Top 7 Shopify Themes With Multilevel Menus

June 14, 2023

Ecommerce design can make or break your brand repute and that’s not because it’s just an arrangement of elements to make the store look good. In fact, the themes are the medium between you and the products; easier to navigate through them, better the sales numbers.

While navigation is one of the greatest differentiators for a high performing site, the menu strips ought to walk the user in and out the store. And depending upon the size of your inventories and the sector you work in, multi-level menus could be a great tool to bring more products on the frontline.

Not just these help to categorize large inventories efficiently but also produces a neat home page for the store. Shopify has done a great job in aligning these themes that have a multi-level menu. Here’s a quick read to understand how these templates have put menus to productive use.

1. Loft

Developed By : TrailBlaze Media
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 160

Loft Shopify Theme

Loft Shopify Theme

If you are ready to scale your startup business beyond free themes, Loft is the layout for you. Not too expensive yet high in appeal, Loft is backed by a highly proactive support service. It is one of the most loved themes that provides multilevel menus and a swathe of other choices. It is elegant, easy to use and best suited for small and medium scale stores with large inventories.

Elegant and easy to browse, Loft has one of the most perfect arrangement of multilevel menus.

Sleek in look, Loft is available in 3 variants – Kansas City , Lawrence , and Nashville .  One of the best features here is the story driven product page designs that let you unlatch multiple elements such as text, video and picture slides to produce a highly interactive catalogue page. Given such intricate focus on the trending philosophy of story-telling, Loft lets you upload large sized high definition images.

With 94% positive reviews on the Shopify store, Loft leads the portfolio. Loft is highly optimized for vertical browsing on mobile phones while being highly friendly with SEO.

Striking features

  • Custom styles for Promotions
    You can use the promotion tiles to feature discounts, announce sales, highlight specific products and seek participation for promotional contests.
  • Multilevel Menu
    Being featured on the Shopify store, Loft earns complete support for dropdown menus. Multi-level menus help you feature more products neatly offering better CX at navigation
  • Feature large catalogues
    Hassle free, clean and swift posting of as many products as you want. Upload multiple images for each and scale content volume on every product page
  • Social Media Feed
    Run a live Instagram feed to showcase your interactive posts from the social media giant and gain more traction. A must have social media optimization hack.

Additional features include access to free stock of pictures from Burst , free updates and more.

Widely acclaimed for their support services, TrailBlaze Media have documented DIY guides, tutorials and other documents in detail for sooner problem solving. Right from theme installation and upgrades, there’s a stock of tutorials out there.

2. Story

Developed By : Group Thought
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Story Shopify Theme

Story Shopify Theme

With a 100% positive count on Shopify reviews, Story has garnered widespread acclaim for its interactive layouts and multilevel dropdown menus. The 3 variants Chronicle, Quest and Heritage have access to the standard features but differ in their color psychology and design specs. Although Quest is the most popular variant, the other two have impressive footprint in other industrial domains. The product landing pages are intricately designed to keep the ‘Story-telling’ philosophy of the theme. Features such as built-in timeline tool, LookBook element and Team Showcase help weave compelling content.

Developed by GroupThought, Story is available for purchase on the Shopify portal and comes attached with access to free pictures from Burst, support for Drop down navigation, free theme updates and highly customizable content sections on the home page. Not to miss, a standalone variant for mobile browsing works well on all smart devices.

Striking Features

  • Customizable forms
    Story lets you create highly customizable web forms from scratch. Built-in content for Signup forms, Enquiry forms, Subscription forms, and Support and Contact are available.
  • Filtering from Sidebar
    Filter collections by product category, cost, brand, reviews, color, size, availability and more. This ensures quick browsing and lures the customer to explore more products
  • Lookbook
    Lookbook is the highlight of this theme. Publish your targeted collections in an editorial style spread layout on the home page. Opportunity to showcase more products
  • Team showcase
    Let your customers know more about the creative minds managing the brand at the backend. Profile picture and a brief intro with links to their detailed profiles
  • Story focused –approach
    Interactive content creation elements available such as HD images, videos, font styles for texts etc to conceive highly appealing brand story.

One of the rarest Shopify themes to score 100% on the reviews, Story is widely hailed for its responsive support team. Detailed tutorials, DIY guides, installation menus, help books and more can be easily accessed on the given link. The makers have given it a thought to make Story a user friendly design template.

3. Flow

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Flow Shopify Theme

Flow Shopify Theme

Next on the list of Shopify themes with multilevel menus is Flow. This depends less on colors and templates while focusing more on product imagery. The design is sleek and mostly white, menu options limited yet sufficient and ultimately a tiled display of pictures in different sizes. Flow wants your readers to immediately focus on the catalogues than miscellaneous ad content here and there. All the 3 style variants – Cannes, Byron and Queenstown have dismayed from colorful templates. The theme has a liking for personal care and clothing brands; hence the minimalist design that works aptly in sync with the picturesque.

