Top 8 Shopify Themes for Food & Beverages Stores

June 23, 2023

One cannot think, sleep or love well unless he has dined well. This proverb sums up the role of food in our lives, as a consumer and a seller too. As the most significant commodity known to mankind and food has had an undeniable impact on the investment industry wherein businesses of all scales are plunging to the opportunity.

From ordering and delivery services to packed items, there’s a swathe of ideas blossoming while the e-commerce community is having the loudest cheer.  By 2022, 10% of grocery sales amounting to USD 133.8 billion shall happen online.

Waking up to the market’s call, many content management systems locked horns with developing ecommerce themes for food & restaurants while most of them didn’t see the light at the other end.

However, Shopify, which is one of the first CMS’ to have addressed the gap successfully, has rolled out a range of themes focusing on the industry. Fast-moving inventories are a leading challenge in the food industry and Shopify absorbs this burden seamlessly.

Therefore, if you plan to go online with selling bakery products, spices, tea & coffee, wine, packed foods, fruits, vegetables, accessories (such as utensils) online, giving tutorials or running a food delivery business, these ready to deploy Shopify food themes will upscale your digital presence.

1. Brooklyn

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Demo :

Brooklyn Shopify Theme

Brooklyn Shopify Theme

Deriving its inspiration from one of the most cosmopolitan and beautiful areas in the world, Brooklyn tries to produce similar vibe. As a popular Shopify theme for foods & beverages, Brooklyn resonates with an array of food products & allied services and the contrasting style variants make it versatile. While the Classic style variant is mostly used by stores in fashion & lifestyle category, it is Playful , that does the job here.

Since food products are supposed to sell more rapidly than others, every banner section in the theme doesn’t miss on the CTA triggers that close sales faster. Followed by a horizontal menu strip at the top, the logo, and the cart icon tend to overlap the banner picture, thus saving space and keeping the focus intact.

The slideshows showcase a variety of content. For an example, food product catalogues, blog snippets of cookery guides, occasional discounts and other announcements and more, can be neatly positioned and played at the top to leave an impeccable impact.

Consider a store selling cupcakes (as in the picture), drinks or any food of shorter shelve life, the challenge would be to put products on display in the given space. Brooklyn, addresses to this challenge with a grid display of product photography, just beneath the banner area. The grid accommodates more number of products and provides a larger section for food items that need immediate attention. This feature in particular, has made Brooklyn one of the best Shopify themes for food items that have a fast moving inventory.

Amongst others, a complementary access to subscription from Burst leave you with a huge data base of copyright free images of foods, drinks, café & bar interiors, graphics for delivery services and more.

Here’s more on the salient features –

  • Home Videos
    Food advertisements perform better with videos. Brooklyn enables posting multiple videos of your brand on the home page. Or simply, pull content from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook & Instagram accounts or manually upload videos directly to the website.
  • Slide-Out Cart
    Food & drinks must go to the cart faster than usual. Add products to the cart without having to leave the current page. This ensures quick switching between the products and more purchases.
  • Header Slideshows
    Use the header space for publishing slideshows in high-definition formats. As discussed, showcasing a variety of food stories is an attraction here.
  • Support & Documentation
    Seek access to a range of documentation for training your developers, users, and business consultants. All possible configurations have been included in the scoping.

2. Flow

Developed By :
Demo :
Cost : USD 180

Flow Shopify Theme

Flow Shopify Theme

Next on the list is the sleek, neat and minimalist, Flow. It is hard to find templates that are designed keeping in mind the beverages businesses and Flow fills that gap successfully. Although it’s equally suitable for showcasing eateries, the elegant layout has found a loyal following amongst stores selling premium beverages such as hard drinks, shakes, juices and more.

As one of the preferred ecommerce themes for beverages, Flow doesn’t fill the web page with more content. It, on the contrary, sustains the minimalist vibe while still displaying your catalogue, skillfully. Besides keeping the products in focus, the approach keeps the site neat and beautiful.

Furthermore, the 3 style variants – Cannes, Queenstown (used in picture) and Byron have dismayed from colorful templates and held the philosophy of the theme intact.

Designed by experienced Shopify developers, Flow is fully responsive and follows a mobile-first design approach. Resizing the top banner and scrolling down seamlessly to the footer content, the theme is enhances your reachability to the customers on mobile. Remember, 60% of customers prefer ordering their food & beverages online from mobiles!

