Top 13 Shopify Themes for large inventories

June 23, 2023

Waiting for customers isn’t the trick for the current era. You ought to identify them, chase them and ultimately pull them back to your store. The entire lifecycle of generating leads has produced a more competitive ecommerce market place put there. As managing large inventories on e-stores get smarter and more accurate, the biggest of retail brands have flocked the web (and the mobile).

Shopify excels by introducing highly functional features for uploading large catalogs and making them easier to navigate. So be it the multi-column menus or the swift parallax scrolling effects, Shopify themes for large inventories make it a point to achieve correctness and coherence for every browsing session.

Here’s a quick run through the top Shopify themes that can efficiently accommodate large sized inventories.

1. Expression

Developer :
Demo :  Click Here
Cost : USD 160

[caption id="attachment_1116" align="alignnone" width="694"]

Expression Shopify Theme

Expression Shopify Theme[/caption]

Publishing large inventories efficiently is a challenge and that’s what Expression vows to resolve. True to its name, Expression brings a clean template with astute focus on the product cataloguing. No show-off and straight to point, Expression lets you develop more content in form of text, pictures and videos for your product. Available in 4 variants – Oxford, Naturale, Innovate and Ocean , Expression has an exclusive color scheme (though customizable) for each one of them. So whether you are selling beauty products, outdoor camping accessories, home décor items or clothing products, Expression could be a great bid.

Expression is highly customizable and loads perfectly on the mobile.

Features to watch out for –

  • Grid Style Layout
    Lets you accommodate more products on a single page throughout the store
  • Videos
    Feature high resolution videos on the home page for tutorials, testimonials, product specs etc
  • Swift Navigation
    Make use of the multi-level menu options and scroll down swiftly
  • Image Rollover
    Let your readers access deeper details about the product by hovering over the image
  • Sidebar area
    Post blogs, CTA forms, images, ads and more in the right hand side area
  • Prebuilt content
    Template styles, color palettes, form templates and more.

2. Sunrise

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 160

[caption id="attachment_1117" align="alignnone" width="673"]

Sunrise Shopify Theme

Sunrise Shopify Theme[/caption]

Sunrise is a great theme for inventories greater than 10,000 products.  Unlike others, this one doesn’t shy away from exhibiting template designs in bright colors as seen in the 4 different variants – Spring, Beachhut, Uplift and Digitale . Ideal for businesses that are selling colorful products, Sunrise is extensively used for selling travel accessories, kid’s toys, holiday clothing and more. Highly customizable and mobile friendly, Sunrise has a swathe of options to publish such large inventories effectively. Not to miss, the theme is highly SEO friendly and offers free updates.

Purchase Sunrise and gain access to the following functionalities –

  • Grid layout
    Not just products, post other content types such as promotions, ads, blog posts etc in a grid fashion
  • Promotional banner
    Features a full width banner on the top of the home page to publish selective products, announce sales, offers and others
  • Image zoom
    Let customers zoom in and zoom out of the product effortlessly for detailed browsing
  • Easy navigation
    Browse the store using well categorized multi-level menus and explore more products
  • Post HD images and videos in a slide show that can be published anywhere

3. Showtime

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

[caption id="attachment_1118" align="alignnone" width="671"]

Showtime Shopify Theme

Showtime Shopify Theme[/caption]

If you are selling products from multiple brands and want to bestow an exclusive identity for vast range of products, Showtime is the template for you. Posting varied content information needs an intricately designed theme that doesn’t creates a mess. Showtime is neat, elegant yet highly interactive The 3 variants – Cooktime, Fashiontime, and Furnishtime.  The highlight of this theme is the collection grid style on the homepage wherein you could post high definition square pictures along with the cost. Easy to navigate, Showtime has a multicolumn drop down that lets customers browse across more quickly. Moreover, Showtime delivers the creative freedom like no one else.

Post videos, pictures, testimonials and blogs anywhere on the page. The landing page templates are highly customizable and the prebuilt content lets you built blocks instantly. Ultimately, Showtime knows the importance of mobility and fits perfectly. The UI on the small screen stays intact within the screen. Showtime has a reputed support and provides undying assistance through help docs.

Some more features to pick Showtime –

  • Product filtering
    Lets the user reach the desired product quickly. Range of filters such as cost, best sellers, brand, category, new arrivals and colors are available.
  • Quick View
    Lets the user take a glimpse of the product in a popup. No need to leave the page
  • Collections Grid
    This is the highlighted feature here. Showcase multiple collections from different brands in a grid style.
  • Videos
    Let your products speak for themselves through a story driven approach in videos

4. Retina

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

[caption id="attachment_1119" align="alignnone" width="673"]

Retina Shopify Theme

Retina Shopify Theme[/caption]

Retina is crafted for brands that depend more on pictures than text ad content. With a large board to publish a range of high definition images, Retina is known for the 4 styles that are named after different cities – Austin, Montreal, Melbourne and Amsterdam.  Given such refined styling and a plethora of options to choose from, Retina bestows a bolder character to your products. While some of the finest brands have Retina at the front, many other medium scale businesses are chasing it.