Flow has impressive reviews. Aggregating 98% positive sentiment advocates for the awesome experience and live support rendered by the makers. Like most other Shopify themes, Flow too fits beautifully on the mobile screens. The UI is highly responsive and complements vertical browsing.  Resizing the top banner and scrolling down seamlessly to the footer content, Flow is highly multi-device friendly. Try the mobile demo here

Being featured on Shopify store, Flow has access to free pictures from Burst. This has been included keeping in mind the theme’s thought on minimal static content. Moreover, the rich prebuilt content in the form of templates, landing pages, forms, blocks, slideshows etc ensure instant customization changes. Here’s more on the hot-selling features of Flow -

Striking features

  • Quick Cart
    Customers could add to cart instantly without leaving the current page. Known as the slide-cart functionality, this has been developed for customers who shop in bulk
  • Banner
    Features a full screen high definition banner for publishing promotional content, sales & discounts announcements, new arrivals and more
  • Home Page Video
    Feature product videos from your integrated YouTube or Vimeo accounts. This can be posted in the home page to present a quick glimpse about the brand through insightful stories
  • Masonry grid style
    Editorial like layout for product pictures in a tiled display. Highlight specific products on the hover event. Lets you showcased more products smartly.

Flow is well documented for developers and CMS users to execute most tasks without any professional help.

4. Impulse

Developed By : Archetype Themes
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Impulse Shopify Theme

Impulse Shopify Theme

Impulse works for a variety of products and in multiple ways. Besides the usual features that all Shopify themes possess, Impulse takes a leap with further more contemporary features. Henceforth, it is one of the most loved themes on the platform with 100% positive reviews to its side. While multiple videos and high resolution slideshow players contrive for a beautiful home page layout, a series of smart functionalities ensure that the customer experience isn’t compromised upon. Enticing a fresh outlook towards ecommerce designing, Impulse is available in Modern, Bold and Vintage; each of these possessing a large HD imagery as the introducing banner.

Relying upon a leaner menu strip on the top, a live search option towards the left and the brand’s logo in the top center, Impulse is made for the sophisticated brands. Making optimal use of multilevel menus, Impulse is one of the best Shopify themes in the category. Hence, fashion and lifestyle stores will benefit from the theme’s focus on product promotion throughout. As one of the most popular themes here, Impulse delivers impeccable support in SEO. Add to it, the free yet automatic upgrades, support for drop down navigation, a rich collection of prebuilt content to choose from and customizable content sections are all complementary features. The finest feature, however, is the mobile version that streams swiftly across a variety of devices.

The theme, in one of its kind approach, allows creating custom promotional content for exclusive landing pages. Moreover, the menu lists and product filters enable customers to browse more effectively. Some more striking features offered in this theme are –

  • Promotion Tiles
    Custom tiles arrangement to post pictures from product pages, blog posts, social media accounts and more sources.  Create content for new releases, seasonal discounts and other offers. Rearrange the tiles arrangement as per the requirement, experiment with different styles.
  • Collection sub listing
    Brands with multi-level collection must implement Impulse. Publish multiple collections within the main header collection to convey about the brand catalogue more systematically. Best suited for brands with medium to large scale inventories!
  • Sidebar filters
    Enable customers to filter through collection of products across categories and land upon the targeted item, quickly. Make use of filters such as category, color, price, availability, tags and more. The filter helps are available in a sidebar throughout the store.
  • Home page videos
    Publish multiple videos on the home page and create an impactful brand quotient through stories, testimonials, tips and trends. The videos are HD in resolution and stream perfectly on the mobile devices.
  • Menu Lists
    Display home page menu lists to help the customer easily navigate to the targeted product page. This feature accommodates all the list items in a full-width menu section.

5. Blockshop

Developed By : Troop Themes
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Blockshop Shopify Theme

Blockshop Shopify Theme

Blockshop comes with an editorial display to accommodate bold and visually appealing pictures. Keeping intact to the traditional horizontal style, the menu follows a leaner font and is positioned over the banner image at the top. Despite having so much content on the page, Blockshop is spacious and delivers a soothing browsing effect. As a trusted Shopify theme with multilevel menu, Blockshop efficiently handles large catalogues.

The 4 style variants – Beauty, Moto, Summer and Deli, are all packed with the same set of features yet differ in their perceptible appeal. A swathe of slideshows, videos, graphics and customizable content sections contrive towards a great story telling experience. Not missing out on the essential plugins that a ecommerce platform should have, there are preconfigured tools such as currency converter, live search, product swatch comparisons and a quick view option. Scoring 97% positive reviews, Blockshop has the backing from Shopify and features on the platform amongst the selected best themes.

Besides being supportive with the search engines, Blockshop allows pulling content from the social media pages and enhance the overall content architecture of the site. The theme makes the out of the large imagery while enabling high definition posts effortlessly. Given such volume of content on the store, Blockshop successfully puts your catalogues on display and yet, performs equally well on the mobile devices.