Try the mobile demo here

Being featured on the Shopify store, Flow has access to copyright free pictures of food items, drinks, fruits & vegetables and more from Burst. Moreover, the rich prebuilt content in the form of templates, landing pages, forms, blocks, slideshows, etc ensures instant customization changes.

Flow has impressive reviews. Aggregating 98% positive sentiment advocates for the awesome experience, making it one of the top 10 Shopify themes for foods & beverages.

Salient features

  • Multi-language
    Flow comes pre-configured in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French.
  • Quick Cart
    This enables the customers to pick their food items and add to cart immediately. More purchases are assured.
  • Home Page Video
    Tell stories, share cookery recommendations, recipes and latest announcements from your food & beverages brand through high quality videos.
  • Masonry grid style
    Editorial like layout for food picturesque in a tiled display. Highlight specific products on the hover event.
  • Documentation
    Flowis well documented for developers and CMS users to execute most tasks without any professional help.

3. Focal

Developed By :
Demo :
Cost : USD 170

Focal Shopify Theme

Focal Shopify Theme

As the highest-rated Shopify theme for food & beverages, Focal gets closest to perfection. It is charming, has a masonry layout and most importantly, encourages product pictures with deep focus shots. Like the one shown above, is a store selling bakery items. Notice the depth of item focused in every picture! Henceforth, store owners dealing with bakery, spices, coffee premixes and more can reply upon this theme.

Grid styled, bold and interactive, Focal lures the readers to browse across longer catalogues without losing interest and sight of the content in vision. Of all the 4 style variants – Giveat, Standard, BlackBox and Sea, Giveat (also used in picture) is the one designed for foods & drinks category.

Moreover, the theme uses color patterns that best synchronize with the food business ideology. Besides interactive home page videos and imagery banners, there’s swift scrolling, multilevel menus, social media feeds and prebuilt product size charts.

Like most Shopify food themes, Focal too acknowledges the customer on mobile while offering seamless vertical browsing. Try out their demo for mobile here.

Rated at 99% positive reviews, it is one of the most popular Shopify themes for food and has a swathe of small, medium and large scale stores using it.

Striking features

  • Publish a large catalogue
    Update inventories and publish more products simultaneously.
  • Color Swatches
    Food items, cutlery, and other cookery accessories available in different colors can be published using the color swatch.
  • Swift scrolling
    Scroll down to through multiple products wherein they keep positioning automatically on the same page. Faster navigation and better customer experience.
  • Videos
    Instantly post videos from your YouTube or Vimeo accounts and showcase products more effectively.
  • Documentation
    Browse through a list of documents for setup, installation, customization and support content. Detailed tutorials and videos are readily available.

4. Kagami

Developed By :
Demo :
Cost : USD 180

Kagami Shopify Theme

Kagami Shopify Theme

In the race to emerge as the best Shopify theme for food business, Kagami goes a step ahead and addresses the customer engagement vertical. There is a range of options in the prepackaged content to weave CTA sections, forms, FAQ pages, Testimonial banners, feedback forms and more. Therefore, businesses especially cafes, restaurants and pickup stores can benefit here.

Moreover, the ability to optimize the content on social sites is a clear winner here. Since food & drinks brands have a lot of content at their repository, their social accounts are live and that’s exactly what Kagami utilizes on the store. For instance, running a live feed from Instagram account alongside the food products picturesque helps bring a variety on the content board.

Kagami stands at 98% reviews on the Shopify store and its editorial style layout for pictures just beneath the full-screen banner is a smart move to arrest the user’s interest to explore further.

The theme is available in 3 variants – Kyoto, Baptise and Geneve.

Striking Features

  • Instagram Feed
    Integrate your Instagram accounts and publish live feed along with flaunting your total followers and comments on each post. This is an essential social optimization hack.
  • Two-menu options
    Feature a sidebar menu to show glimpses of the collection displayed on the right side. Also features a horizontal bar to scroll sideways and explore more products.
  • Collage style layout
    Post high definition product imagery in a grid fashioned editorial display. Publish product information, promotional content, pictures, testimonials and more
  • Videos & Slideshows
    Lets your brand speak more with interactive slideshows, video content from YouTube and Vimeo. Share brand stories, product catalogues, and more insightful content.
  • Documentation
    The developers Maestrooo share the same support content for Kagami as they do for their other products such as Prestige and Focal.

