Page Speed Optimization

Enhancing Sprout Living's Site Performance on Shopify Plus: A Comprehensive Case Study


Sprout Living, a key player in the health and wellness sector, leveraged Shopify Plus to amplify its online presence. Recognizing the critical impact of site speed on user experience and conversion rates, the brand embarked on a strategic initiative to optimize its website's performance, focusing on key metrics like Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Contentful Paint (FCP), and Total Blocking Time (TBT).

Audit Findings and Initial Challenges:

A thorough audit identified various performance bottlenecks, including oversized images, inefficient JavaScript execution, and excessive DOM size. Initial metrics highlighted areas needing urgent attention: LCP at 6.3 seconds, FCP at 2.8 seconds, and TBT at 600 milliseconds.

Optimization Strategies:

In-Depth Image Optimization:

  • Responsive image solutions were implemented to serve optimal image sizes dynamically, coupled with next-gen format adoption, reducing image-related data transfer by over 40%.

Comprehensive JavaScript Optimization:

  • Script evaluation and execution times were halved through code minification, elimination of redundant scripts, and the introduction of code-splitting techniques to load only necessary JavaScript for each page.

CSS and HTML Streamlining:

  • Applied critical CSS techniques and optimized inline CSS for above-the-fold content, significantly reducing render-blocking resources and accelerating content rendering.

Network Optimization and Caching Strategies:

  • Adopted HTTP/2 protocols and optimized server configurations to enhance caching efficiency, minimizing server response times and maximizing content delivery speed.


  • The meticulous optimizations yielded remarkable improvements: LCP reduced to under 2.5 seconds, FCP improved to 1.2 seconds, and TBT minimized to 300 milliseconds, enhancing the site's interactivity and responsiveness.


Sprout Living's comprehensive optimization initiative has transformed its Shopify Plus platform into a faster, more engaging online store. The technical team's detailed approach to addressing performance issues has not only improved key metric scores but also set a solid foundation for future growth and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.