  • It significantly reduced the manual labour involved in Touché Privé's shipping and fulfilment process. 
  • Automating the entire workflow saved the company time and resources, allowing them to focus on the core aspects of their business. 


The successful integration of Touché Privé's Shopify Plus store with MNG Kargo demonstrated MLVeda’s expertise in streamlining e-commerce shipping processes and delivering a robust solution for our client.