5. Loft

Developed By :
Demo :
Cost : USD 160

Loft Shopify Theme

Loft Shopify Theme

If you are ready to scale your food business beyond free themes, Loft is the Shopify food theme for you. Not too expensive yet high in appeal, Loft is backed by a proactive support service. It is elegant, easy to use and best suited for small and medium scale stores with large inventories.

Going beyond selling only, Loft has an interesting narrative and is meant for products that lead to the food. For example, the tools and accessories needed for the bar (see picture), for the bakery, or those foods & drinks that are rarely seen in ecommerce stores can be found here.

Since such rare products need detailing, Loft lets you to up the story telling game with large-sized, high definition pictures, videos, slide-shows and social media streaming  throughout the site.

Sleek in look, Loft is available in 3 variants – Kansas City, Lawrence, and Nashville.

Not to miss, with 94% positive reviews, Loft is one of the top Shopify themes for food & drinks.

It is optimized for vertical browsing on mobile phones while being immensely friendly with SEO.

Striking features

  • Custom styles for Promotions
    You can use the promotion tiles to feature discounts, announce sales, highlight specific products and seek participation for promotional contests.
  • Multilevel Menu
    Being featured on the Shopify store, Loft earns complete support for dropdown menus. Multi-level menus help you feature more products neatly offering better CX at navigation
  • Feature large catalogues
    Hassle-free, clean and swift posting of as many products as you want. Upload multiple images for each and scale content volume on every product page
  • Social Media Feed
    Publish a live Instagram feed to showcase your interactive posts from the social media giant and gain more traction. A must-have social media optimization hack!Additional features include access to the free stock of pictures from Burst, free updates and more.
  • Documentation
    Widely acclaimed for their support services, TrailBlaze Media has documented DIY guides, tutorials, and other documents in detail for sooner problem-solving. Right from theme installation and upgrades, there’s a stock of tutorials out there.

6. Maker

Developed By : Troop Themes
Demo :
Cost : USD 160

Maker Shopify Theme

Maker Shopify Theme

Maker, at its first glance, is a consortium of beautiful pictures with the store logo overlapping on one corner. Since food photography is incomplete without an impactful punch line, this Shopify theme for food & beverages provides enough room for copywriters.

The menu has 4-5 header items (can be increased) with drop-down listing enabled for all of them. The banner picture has a CTA button to lead to any of the landing pages, the contact us form or used for submitting a query.

What follows below is a series of sections including a grid display, a broad strip for publishing blogs, flaunting testimonials and a dedicated section to post Instagram pictures. Therefore, based on the type of business you are in, customizing the store with simple ‘drag & drop’ comes easy.

However, Maker is not meant for large inventories. So, if you have a medium (or small) scale inventories up for sale, Maker’s editorial display could help publish them all, without creating a mess.

The theme features on the Shopify store and is available for a 14-day free trial. It has access to free upgrades, a complimentary subscription to copyright-free pictures in the food & beverages category from Burst, an SEO friendly template and ultimately a mobile variant that loads beautifully on the vertical screen. As there’s a lot of browsing on the online food ordering websites and apps, Maker is peculiar about navigation.

Aggregating 94% positive reviews, this is a great interface for upcoming stores.

Striking features

  • Multiple Slideshows
    Publish more than one slideshow on the home page without affecting the loading efficiency of the website. Post-high-quality pictures of products, posts from social media, announcement content, advertisements, brand stories and a lot more.
  • Home Page Videos
    Stream videos from your YouTube account automatically or upload new videos directly to the website. Post brand stories, cookeries and upscale your marketing content pitch.
  • Masonry Layout
    The editorial style layout helps display more content in the given space. The blocks in the grid arrangement are spacious and accommodate large images.
  • Support & Documentation
    Being easily customizable, Maker provides a good opportunity to upscale. As the scope of training is more, the developers have published helpful documentation in the given link. Checkout for DIY guides, User Manuals, Tutorials and more!

7. Pacific

Developed By :
Demo :
Cost : USD 180

Pacific Shopify Theme

Pacific Shopify Theme

There’s a distinctive character about food items – they are colorful, lively and gets the attention of the viewer, sooner than other products. Like most ecommerce themes for food, Pacific enhances the content viewing experience with high definition imagery. Furthermore, it is customizable, has a neat design and lets the bold product picturesque drive the engagement.

