Top 7 Shopify Themes for interior Decor Products

June 14, 2023

Living with what we love is the crux behind a billion dollar industry that has blossomed in the face of home décor ecommerce. Shopping for homes has never been easy and doing it online becomes riskier since most ecommerce stores fail to sync with the buyer’s mindset. Buying a big, beautiful piece of art for your home’s entryway demands series of product browsing and stores only those who have a fitting template in place can keep the buyer arrested.  However, that hasn’t discouraged the buyers from experimenting with the given choices.As per Statista, the worth shall touch a 100 billion USD by 2022; encouraging every store down the road to sell online. In fact, businesses that cited logistics complication in wrapping and transporting furniture or other heavy products are now subscribing to the retail stores.Consequentially, ecommerce developers, especially those who imbibed the nuances of the business have hit the home run.

Shopify has a line-up of themes that will upscale your inventory‘s brand quotient to a whole new level. Besides having pre-built content, these themes are highly customizable to meet on-demand business requirements. The product imagery associated with home décor is vivid and has to synchronize with the themes’ gist.

Therefore, if your existing interior décor CMS isn’t delivering results, it’s time to adorn the best in the league. Here’s a comprehensive list about the 7 best Shopify themes for interior décor products.

1. Artisan

Developed By : Out Of the Box
Demo :

Artisan Shopify Theme

Artisan Shopify Theme

Artisan’s idea of home décor and styling doesn’t end at wall arts, furniture or designer vessels only. The theme innovates beyond and lets your readers have an engaging experience while shopping for gardening tools, kitchen equipment, furniture, and domestic clothing. Developed by the popular Shopify app developers Out of the Box, Artisan has aggregated 100% positive reviews that make it one of the best Shopify themes for interior decor products.

Furniture & décor accessories are highly photogenic and they have a great following across social media platforms. Complementing the same, Artisan lets you run a live feed of tweets and showcase Instagram post in a dedicated full-width section. It is one of the few themes using a tabular display of interior décor products and their specs.

The horizontal menu bar at the top is sleek and easily accommodates a number of options. Available in 3 styles – Barcelona, Phoenix, and Victoria, Artisan is neat & spacious. Henceforth, browsing interior décor products is a splendid experience, both on the mobile as well as the desktop. Not to miss, the fonts are mostly sleek (though you can change them) while the approach to colors is minimal; making it a worth trying Shopify theme for furniture products.

Topping the list of Shopify themes for interior decor products, Artisan has access to a large database of copyright-free pictures from Stock. Since interior décor is a There’s also dedicated support available for multi-level dropdown menus. Meant for inventories of all volumes, Artisan is rich in pre-built content for forms, templates, color palettes and more. The design is highly SEO friendly and loads perfectly on mobile devices. Try the demo for mobile here.

Here’s a quick run through the best features of the theme.

  • Customizable Forms
    Easy to develop tailored made forms for inquiry, sign-up, contact, application and more. A plethora of pre-built templates available to conceive forms instantly.
  • Single Product
    Draw attention to a specific product or collection in a dedicated space to publish product’s large imagery, technical specs and any information related to discounts, etc. Businesses with smaller inventories utilize this.
  • Customer Testimonials
    Flaunt feedback to products by high valued customers in a dedicated Testimonials section! Share comments, quotes, and notes of recommendation from your clients on the home page
  • Instagram Feed
    Make extended use of your Instagram posts by automatically publishing them on the store’s home page. Besides adding value to your website content, this is a greater way to enhance customer footfall to the social app.
  • Large gallery
    Publish a detailed portfolio of your products using interactive pictured and descriptions in an editorial style layout. Publish the gallery on the home page and let it host the center stage.

Support & Documentation
As a reputed Shopify developers group, ‘Out of the Box’ offers dedicated to address extempore issues. You could drop in your queries here and seek professional assistance. Not to miss, there’s an array of tutorial content available in form of documents, guides, videos and presentations.

Check here for  more .

2. Colors

Developed By : Small Victories
Demo :

Colors Shopify Theme

Colors Shopify Theme

Revamping the interiors of your home is all about experimenting with different colors and that’s exactly what this Shopify theme for interior decor promises. Color, just like its name, has a vivid approach to publishing product catalogues.  Home decor themes have to be product specific while keeping the interest of the user intact is equally imperative. Subsequently, Color enables the right mix of content styles – pictures, videos, slideshows, etc. Thus, businesses, irrespective of their capacity can benefit.

