Unfolding the Potentials of BigCommerce's B2B Editions: A Comprehensive Overview

March 4, 2024

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, presenting new opportunities for businesses to grow and enhance their operations. A notable innovation in this space is the B2B Editions offered by BigCommerce, which are poised to transform the way companies conduct business. This article delves into the capabilities of B2B Editions and their potential to revolutionize your business operations with BigCommerce's MACH architecture.


In the realm of digital commerce, B2B Editions have become a leading solution, delivering a host of advantages for businesses. These B2B e-commerce solutions offer a tailored, user-friendly, and efficient platform designed to fulfill the distinct needs of B2B organizations. With B2B Editions, companies gain the ability to adeptly manage B2B storefronts, tap into new customer bases across various segments and regions, and cultivate brand loyalty through a personalized buying journey.

Understanding B2B Editions

BigCommerce's B2B Editions is an all-encompassing suite of features tailored for B2B enterprises, offering an extensible platform that combines ease of use with the flexibility to meet specialized business requirements. By leveraging MACH architecture and open APIs, these editions empower B2B companies with advanced functionality, seamless integration, and the ability to craft personalized experiences.

Key Features of B2B Editions

B2B Editions are equipped with a robust array of B2B features designed to optimize B2B operations, making them more efficient and streamlined.

  1. Corporate Account Management: The B2B customer portal functionality within B2B Editions enables the management of corporate accounts and the establishment of buyer tiers with distinct roles and permissions, enhancing the customer management experience.
  2. Invoice Portal: B2B Editions enhance the payment experience by allowing customers to manage and process B2B payments online through a variety of payment methods, thereby expediting the invoicing and payment cycles.
  3. Sales Representative Masquerading and Quoting: B2B onboarding is simplified as sales representatives can log in on behalf of a company, manage shopping lists, add items to the cart, and finalize orders. They are also equipped to create custom quotes and offer exclusive discounts to customers, further streamlining the sales process.
  4. Shared Shopping Lists: Utilizing B2B e-commerce software, buyers can effortlessly manage and save multiple shopping lists, retrieve them for future use, and seamlessly repurchase previously saved items.
  5. Buy Again: Company users can view all company-level previously purchased products with the company-specific base price.
  6. Payment Method Visibility Control: You can add, edit, show, or hide approved payment options for customers.

B2B Editions and Multi-Storefronts

With the BigCommerce multi-storefront capability, businesses can adeptly handle numerous online shops. This strategy broadens their reach to new customers across various segments, regions, and verticals, while also enhancing the personalization of the purchasing journey and bolstering brand loyalty.

The Role of Headless Commerce

B2B Editions bolster headless commerce, providing businesses with the agility of MACH architecture and advanced functionality. Through seamless API integrations, companies can craft personalized experiences and connect a custom frontend with BigCommerce's robust backend, embodying the freedom of headless commerce BigCommerce offers without the limitations of traditional e-commerce platforms.

B2B Editions: A Global Perspective

BigCommerce's global reach ensures that B2B Editions are accessible to businesses worldwide, serving diverse markets including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, and France, thus addressing the distinct requirements of various regions and verticals.

The Power of Personalization

The intersection of B2C and B2B is evident in the B2B Editions, where personalization is paramount. Businesses can tailor the customer journey by managing login restrictions, enabling guest/B2C users to apply for corporate accounts, and overseeing approved payment methods, all contributing to a seamless and personalized B2B commerce platform experience.

The B2B Editions Ecosystem

As an integral part of a comprehensive ecosystem, B2B Editions leverage strategic alliances with industry leaders like Hubspot, TradeCentric, and Hawkseach to deliver top-tier B2B solutions. This ecosystem is enriched with a wealth of resources, including articles, guides, webinars, podcasts, reports, and events, all designed to amplify the advantages of BigCommerce B2B for businesses.

Customer Success Stories

Numerous B2B success stories have emerged from companies transitioning to B2B Editions, with marked enhancements in their operations. For example, United Aqua Group harnessed the potential for custom development unavailable from other providers, while TYGRIS lauded the scalability, flexibility, and openness that BigCommerce facilitates.

Pricing and Plans

B2B Editions feature a B2B pricing model tailored to the unique needs of each enterprise, with rates commencing at $500/month for Enterprise Plans. The pricing is calibrated based on the specific demands and prerequisites of the business.

The Future of B2B Editions

B2B Editions are on a trajectory for sustained growth, aligning with B2B future trends and incorporating mach technology for continuous enhancements. These advancements promise to deliver more sophisticated features and functionalities, optimizing business operations and elevating the customer experience.

How MLVeda can assist in B2B Editions Implementation

MLVeda stands ready to provide comprehensive B2B support for clients navigating B2B Editions or initiating their setup. A dedicated team of specialists offers guidance throughout the implementation journey, ensuring clients make the most of B2B Editions' features, pricing, and seamless integration with their current systems.

In summary, B2B Editions by BigCommerce presents an all-encompassing solution that empowers businesses to refine their operations, offer tailored experiences to customers, and drive substantial growth. Leveraging the expertise of MLVeda companies can unlock the full capabilities of B2B Editions and elevate their business to unprecedented heights. Contact us today!

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