Top 7 Shopify Themes for Artists

June 23, 2023

Art is one such thing which always needs a medium to flourish. An environment which is conducive to this growth is important and it should also guarantee its prosperity and success. In the past, the situation was such that specialists required well off sponsors to push them or promote them, and also provide monetary help to their endeavors at making their art a masterpiece.

Quick forward to the advanced era, an e-commerce business theme can be easily used to show your art and talent if it has the correct parity of usefulness and customization, empowering you to make the best plan to supplement your art. Be that as it may, finding the needle inside the bundle can be outlandish on the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea where to look.

Throughout the years, Shopify has worked upon in detail while delivering selective themes for various enterprises. Truth be told, it is leading the online arena where artists can easily get consideration and attention. Shopify has you covered since, being an artist doesn't really infer information in website architecture. There are purchasable and free themes, that are anything but difficult to install and user-friendly. You don't need to be a learned software engineer so as to be successful and having said that, one must take a look at the best Shopify themes for arts and crafts.

In case you are an artist searching for a mobile responsive, fret not as Shopify theme comes with a wonderful plan and implicit portfolio to portray your art, these 7 themes are ideal for the task.

1. California

Developed By : Small Victories
Demo: Click Here
Cost : USD 180

California Shopify Theme

California Shopify Theme

Uncluttered and mesmerizing, California unveils your penchant for art through an editorial layout so that more products could be accommodated. The minimalist approach works well since the focus on text is less while images, videos and graphics are empowered to drive the communication.

For example, consider the compact menu on the top right that expands on the hover event. Since no horizontal strip is reserved, the top banner has more room to justify its HD appeal.

Perfectly capturing the cosmopolitan vibe, California is available in variants û California, Cartomaps, Sundays and Kentia. Each of these styles possess an exuberant feel to sync in with the photogenic content. Ultimately, given such attention for detailing, California has garnered 97% positive reviews; making it one of the best Shopify themes for selling artwork.

Since art & crafts products can't be advertised successfully without an impressive picturesque, there's a swaddle of copyright-free images content from Burst. Not to miss, the e-commerce websites load beautifully on the mobile screens, has support for drop down navigation, provides free updates and stays completely compliant with SEO norms.

Delivering a cutting-edge experience, the theme has a swathe of features that make it highly functional.

  • Instagram Feed
    Pull content from you Instagram account and stream on the home page. This adds value to your content pitch while promoting your social media presence and flaunting your brand followers. SMO done right!
  • Parallax Effect
    Produce an animated effect and bestow depth to the website content as the visitor scrolls down. Publish stunning background images while the text content on the foreground stays intact
  • Slideshows
    California allows publishing multiple slideshows on the home page. Use the banner space at the header to display multiple slides with CTA buttons attached to each. Add more preconfigured slideshows and publish them instantly.
  • Product Filtering
    Enable customers to sort products by collection type, price, styles and availability. It helps in faster navigation and access to the desired product page.
  • Prebuilt Content
    Make use of numerous templates for landing pages, forms and banners for quicker deployment. This is a must have functionality for small businesses with lesser customization scope.

Documentation & Support
California comes attached with a swathe of detailed documents covering DIY guides, tutorials, tips and troubleshooting manuals. These documents are detailed enough for your teams to take up most requirements without any help form the support desk. Explore the list of available documents here

However, any issues beyond technical expertise can be raised with support teams here

2. Editorial

Developed By : Switch
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 160

Editorial Shopify Theme

Editorial Shopify Theme

There are brands and then there are greater brands that tell stories. Selling artwork online is an engaging experience since there's an indefinite scope of leaving an impact through pictures without having to describe them manually. Therefore, whether you are an artist or a creative agency assisting artists to market their products, Editorial is the perfect pick for you.

Editorial that stays true to its name provides enough space to publish large catalogues; exactly what an artist looks forward to. One of those rare themes that scored 100% positive reviews, Editorial is surely an impressive addition to the best Shopify themes for selling artwork in 2020.

Available in 3 styles û Agency, Amor and Adventure , Editorial's broad classification makes it an open-ended template to use for a variety of markets.

Committed to the content publishing approach, Editorial lets you post product synopsis in a grid matrix wherein every block could be made clickable to land at the specific product page or the collection. Being hosted on the Shopify store, this one too enjoys the standard features such as automatic upgrades, access to prebuilt content from Burst, support for dropdown menus, SEO friendly template and an easily customizable home page. Add to it, the theme loads beautifully on the mobile devices.