Color through its 3 variants – Generic, Fluor and Pastel aims to cover more number of product types in the interior décor space such as furniture, wall arts and other essentials.

Given such staunch focus towards product imagery, Color is neat and mostly has plain backgrounds. This is an essential hack to highlight home decor pictures which are mostly bright.

Therefore, there’s the conventional horizontal menu strip has been waved off to make room for more compact design elements. Alternatively, a tiled icon at the top left expands into a full menu strip on the hover effect. Such an approach makes this Shopify home décor theme more spacious to publish high definition image content.

In the default setting, the theme begins with a top banner followed by a tiled display of home design products followed by a grid arrangement beneath. Since interior décor and furniture is an extensive category, Color allows utmost freedom to customize and achieve a brans compliant store.  Not to miss, the theme loads beautifully on the vertical display. Check the mobile demo here

Color is featured amongst the best Shopify themes for home decor.  There’s complimentary access to a huge database of furniture and home decor pictures.

Here’s more on the salient features –

  • Product Quick View
    Instantly access product details in a popup without having to leave the current page.
  • Instagram feed
    Highly social friendly, Color lets you pull content from your Instagram account and automatically post pictures in a full-width section.
  • Slide view
    A slideshow running at the top banner wherein you could post product pictures with CTA links to respective landing pages.
  • Grid Layout
    An editorial style layout for you to publish content from different categories and gain more traction! Moreover, the web page space is used efficiently.

Support & Documentation
Access a range of documents to help you setup and maintain the theme easily. Check out the link for guides, DIY documents, customization scoping and more tutorials.

3. Grid

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo :

Grid Shopify Theme

Grid Shopify Theme

There’s a thing about masonry displays; they accommodate a variety of content and highlights everything on the top of the page. Given the ample creativity possibilities with interior décor and furniture products, Grid is one of the popular options in the list of top Shopify themes for home décor businesses.  Publishing more content in limited space while using hover effects to display descriptions works perfectly here. Henceforth, Pixel Union’s Grid has emerged as one of the Shopify themes for interior décor businesses.

Bestowed with a stunning visage of headers and customizable blocks, Grid lets you pull your creative threads, upload more vivid pictures and experiment with a swathe of options available. So, you could follow the standard design wherein the header banner picture rests at the top and the grip display continues beneath it or you could straight away begin with a large grid of images.

Grid lets you try them all. There are 4 style variants – Moody, Warm, Light and Bright; each one of them possessing the standard look of the theme while differentiating in their appeal to sync with types of home decor products.

Home interior and exterior décor product pictures usually have plain backgrounds and that collectively produces a neat layout. Given such setup, conceiving visual story-telling is a terrific experience to go through. Grid lets you publish brand stories, advertisements, announcements, product features and more alongside the actual products in sale. Moreover, you could pull content from your Instagram and other social networking accounts, instantly. There are videos, slideshows, and interactive pictures to feature in a full-width section to have high definition effects.

Costing at USD 180, Grid has aggregated 95% positive reviews on the Shopify store. Unmatched enhance-ability, rich in prebuilt content and an inclination towards storytelling make Grid a preferred choice.

Grid comes with free upgrades, access to copyright free images from Burst, support for dropdown navigation, prebuilt templates & forms and a vertical design variant that loads perfectly on the mobile devices.

Here’s more on the salient features of the template –

  • Slideshow
    Post highly interactive HD posts in a slideshow and run it on the homepage. You may use it at the header, in between the page or below.
  • Videos
    Tell tales about your brand through interactive videos that can be placed anywhere. Upload HD videos or directly pull the content from your YouTube channels.
  • Quick Buy
    adds products to your basket without having to leave the current page. This helps in filling the cart quickly and checking out everything together at the end.
  • Smart Navigation
    Scroll down the page while the horizontal menu strip stays intact! This effect helps in browsing across different landing pages and accesses the menu at the same time.
  • The Masonry Effect
    Post multiple product pictures, posts, testimonials, and others in a grid style layout. Such an editorial effect helps in advertising more products in a smaller space

Support & Documentation
Access a range of documents from the developers to help yourself with installation, customization and maintenance of the theme. However, the support team is available on demand to handle issues beyond your technical scope.

