UI/UX Optimization

Enhancing UI and Backoffice Operations for The Personalized Doormat Company on Shopify Plus


The Personalized Doormat Company embarked on a strategic initiative to elevate its online store's performance and operational efficiency on Shopify Plus. This involved a comprehensive theme upgrade and meticulous enhancements to backoffice operations, aimed at refining customer interactions and streamlining internal processes.

Detailed Technical Narrative:

Theme Upgrade and Integration:

  • Analysis and Preparation: The project commenced with an exhaustive analysis of PDC's existing 'Out of the Sandbox - Responsive 5.1' theme. The team meticulously cataloged customizations and assessed app integrations to ensure a seamless transition.
  • Theme Selection and Installation: Selecting the latest 'Out of the Sandbox - Responsive' theme version was pivotal. Installation on a staging environment allowed for a controlled, detailed examination and fine-tuning before going live.
  • App Compatibility and Integration: A critical step involved verifying the compatibility of essential apps with the new theme. Apps like 'Customify', 'TaxJar', and 'Bold Product Options' were integrated and tested rigorously to ensure they functioned flawlessly within the new theme framework.
  • Quality Assurance and Client Review: Comprehensive QA checks ensured every element performed optimally. Client feedback was integral to the finalization process, ensuring the new theme aligned perfectly with PDC's brand vision and operational requirements.

Backoffice Operations Enhancement:

  • PDF Invoice and Store Credit Integration: Installation of the Invoice Hero app streamlined invoice management, while a store credit solution was integrated to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Contact Us Form Revamp: The redesign of the contact form aimed at improving customer engagement, ensuring inquiries were systematically directed to the appropriate channels.
  • Order Processing Automation: Leveraging Shopify Flow, the team automated the order dispatch process, distinguishing between ready-to-ship and custom orders, thereby enhancing efficiency and vendor communication.
  • Shipping Integration: A third-party FedEx app integration was crucial for automating shipping label creation and tracking synchronization, significantly reducing manual intervention and potential errors.


The Personalized Doormat Company's comprehensive optimization on Shopify Plus exemplifies a synergistic approach to digital storefront enhancement, blending front-end aesthetics with back-end functionality. The technical depth of this project not only improved the online user experience but also fortified backoffice operations, setting a new benchmark for operational excellence and customer satisfaction in the e-commerce domain.