Shopify B2B

Hockey1's Strategic B2B E-commerce Evolution: A Technical Deep Dive


Hockey1, a leading retailer in hockey equipment, embarked on a transformative journey to establish a dedicated B2B portal alongside its existing D2C operations. This case study explores the intricate process of creating a B2B store, demonstrating Hockey1's commitment to providing a specialized, efficient online purchasing environment for its B2B clientele.

Technical Framework and Strategic Implementation:

  • Domain Configuration: The initial technical step involved setting up a dedicated subdomain ( to host the B2B portal, ensuring a distinct yet interconnected presence with the D2C store. This involved configuring DNS settings, ensuring proper SSL certification for secure transactions, and establishing a robust hosting environment to handle B2B traffic.
  • Store Design and UX Alignment: Drawing from the D2C site's design, the B2B portal was meticulously crafted to maintain brand cohesion while introducing B2B-specific elements. This included customizing the user interface with advanced CSS and JavaScript to cater to bulk ordering processes, volume discounts, and account management features tailored for business customers.
  • Product Curation and Management: A sophisticated approach was employed to curate and manage products exclusive to the B2B audience. This involved leveraging Shopify's advanced product management tools to create exclusive listings, set B2B-specific pricing strategies, and implement inventory segmentation to distinguish B2B stock from D2C inventory.
  • B2B-specific Features Implementation: Essential B2B functionalities such as tiered pricing, net payment terms, and bulk order processing were integrated into the platform. Custom scripts and Shopify apps were utilized to automate these features, enhancing the purchasing process and providing a seamless user experience for business clients.
  • Data Integration and Migration: The project included a crucial phase of data integration and migration, ensuring seamless data flow between Hockey1's existing systems and the new B2B portal. This required developing custom APIs and employing data migration tools to transfer customer information, order history, and product data securely.


The launch of the B2B portal marked a significant milestone in Hockey1's digital transformation, offering a bespoke platform that caters specifically to the needs of business clients. The integration of advanced B2B features and the focus on a seamless user experience have set a new standard in the industry, fostering stronger business relationships and driving growth in Hockey1's B2B segment.


Hockey1's foray into B2B e-commerce, powered by Shopify's robust platform, illustrates a forward-thinking approach to digital commerce. The technical intricacies of setting up the B2B portal highlight Hockey1's commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction, paving the way for future growth and success in the B2B marketplace.