The mobile variant is highly user friendly, loads well and displays all content elements swiftly in a vertical fashion, without missing anything. Friendly with the search engine algorithms, Retina is also one of the highest rated themes on the Shopify store. The developers are known to have an astute support department in place that works tirelessly to address and document more issues.

Here’s more on the features from Retina –

  • Home Videos
    Features a full width video on the home page to showcase your glimpses of products, testimonials, product specs etc
  • Instagram feed
    Run a live feed of your posts from Instagram and gain more traction
  • Disqus Integration
    Lets users integrate their disqus account and comment on blogs and product reviews
  • Sidebar menu
    Display multiple menus and product content in a store width side bar
  • Access to free theme updates and pictures stock from Burst

5. Pacific

Developer :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

[caption id="attachment_1120" align="alignnone" width="676"]

Pacific Shopify Theme

Pacific Shopify Theme[/caption]

Built for businesses with large inventories, Pacific features a modular design wherein the content elements are positioned in blocks. Subsequently, it is easier to add and remove content section to and from the palette. Besides letting you publish large images, Pacific makes sure the large inventory is done complete justice and all products get to feature efficiently. Close to every developer’s dream, Pacific is highly callable and let’s experiment with different content blocks without actually affecting the overall page layout.

The 4 design variants are true reflectors of their names – Bold, Cool, Bright and Warm.  The theme also features a live Instagram feed that runs in parallel to your product catalogue. Add to it the widgets to different social accounts that can help enhance your social optimization results. Ultimately, Pacific is highly mobile friendly and caters to a swathe of users on the small screens.

Here’s a quick run through the best feature s-

  • Prebuilt Content
    Choose from prebuilt Home page & product page templates, form styles, color palettes, widgets, pictures and more.
  • Modular approach
    Create different modular blocks for Blogs, FAQs, hot selling products, testimonials, CTA forms and more.
  • Home page video
    Publish a full width high definition video on the top center of the home page. Showcase your best from the inventory through interactive videos
  • Side-bar menu and multi-column menu
    Help customers navigate through the store instantly using side bar menus and multicolumn menus. Support for drop down navigation also available

6. Capital

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 160

[caption id="attachment_1121" align="alignnone" width="673"]

Capital Shopify Theme

Capital Shopify Theme[/caption]

A full width banner picture at the top, tiled layout below and a plethora of choices to customize the home page is what Capital promises. The 3 style variants – Berlin, Prague and Sofia complement the theme’s philosophy of large sized images with restricted though sufficient room for text content. The theme harmonizes with product photography that varies business to business. While most themes let you feature live feeds from the Instagram account, Capital takes a step ahead with a hover effect that prints number of likes and comments on the post. Built for large catalogues, you could optimize the available space by publishing product information on the hover effect.

Featuring on the Shopify store, Capital is highly compatible with mobile screens, offers free theme updates, free access to pictures stock from Burst and rich prebuilt content to choose from.

However, the showstopper features here include –

  • Live Search
    Publish live search results of product names, quick links and store pages. Helps get to the most relevant results faster.
  • Hover Effect
    Product information can be displayed on the hover event. The same is done on the Instagram post feed to display likes and comments
  • Advanced filtering
    Let the customers filter results by product category, type, cost, availability, discount etc
  • Column Menu
    Publish products, product descriptions and image in multi-column drop down menu.

7. Blockshop

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 160

[caption id="attachment_1122" align="alignnone" width="674"]

Blockshop Shopify Theme

Blockshop Shopify Theme[/caption]

Standing firm at 95% positive reviews and growing, Blockshop could be the most minimalist theme on the list. Though it features all the standard functionalities that large inventories need, it still looks spacious thereby exhibiting the products in a bold fashion.  It qualifies at 95% positive on Shopify reviews, making it one of the most preferred themes. Available in 4 different style variants – Deli, Beauty,  Summer and Moto.  The highlight of the theme is the compliance with different industry types – food, fashion, home décor and more.

Blockshop has a tiled arrangement to display interactive content such as pictures and videos. Termed as Blocks, these sections can be used for product descriptions, category glimpses or even announcements. The banners are full width and there’s sufficient room for running multiple slideshows, a rare feature to have in Shopify themes.