Try the mobile version here.

However, the highlight over here is the dropdown that expands into a full-fledged website menu. Ultimately, it is the fully optimized website space and lucid fonts make up for a stunning browsing experience.

Here's a quick run-through the most important features from Editorial û

  • Publish blogs
    Post blogs and publish the 5 most recently written in a dedicated section on the home page. You may also modify the criteria to automatically chose and stream the cover pages of the 5 blogs
  • Blogs on product pages
    Editorial's love for content takes a leap with the ability to post relevant blogs on the product page. For better detailing, you have a blog post related to the product on the product landing page.
  • Made for large images
    Use high-resolution product imagery to post along with the products on the landing page, home page and banners. Post as many pictures as needed without worrying about the website performance.
  • Instagram feed
    Instantly stream content from your Instagram account in a grid style display on the home page! A great social media hack to enhance browsing experience.
  • Multiple home page videos
    Stream multiple videos at different sections of the home page to up scale the overall interactive content quotient. Introduce new products; make sales announcements, run ads and a lot more.

Documentation & Support
Switch's knowledge base has a list of articles featuring solutions to the most common issues, DIY guides and tips to make utmost use of the theme. Explore more about the available documents here.

In case an issue is beyond your scope, the support team is easily accessible to take care of it. You may shoot all your queries over here.

3. Symmetry

Developed By : Clean Canvas
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Symmetry Shopify Theme

Symmetry Shopify Theme

Next on the list of best Shopify themes for art lovers is Symmetry that features a long form design on the home page. This means, if you have different versions of the same product or number of products, the home page is an open canvas to portrayal your creativity. It scrolls easily and puts up pictures & videos in high-definition formats. Therefore, if you are selling device covers, wallpapers, print designs, wall-arts and everything that contemporary art forms account for, Symmetry is scalable, versatile and highly interactive. Since arts & crafts brands have a special liking for social media reach, Symmetry, like all Shopify themes enables streaming content from Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

While the 4 style variants Beatnik, Salt Yard, Chantilly and Duke have access to all the standard features, Symmetry offers complete liberty to publish customizable slideshows, HD banners at the top and products in different arrangements such as grids, cascades, etc.

Having scored 93% on the Shopify store, Symmetry is supported by a bundle of prebuilt templates for landing pages & forms, copyright free images, free upgrades and support for dropdown menus.

This one acknowledges the power of art in connecting with the reader and thus delivers a memorable navigation stint. Developed by Clean Canvas, Symmetry is known for the following features.

  • Multi-level menus
    Multi-level dropdown menus help with faster navigation. Dropdown options are available in the main menu as well as the product filter section accessible on every page.
  • Slideshows
    Interactive slideshows to showcase product imagery, occasional announcements and brand images in high resolution formats. Multiple slideshows can be used throughout the home page.
  • Quick Buy
    Enable customers to quickly add multiple products into the cart without having to leave the current page. This ensures closing sales more efficiently.
  • Longer home page
    Make use of the long form design to post a variety of content and keep the visitor hooked. Swift scrolling helps browse through product imagery, videos, slideshows, testimonials etc.; easily.
  • Reorder able home page rows
    Customizable rows on the home page let you post blogs, banners, slideshows, product imagery, catalogs, testimonials, ads and more types of content, in any order of your choice. Just drag the sections and achieve a tailored home page.

Support & Documentation
Symmetry comes attached with a long list of articles and guides for almost every possible section on the home page. Moreover, there are FAQs to resolve issues without having to consult the support desk. Explore the documentation section here

A dedicated support desk is available to address queries related to development, performance, subscription and security. Check here

4. Icon

Developed By : We Are Underground
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 160

Icon Shopify Theme

Icon Shopify Theme

Aesthetically bold, image focused and a swaddle of choices to upload product content, Icon is the newest addition to the list of best Arts & Crafts Shopify themes. Especially for small and medium sized arts & crafts accessories (consider the picture), Icon lets you upload large inventories, no matter what the brand of product categories are. Out of the 4 design variants, Christian is the one meant for selling artwork online while the other three Vera, Yves, and Dolce are majorly used by fashion & clothing brands.

