Page Speed Optimization

Goldies Soap: A Page Speed Optimization Case Study


In the dynamic world of e-commerce, website performance is a critical factor for success. Recognizing this, Goldies Soap, a prominent online retailer, engaged MLVeda to optimize their page speed. This case study outlines the strategies employed and the key results achieved., known for its quality products, faced challenges with website loading times, particularly on mobile devices. Slow page speeds can significantly impact user experience and search engine rankings, necessitating urgent optimization.

Challenges and Objectives

The primary challenges identified were:

1. Slow Loading Times: The website's loading speed was below industry standards, especially on mobile devices.
2. Poor User Experience: Slow page speeds led to a suboptimal user experience, potentially affecting customer retention and conversion rates. 

The objective was clear: to significantly improve the page speed of, focusing on mobile devices, without compromising the website's functionality or visual appeal.

The Solution

MLVeda employed a multi-faceted approach to address the challenges: 

1. Image Resizing and Optimization: Ensuring images were of optimal size and quality for faster loading without losing visual appeal.
2. Efficient Image Loading: Implementing techniques for loading images more efficiently.
3. Optimizing Javascript and CSS Files: Improving the loading time of these critical files.
4. Reducing Third-Party Code Impact: Minimizing the performance impact of external scripts and widgets.
5. Eliminating Render Blocking Resources: Removing or deferring resources that hindered immediate page rendering. 

These strategies led to a remarkable improvement in the site's performance metrics. The LCP was reduced from 8.0 seconds to 3.0 seconds, and the TBT was brought down from 1300 milliseconds to 300 milliseconds.

Impact and Future Implications

The improved page speed significantly enhanced the user experience. Faster loading times reduced bounce rates and increased user engagement, leading to an increase in conversion rates. The optimization also had a positive impact on search engine rankings. Search engines like Google prioritize faster-loading sites, especially for mobile users. The improvements in LCP and TBT directly contribute to better SEO performance. This project provided valuable insights into the technical aspects of web performance optimization. The data gathered will inform future projects, allowing MLVeda to continually refine its approach to optimization. The optimizations implemented are not just short-term fixes but contribute to the long-term health of the website. They ensure that remains competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace, where speed and efficiency are key. The client's satisfaction with the project's outcome is a testament to MLVeda's expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions. This success story further strengthens MLVeda's reputation as a leader in web performance optimization.


The page speed optimization project for stands as a benchmark in web performance enhancement. By meticulously analyzing and addressing specific performance bottlenecks, MLVeda demonstrated its technical prowess and commitment to delivering tangible results. The project's success is reflected not only in the improved performance metrics but also in the enhanced user experience and potential SEO advantages. This case study serves as a testament to the importance of page speed in the digital era and MLVeda's ability to effectively navigate and optimize these crucial aspects. As businesses continue to evolve in the digital landscape, the need for speed and efficiency becomes increasingly paramount. MLVeda's expertise in this domain positions it as a valuable partner for companies looking to enhance their online presence and performance. In conclusion, the optimization project is a clear example of how strategic technical interventions can lead to significant improvements in website performance, ultimately contributing to the overall success of a business in the digital marketplace.