4. Motion

Developed By : Arche Type Themes
Rating : 100%
Demo :

Motion Shopify Theme

Motion Shopify Theme

More than 130 brands reviewing it at 100% positive makes Motion one of the best Shopify themes for interior décor products. Perhaps the only theme here that makes appropriate use of animation and videos, Motion lets your audiences seek deeper insights at the product specs, from all perspectives.

Although the 3 styles – Classic, Elegant and Minimal don’t depend much on glossy templates, their swift synchronization with interactive content conceives a world-class browsing experience. The horizontal menu strip is lean, groups alike menu items in dropdowns and makes the overall strip spacious. The ideology has been implemented throughout the design wherein nothing missed upon and no mess is created.

Purchasing artistic items for homes is a personalized experience and Motion takes visual storytelling to a whole new level. High-quality graphics followed by videos playing in High definition is a mesmerizing experience. However, that doesn’t take the functional competence away from the theme. There’s quick product filtering for finding your desired product sooner than thought and then there are quick views to know the product details in a popup. Despite doing so much heavy lifting, Motion still performs equally well on the mobile devices.

The vertical flow of content loads easily; thereby making browsing and purchasing a qualitative stint. Amidst all, the extended offerings (shared by all Shopify featured themes) add value to Motion’s credibility. It is search engines friendly, there are lots of pre-built templates to choose from, and professional support for dropdown navigation is available while the theme updates are automatic and free.

However, Motion doesn’t stop here. Here’s more on the unique functionalities form the brand.

  • Animated Content
    This had to top the list! Produce high-quality animation videos and post them anywhere on the home page in a dedicated section. Make use of texts, graphics, original product imageries, slideshows and more
  • Videos
    Not just any other video posting feature! Upload your own videos or automatically play content from your YouTube and Vimeo accounts. Yes, you can post and play multiple videos on the home page.
  • Single Product
    For brands focusing on specific products, post a gallery of pictures about a single product and publish in the center of the home page. You could also use the feature to target collections of products.
  • Product Photography
    Click, upload and share high-resolution product imageries in a full-width gallery. Post them in slideshows, testimonials, advertisements, and more categories.
  • Product filtering
    Let your audiences to reach their desired product faster by cutting down on the browsing effort. Make use of multiple filter tabs and produce targeted results.

Support & Documentation
You could post your queries regarding any issues faced here. There’s also a plethora of support documentation available to aid your DIY trainings and resolve issues faster. However, the support team is quick to reply and act.

5. Narrative

Officially sponsored by Shopify
Demo :

Narrative Shopify Theme

Narrative Shopify Theme

Crafted for small inventories, Narrative is one of the best themes that are available for free on the Shopify store. Completely scalable, this one can be tuned as per different business types and home products are no different. Consider the example in the picture; this business sells coffee making equipment alongside other kitchen essentials. Notice the beautiful utilization of the header image in the center. Exactly what a true ecommerce theme for home products must possess!

Following a minimalist approach, Narrative is highly product focused and has a neat arrangement of elements. There’s no horizontal menu strip while a toggle on the top left expands into a full menu at the hover event. Starting with the header banner picture, a small grid arrangement appears followed by sections to put up CT sections or testimonials and blogs posts.

Available in 3 variants – Warm, Light and Cold , the colors used in each one of them are light and soothing.

Having mentioned that, the highlight of the theme is an autoplay video that streams on the home page. You could use the space to showcase your front runner collections and highest selling products. A major advantage of Narrative is the inclusion of functionalities that are mostly found in paid themes. Here’s a quick run-through –

  • Vertical Slideshow
    Showcase product imagery, blog posts, advertising content, brand stories and announcement content in a vertical slideshow.
  • Full-Width Layout
    Post-high-definition pictures, horizontal slideshows, and banners in a full-width section.
  • Fixed Navigation
    Conceive better browsing experience by letting swift scroll-down while the menu strip, logo and the cart symbol stay fixed at the top
  • Ideal for small catalogs
    For businesses that have just entered the digital market, Narrative could be a great pick. Designed for visual story-telling, Narrative lets you put forth your single products and reach a greater audience.

Support & Documentation
Shopify has published a number of documents and video tutorials for you to enhance your DIY skills. Installation guides, customization manuals and many other documents have been published in the given link.