Beginning with a spectacular cover image at the top, the home page layout flows to a grid arrangement of small icons to products, CTA bars, testimonials, Blogs slider etc. can be positioned as per requirement.

Having garnered 93% reviews on the Shopify store, this one is one of the rare themes dedicated for artists and thus puts forward a mixture of modern and contemporary features such as the parallax effect, sticky navigation and multi-column menu to count a few. And like all ecommerce themes selling art, Icon too makes optimal use of social media content including Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, it loads beautifully on the vertical screens while providing easier payment checkout options.

Finally, being featured on the Shopify store, this one is SEO friendly, has a bundle of prebuilt templates for forms and landing pages and bulk of copyright free image content from Burst.

While hundreds of stores love Icon, here's what makes it one of the most versatile Shopify themes û

  • Slideshows
    Add multiple slideshows to your home page at different positions covering product synopsis, announcements, offers and more. Make use of high resolution images and stream without any hassle.
  • Instagram feed
    Stream pictures from your Instagram account to the home page and add value to the overall content architecture. This enhances brand worth and also empowers your social media presence.
  • Smart Navigation
    Scroll down the page while the menu stays intact at the top. This delivers an envelope effect wherein browsing across pages without losing the sight of menu helps in faster navigation.
  • Quick Views
    This feature produces a popup with important details to the selected product. This can be accessed without having to switch from the current page. Hence, comparing products and prices gets easier.
  • Multi-Column Menu
    Feature products and their images in a large multi-column drop down menu. This helps in quicker understanding of the inventory in the best possible way.
  • Parallax Effect
    Produce an animated effect while scrolling down the page. Besides being visually stunning, this one delivers depth to the content and the overall browsing experience.

Support & Documentation
Developed by We are Underground, Icon is backed by an extensive knowledge base. The support portal has a long list of articles and guides to help you with best practices in development and customization. Explore the documentation here.

However, for any issues beyond your technical scope, the support desk can be approached anytime. Know more about their support services here.

5. Startup

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Startup Shopify Theme

Startup Shopify Theme

If your store features limited number of art accessories, Startup is the theme you need. Those small scale businesses that work for on-demand request of a specific product, for example paintings, designs, creative prints etc., a large scale ecommerce theme doesn't work. Startup lets you built a page store wherein you could pitch your services and past work efficiently. Hugely popular among freelance art lovers, Startup is the smallest of all Shopify themes for artists.

There are 4 variants featuring similar set of elements - Home, Tech, Cloth and Art , each using a top down modular design to publish small scale catalogues. Besides keeping intact to the point, such an approach works leaves a lasting impact on the reader with comprehensive details about every product.

Since the home page content has to do all the heavy lifting, Startup makes sure the quality is ensured across sections. And since arts & crafts are a tempting opportunity to make use of images, this theme allows interactive content elements such as imagery, slideshows and videos do all the communication. Henceforth, wide imagery sections, videos and multiple slideshows, contrive towards a striking home page browsing experience.

Having garnered 92% positive reviews on the Shopify store, Startup comes stapled with a list of benefits such as the support for dropdown navigations, mobile friendly design, built-in styles, free theme updates and more.

Here's more on the highest selling features of the theme û

  • Instagram feed
    Automatically stream content from your Instagram account to the home page! A customizable section can be positioned anywhere to suit the overall design aesthetics. You can also put on the display the response to every picture (likes and comments). This is a great social media optimization hack.
  • Videos
    Pull video content from your Youtube or Vimeo accounts and stream directly on the top of the home page. Utilize the feature to narrate brand stories, announce important updates and keep the visitor hooked.
  • Customer Testimonials
    Add a dedicated section to flaunt reviews from your valued customers. This will strengthen the campaign for the targeted product while also promoting your wider reach. Publish quotes, messages and profile pictures of all the contributors.
  • Prebuilt templates
    Startup provides a long list of prebuilt forms, templates and landing page designs to choose from. These can be further customized and deployed as per choice.
  • Wide Layout
    Publish high resolution pictures in a wide layout section. Publish it either at the top of the page or anywhere else depending upon the content strategy. This has been specially included to empower the content pitch for a single page store.

