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MLVeda’s Custom Apps Development service team designs and develops applications and software extensions to meet the unique needs of your business. Our customized applications can help automate workflow, provide in-depth analysis, enhance the functionalities of legacy software and business solutions.

Custom app development process for Shopify

To enhance the functionality of your store, you may require custom code, a custom-built app, or sync to other systems.

We can help you.

We start by identifying the pain points of your enterprise business and creating a list of your specific needs.

Designing and planning

Our app development team creates the blueprint and application wireframe that define the app functionalities, features, UI and UX.

Application development

Shopify's APIs, frameworks, and development tools help develop custom apps. It uses various leading programming languages to build app functionalities and code app features, along with integrating them with the Shopify platform.

Testing, submission, and review

Our development team puts the application through rigorous testing to check compatibility, performance, user experience, and security features. We also submit the application to the Shopify App Store for quality check and guideline compatibility.

After Shopify approves the app, our app installation team installs the application and fine-tunes the settings to meet the your requirements.

Our support team also provides feature updates, bug fixes, and regular maintenance services so that the app remains compatible with Shopify updates and works seamlessly.

We are creative team of designer who has a vision


We are creative team of designer who has a vision

We are creative team of designer who has a vision

We are creative team of designer who has a vision

MLVeda is a certified Shopify Partner and Expert Shopify Developer.

A diverse portfolio of
e-commerce apps

FireAMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Create AMP pages with a single click using this app. Offer a blazingly fast experience to your customers across mobile devices.

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Auto Currency Switcher

Automatically detects the country of a visitor and displays prices in local currency. Must-have app for international operations.

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Multi Country Pricing

Set different prices for visitors from different countries. Highly recommended app to deliver a personalized experience.

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Recently Viewed Products

Showcase relevant, recent and complementary products to boost upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Trending Products

Automatically captures and displays a trending products gallery to enable the discovery of popular products, and rapid conversion.

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Cart Pencil

Improve shopping experience and conversions by letting your customers edit orders in the shopping cart.

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Creating a custom app requires development knowledge and can be challenging. If you need help creating custom apps for your store, we can help you.

Let's create the future today.

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