Like most Shopify themes, this one too comes attached with extensive content including access to copyright free images from Burst.  The colors used exhibit a calming effect and encourages the visitor to explore more. Some of the salient features in the theme also include –

  • Slideshows
    Showcase multiple products and collections at the top in a fully width header slideshow section. Post the most important content here. You can also publish multiple slideshows in the throughout the page including HD images
  • Instagram feed
    Repost the content from your brand’s Instagram channel automatically. The posts will automatically stream in real time with details to the response garnered on each one of the, this is a smart social media hack to share your brand’s digital reach.
  • Multi-column menu
    Make use of the multi-column drop down menu to enhance the navigation experience in the store. This helps accommodating more number of product and collection landing pages. Thus, it eliminates the need for manual browsing.
  • Videos
    Like most Shopify themes, videos are an integral part of the Blockshop theme. Publish high definition videos and share brand stories in a remarkable way. You can post multiple videos on the home page.

6. Fashionopolism

Developed By : We Are Underground
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Fashionopolism Shopify Theme

Fashionopolism Shopify Theme

Premium brands with medium sized inventories rely on impactful pictures and that’s exactly what Fashionopolism delivers. Curated for the fashion clothing and lifestyle brands, the theme is a beautiful collection of contemporary features that can be used with ease on the desktop, mobile and other devices. Embracing the needs of a lifestyle brand, Fashionopolism offers publishing high resolution images and lets you do more with banners, slideshows and product imagery. Available in 4 exclusive styles – Empire, Secret Sale,  Popup Shop, and Galleria, the theme provides sufficient room for essential ecommerce tools such as currency converter, quick baskets, social account buttons, dropdown menus, testimonials and more.

Being featuring on the Shopify store, Fashionopolism has an edge with SEO compliant templates, official support for dropdown menus, free upgrades and a plethora of prebuilt content to choose from. Brands that have to showcase multiple collections on the home page can make use of the wide display of product content feature.

Scoring 97% positive reviews on the store, Fashionopolism knows how important is it to sustain the brand quotient on the platform and thus doesn’t miss out on assuring the quality of the store. To replace the void of lesser products on display, the theme lets you pull content from the social media accounts, blogs and other channels so that the everyday user stays hooked.

Here’s a quick run through the most important features stapled with the theme –

  • Product Zoom
    Zoom in & out of the product imagery to gain better insights into the specs. Just hover over the lens shaped icon and zoom in to a selective area of the picture. High resolution images will support the feature more effectively.
  • Product Quick View
    Make use of the popup feature to display important details about the product. Easy to deploy from the pre-configured plugins, Quick View lets the customer access product details while not having to browse away from the current page.
  • Sticky Navigation
    Scroll down the page while keeping the menu intact at the top. This approach helps in easy navigation as the reader doesn’t lose sight of the menu and can go back to a different product page easily.
  • Slideshows
    Slideshows are an essential content hack for ecommerce portals. Make use of HD images and publish in a large width slideshow player to attract more traffic. Post important products, sales announcements, blogs snippets and more.
  • Videos
    Not just any video player. Fashionopolism lets you post longer videos to enhance your brand story telling strategy. You may also pull video content from your brand’s Youtube, Vimeo and Instagram channels.

7. Masonry

Developed By : Clean Canvas
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Masonry Shopify Theme

Masonry Shopify Theme

Masonry does a lot of things, differently. Take the menu for example that has been positioned in an accordion style on the left hand side bar. Not just it keeps the visitor hooked but also leaves sufficient room in the vertical space. However, that doesn’t mean that the banner pictures are any less visually beautiful. Keeping intact to the basics of contemporary ecommerce designs, Masonry makes it a point to use bold CTA sections in the imagery. You can pick one of the 4 available styles – Dragonfly,  Chameleon, Flamingo and Coyote. Putting your products front and center, the typical masonry type arrangement works for brands that have specific goals such as an upcoming launch or sales announcements. The developers (Clean Canvas) follow their trademark philosophy of designing spacious pages that exhibit a soothing effect. Successfully implemented by hundreds of brands, Masonry has an undeniable appeal for lifestyle products. Specially made for brands that have medium sized inventories, Masonry can be customized to accommodate bigger inventories in the future. Hence, you won’t need to modify your store’s theme.

As it features on the Shopify store, Masonry is free and easy to upgrade, provides support for dropdown navigation, has access to a plethora of prebuilt content and is highly flexible to experiment with different styles.

Amidst all these features, it is the mobile compliance that puts the theme amongst the best. The mobile version (try here) is splendid when browsed vertically while enabling quick purchases.  Here’s more on the noteworthy features of the theme –

  • Collage layout
    Inspired from the set grid style, Masonry has a collage layout to accommodate different types of images such as product images, blog posts or promotions. Publish the collage at the top or anywhere on the home page
  • Infinite Scrolling
    Scroll down the page infinitely as the products load automatically. Besides saving time, the customer gets to access more products in a single session. Upon liking any product, just hover over it and click to access the product landing page.
  • Quick Buy
    This enables to instantly add items to the cart without having to leave the current page. It allures the customer to add more products and hence, convert more sales. Quick buy is an important design hack.
  • Sidebar Menu
    As discussed, the accordion style menu on the left side bar is quirky attempt at designing. Such a rare style attracts more customers to browse across the store. It leaves more room to post content on the top horizontal menu strip.
  • Slideshows
    Make use of full-width slideshow sections on the home page to play highly interactive slides. Post product pictures, marketing graphics, sales content and more. Use multiple slideshows anywhere on the home page.

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