Support & Documentation
Keeping in mind the requirement of a business new in the online sphere, Startup provides detailed articles to help setup the theme instantly. Hence, guides, tutorials, FAQs, release notes etc. are regularly published in the index. Search for a document here

For any unresolved issues, reach out to their support teams here

6. Label

Developed By : Switch
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 160

Label Shopify Theme

Label Shopify Theme

Perhaps one of the first themes that brought music artists to the ecommerce's world, Label is a promising addition to the Shopify portfolio. Credible for putting Shopify amongst the reliable platforms to create bold templates, Label has been loved by hundreds of art professionals. Made for those who don't shy away from bright and beautiful imagery, this one focuses on the visitor engagement than just product flaunting. Therefore, concept photography, high resolution pictures, killer punch lines all contrive towards an out of the box content strategy. No matter your inventory is large or small, this theme has a fit for all. Available in 3 stunning design styles û Create, Publish and Record, Label is a readymade solution to exclusive brand requirements with developer's friendly customization and aesthetics to fall for.

Developed by Switch, businesses with a contemporary approach to market and sell products look for functionalities that are in compliance with the digital family of devices. Label, besides being a stunner of an ecommerce website theme loads beautifully on the mobile devices. The vertical viewing experience has been proven to convert more customers, right there on the device. Try the mobile version here.

As far as features are concerned, Label is a leaps & bounds ahead of others in the race. Adding to the full width imagery sections, social media feed sections and catalogs of different scales, the theme has an inclination for musicians, publishers and anyone with an artistic appeal. Dropdown menus, swift slideshows, uninterrupted video viewing and a plethora of sections to keep the visitor hooked made it everyone's favorite. Ultimately, a 100% score on the reviews scale puts it among the best Shopify theme for artists.

Here's more on the features it is hailed for û

  • Dates & Events Section
    Post details about upcoming events and dates to the tours, on the home page. The feature can also be used to make bookings on the selected date from the calendar.
  • Instagram Feed
    Publish interactive posts from your Instagram accounts and stream automatically to the home page. This helps in flaunting your social media gallery while empowering your social media quotient.
  • Full Width Imagery
    Make use of the full width, large imagery section for publishing high resolution product pictures. The section can be deployed multiple times on the page. You can also use slideshows to capture more attention.
  • Musicians & Publishers
    As mentioned, a must have theme for artists (musicians or writers) showcase their works and releases through this innovative template. Enable bookings for shows and make important announcements, just like any standard music label does.

Not to miss, being featured on the Shopify store, Label is SEO friendly, amazing on mobile, free in updates and has a huge database of prebuilt content (forms, templates, pictures etc.)

Support & Documentation
Like for all their themes, Switch (theme developer) has begun to publish support documents in demarcated titles such as Getting Started, Templates and Theme Sections. Each one of these titles will have detailed tutorials to make best use of the theme. Explore about it here

For any unresolved issues, the support desk can be contacted here

7. Minimal

Officially supported by Shopify
Demo : Click Here

Minimal Shopify Theme

Minimal Shopify Theme

Designers! This one is for you. True to its name, Minimal has a simple layout with astute focus on digital designing elements only. The design is neat and immensely user friendly to make changes to. The colors used are simple and go in sync with the standard product catalog layouts. There are 4 variants available û Vintage , Fashion and Modern .

Listed among the best Shopify themes for artists and designers, Minimal comes attached with built in styles and color palettes, support for drop down navigation, mobile compatible layouts and free updates. Add to it the following significant features û

  • Home Page Slider
    Publish selective products and brand images in the slider
  • Product Zoom
    Let customers seek deeper insights into the product specs
  • Product Filtering
    Lets customers filter products according to type, price and color
  • Home Page Video
    Run a video glimpse of your products and sell more

Other features include a Newsletters section, Custom HTML, Collection Lists and more. For startup businesses, this could be a great theme.

Minimal is easy to install and use yet there's a dedicated support help in form of blogs, tutorials and chat. Browse through the list of topics and train yourself.

Selling art in the digital space is a tough nut to crack. This is because art lovers still prefer to touch and feel the accessory in real before buying it. Going forward, ecommerce stores must understand the significance of quality content. As an artist, you know the feeling a striking visual can invoke in people. And while the artwork you create will no doubt convey your intended message, your website must also present your portfolio in the right light. By neglecting your website's design, you may as well draw a curtain over your best work. We often see modernity as the golden age of enlightenment, but we forget to mention that it is also the golden age of art.

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