Modular in approach, this Shopify theme for food & drinks has different blocks for the banner image, CTA sections, product catalogue, blogs, and others can be picked and dropped on the design palette. Ultimately, for storesthat have a fast-moving inventory, Pacific is a great support.

Pacific offers 4 stunning variants to choose from – Cool, Bold, Bright and Warm. Minimalist and clean, Pacific lets you post videos on the home page, make use of a large multilevel sidebar and publish live feeds from social media accounts. Therefore, there are ample opportunities to experiment with food photography and videos.

Addressing the explosive demand of mobile apps for food businesses such as ordering and delivery, Pacific is clean, allows using different types of engagement elements and is designed in sync with the SEO algorithms for content friendly layouts. On the Shopify reviews scale, it rates at 85% positive and stays a trusted choice for hundreds of businesses.

Striking features

  • Home Page Video
    Instantly integrates your YouTube or Vimeo accounts and publishes videos on the home page.
  • Sidebar Menu
    Features a sidebar menu for swift navigation, browse through large product catalogues easily and reduce the bounce rates.
  • Custom Modules
    Exclusive sections to post catalogues, FAQs, Blog posts, videos, reviews, CTA sections and more
  • Multicolumn Menu
    Features multicolumn menu setup to post large product images in a dropdown fashionMoreover, posting HD images on the home page either in a slide show or grid style content layout is a striking feature here. Businesses can also staple social media icons and publish live feeds from their Instagram accounts. This adds value to the site content.
  • Documentation
    The developer’s support page has an array of topics to help you with the initial setup, installation, and customization and resolving technical issues of all types. The menu has detailed tutorials to work on home pages, static pages, product landing pages, and others. Beyond this, a dedicated support team is readily available to address escalated issues.

8. Story

Developer :
Demo :
Cost : USD 180

Story Shopify Theme

Story Shopify Theme

With a 100% positive count, this Shopify theme for food products has garnered widespread acclaim in the online food business community. The 3 variants Chronicle, Quest and Heritage have access to the standard features but differ in their color psychology and design specs. Story is being used by those food brands that have engaging tales to share, either through food photography or videos. And if you have a popular social media page, Story doesn’t miss an opportunity to utilize the fan base for the online store. The product landing pages are intricately designed to keep the ‘Story-telling’ philosophy of the food theme.

Developed by GroupThought, Story is available for purchase on the Shopify portal and comes attached with access to free pictures from Burst, support for Dropdown navigation, free theme updates and highly customizable content sections on the home page. Not to miss, a standalone variant for mobile browsing works well on all smart devices. Since food and pictures love each other, Story bridges them beautifully.

Striking Features

  • Customizable forms
     Story lets you create highly customizable web forms from scratch. Built-in content for Signup forms, Enquiry forms, Subscription forms, and Support and Contact are available.
  • Filtering from Sidebar
    Filter collections by product category, cost, brand, reviews, color, size, availability and more! This ensures quick browsing and lures the customer to explore more products
  • Lookbook
    The Lookbook feature is the highlight of this theme. Publish your targeted collections in an editorial style spread layout on the home page. Opportunity to showcase more products
  • Team showcase
    Lets your customers know more about the creative minds managing the brand at the backend. The profile picture and a brief intro with links to their detailed profiles
  • Story focused –approach
    Interactive content creation elements available such as HD images, videos, and font styles for texts, etc to conceive highly appealing brand story.
  • Documentation
    One of the rarest Shopify themes to score 100% on the reviews, Story is widely hailed for its responsive support team. Detailed tutorials, DIY guides, installation menus, help books and more can be easily accessed on the given link. The makers have given it a thought to make Story a user-friendly design template.


Irrespective of their reach and rating, the above-mentioned themes unlatch the best from the Shopify CMS. While keeping the user hooked to the store and sells more is the ultimate motive, these themes are responsive, automatized and imaginative enough to upscale your brand’s digital presence.

Therefore, based on your budget, business type, and inventory size, chooses from the list of Shopify food themes. All the themes are supported by a dedicated technical support unit that helps with easy installation and development.

Follow this space to learn more about the themes from Shopify.

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