UI/UX Optimization

Shedrain's Shopify Plus Store Transformation: In-Depth UI/UX and Functional Enhancements


Shedrain, a renowned manufacturer in the weather protection sector, initiated a comprehensive website optimization project to enhance their Shopify platform. This initiative focused on improving user experience through systematic updates to the UI/UX and backend processes.

Detailed Technical Overview:

Announcement Bar Customization:

  • Objective: Implement a dynamic announcement feature to improve customer engagement.
  • Technical Approach: Integrated the third-party app, Essential Announcement Bar, to enable continuous rotation of announcements. This involved API calls to fetch current promotions and dynamically update the display without manual intervention.

Homepage Enhancements:

  • Objective: Enhance the visual and functional aspects of the homepage to improve user interaction, especially on mobile devices.
  • Technical Approach:
    • Developed swipeable banners using JavaScript and CSS animations to facilitate easy navigation of promotions on mobile devices.
    • Optimized footer code to automatically adjust content visibility based on the device, utilizing CSS media queries and JavaScript to detect device type and adjust display properties accordingly.
    • Implemented a "Go to Top" button through JavaScript event listeners and smooth scrolling via CSS to enhance navigational efficiency.

Product Detail Page Optimization:

  • Objective: Improve the product display and variant selection interface.
  • Technical Approach:
    • Reconfigured the product image gallery from a vertical scroll to a more intuitive side-scrolling gallery using a custom JavaScript library and AJAX to enhance asynchronous data handling.
    • Debugged the variant display application, ensuring synchronization with inventory data through Shopify's API, enhancing the accuracy of stock statuses and associated imagery.

Cart and Checkout Enhancements:

  • Objective: Streamline the checkout process and incentivize higher purchase values.
  • Technical Approach:
    • Modified the cart template to dynamically display a free shipping threshold, calculated in real-time using Shopify’s scripting APIs.
    • Integrated a cross-selling feature by embedding a "Best Sellers" section within the cart page, leveraging Shopify’s product recommendation algorithms.
    • Enhanced the back button functionality on the cart page by adjusting the JavaScript logic to ensure accurate navigation history and state management.

Results and Evaluation: 

Following the implementation, Shedrain noted a measurable improvement in site engagement metrics, such as a reduction in bounce rate and an increase in average session duration. The checkout process enhancements led to a lower cart abandonment rate and an increase in average order value.


This case study demonstrates the effective application of technical enhancements to optimize an e-commerce platform. Shedrain's Shopify site now delivers a more responsive, intuitive, and user-friendly experience, which is critical in today's competitive online retail environment. These enhancements not only improved the aesthetic and functional aspects of the website but also streamlined operational efficiencies, showcasing a successful integration of technology and user-centric design.