6. Vogue

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo :

Vogue Shopify Theme

Vogue Shopify Theme

Scrolling through Vogue is like browsing through a look book catalogue of beautiful accessories that most interior décor stores offer. Despite not being amongst the highest rated themes on the store, the following for Vogue continues to grow.  Used by over hundreds of small and medium scale businesses, the theme has impressive prebuilt content collections. Thereby, developing landing pages, forms and banners get instant while the choice for repeated customization isn’t a hassle.

Vogue follows a minimalist approach yet the colors used act as differentiators in the 3 styles – Elegant, Editorial and Organic. Each one of these variants possesses a warm feel and navigates swiftly across pages.  Vogue is widely implemented by lifestyle stores with home exterior & interior as its most successful business sphere.

Although the theme has aggregated 78% positive reviews and isn’t one of the best in the store, Vogue is easier to implement and meant for those businesses that follow a minimalist approach wherein basic colors that complement your brand’s essence are used.

The Lookbook feature lets you display the interior décor portfolio in an editorial style while publishing large scale HD images isn’t an issue. There are wide layouts for imagery, slideshows, and videos. It’s just the lack of options to post more interactive content that has lowered the ratings. Nevertheless, if pictures aren’t your dependency and the core focus rests on the range of products, Vogue is the theme for you.

Like all other themes featuring on the Shopify store, Vogue to lets using a trial version for 14 days. The mobile layout is decent while the support for dropdown navigation is appreciated. Not to miss, the theme is highly SEO friendly and has access to prebuilt color palettes.

There’s also a complimentary subscription to copyright free images from Burst.  The horizontal menu strip at the top is simple and includes a range of header items to accommodate the browsing.

Add to it the following impressive functionalities that are a clear winner –

  • Grid Layout
    A grid display to accommodate content from a variety of sections – collections, products, advertising posts, testimonials, social media posts and more
  • Infinite scrolling
    Take your scrolling to the next level with easily discoverable products as the browser moves down while content keeps loading automatically. No need to switch landing pages
  • Lookbook Feature
    Display your collections in a masonry style layout to highlight specific products or collections. This is published on the home page
  • Sidebar navigation
    Filter products using a sidebar menu and publish contextual details about the product, collections, social links and more.

Support & Documentation
Pixel Union has an established support team in place that helps with on demand issues. There’s a list of documentation available for e-commerce store developers and users to perform quick configurations.

7. Simple

Developed by : officially supported by Shopify
Demo :

Simple Shopify Theme

Simple Shopify Theme

As simple and unique as its name, Simple is an interesting addition on the list of free Shopify themes for home décor products. This one is strictly made for new businesses that are in no mood to invest much at the point. The Design is simple and perhaps it is one of the first themes to restrict the colors to Black, White, and Grey. Unlike other themes that are providing swift navigation options, this one uses normal font styles and not much has been done to navigate in different ways.

Available in 2 styles – Light and Beauty, Simple aims to help startups upscale their digital presence by publishing more products.  Moreover, there’s a simple sidebar to showcase details about the products and the collections, followed by links to the brand’s social media accounts at the bottom.

Although Simple lacks prebuilt content, but you can always perform customization and upscale the store’s functionalities. Businesses have the utmost creative freedom to add custom functionalities, integrate with other platforms such as social media and enhance its capacity to accommodate more content. As your business grows, the theme will respond well to on-demand developments.

Brands selling home décor and lifestyle products synchronize well with clean templates while Simple is one great bid.

Being officially sponsored by Shopify, users of Simple enjoy a swathe of benefits. Official support for dropdown navigation, SEO friendly templates, free upgrades and complimentary access to copyright-free pictures from Burst are just few of the perks to count upon.

Here’s more on the popular features –

  • Image Zoom
    Zoom in & Zoom out of the product imagery have deeper understanding of the specs
  • Image Animations
    Product pictures animate into the page and produce an impressive transition effect.
  • Related Products
    Display products from the same collection or category alongside the item being viewed! Helps in faster navigation and encourages more browsing.
  • Sidebar menu
    Display content in a sidebars menu to provide contextual details about the collection in view. You could also use it to put more products on display.

Support & Documentation
Simple is easy to setup and Shopify has an extensive collection of content to help you setup and maintain the theme.


Interior décor is the most popular ecommerce category next to fashion & clothing. The apprehensions about transporting furniture and other bulky products have finally been addressed to with quality logistics services. Therefore, a compelling store with uncluttered product catalogues can discover lucrative business opportunities.

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