Some of the most valuable features here are –

  • Slideshows
    Feature multiple slideshows on the home page to display product catalogues, newly launched categories, testimonials and more. Make use of the header slideshow at the top center.
  • Multi-column Menus
    Feature a multi-column dropdown menu to ensure faster navigation and access to more product catalogues seamlessly.
  • Instagram Feed
    Publish a live feed from your Instagram accounts and showcase professional product imagery from the inventory.
  • Wide-layout
    Full width banners, video streamers to publish high definition content

8. Fashionopolism

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 140

[caption id="attachment_1123" align="alignnone" width="673"]

Fashionopolism Shopify Theme

Fashionopolism Shopify Theme[/caption]

Fashionpolism is one of the rare themes costing below USD 150 yet ranking high with 95% positive reviews. Strictly crafted for the stores trading lifestyle products, Fashionopolism doesn’t settle with minimal designs. Rich in color palettes and a plethora of prebuilt themes, Fashionopolism lets publish high definition product imagery followed by interactive text fonts. It is available in 4 style variants – Empire, Secret Sale, Popup Shop and Galleria.

Stores featuring brands with multiple collections and a fast moving inventory at the back end will benefit here. With all the standard offerings of a Shopify store such as 14 days free trial, free access to pictures stock from Burst , free updates, SEO friendly template design, full support for drop down menu and more.

Not to miss, Fashionopolism is highly mobile friendly. Here’s more on the hot-selling quotient –

  • Seamless navigation
    Sticks the menu bar to the top while the page scrolls down
  • Pop-up feature
    Display product description in a popup bar without leaving the page
  • Two menu
    Sidebar menus and horizontal menus to browse more products
  • Image zoom
    Zoom in & Zoom out of the product image to seek deeper insights
  • Slideshows
    Showcase product portfolio, announce sales through full width HD slideshows
  • Videos
    Publish videos on the home page and play your interactive ad content

9. Providence

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 140

[caption id="attachment_1124" align="alignnone" width="676"]

Providence Shopify Theme

Providence Shopify Theme[/caption]

Another addition to the list of less expensive themes is the Providence. Styled in row-format, Providence works perfectly for brands that publish precise text content. The theme has relatively less functionalities yet ranked higher in the Shopify reviews with 95% positive. It is available in 2 design variants – Seaside and Birch. For small-medium scale businesses that have large inventories but don’t plan to invest more on the front end design, Providence should be the starting point. The idea here is to publish more products in the simplest manner so that hassle-free browsing could be achieved. Though lean and simple, the theme doesn’t compromise on its visual appeal and successfully arrests the user’s interest.

Amongst the features, it has free access to Burst, free updates, SEO friendly design template, mobile friendly UI, prebuilt content and more.

Here’s more on the highlighted features –

  • Quick Cart
    Add products to the cart quickly without leaving the current page session
  • Home Page videos
    Publish HD videos from YouTube and Vimeo accounts
  • Product Zoom
    Zoom in & Zoom out of the product image to access micro details about the product
  • Slideshows
    Post product catalogues, sales alerts, testimonials and more in a HD slideshow

10. Canopy

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

[caption id="attachment_1125" align="alignnone" width="666"]

Canopy Shopify Theme

Canopy Shopify Theme[/caption]

One of the first things that catch attention in a Canopy template is the elegant column layout for the top menu. The background is neat while the fonts are simple and sleek. Canopy is one of the most popular Shopify themes for businesses with large and fast moving inventories. Beneath a full-width top banner, Canopy features a gallery wherein you could post up to 20 high-definition images to showcase product photography; highly recommended for large catalogues.

Developed by Clean Canvas, Canopy is available in 3 style variants – Elda, Thread and Kiln. Not to miss, Canopy is one of the highest rated themes on the Shopify store with 97% positive reviews. Most of the stores with a Canopy front-end are selling home décor products, kitchen accessories and casual lifestyle clothing products. However, given the degree of customization, businesses could built a store from scratch and make use of the prebuilt content to conceive a new design.

Some of the hot-selling features of this template are –

  • Mobile UI
    Highly responsive mobile UI design that fits swiftly as per different screen sizes
  • Two Menu
    Features a sidebar menu, a multilevel menu and a horizontal menu for easy navigation
  • Instagram Feed
    Display live feeds from your integrated Instagram accounts
  • Home Page Video
    Publish a HD video from your YouTube or Vimeo accounts

11. Testament

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 140

[caption id="attachment_1126" align="alignnone" width="673"]

Testament Shopify Theme

Testament Shopify Theme[/caption]

If you have a business in beauty products or clothing, Testament is the Shopify theme for you. It is modish and aligns swiftly with your brand’s impressive fashion quotient. With a bold focus on the interactive content such as large imagery and HD videos, Testament makes sure that the product specs are visible for anyone with an eye for detailing. Though less costly, it is still highly recommended by brands all over the world. Not to miss, it has an impressive review aggregation at 98%.

Testament is available in 4 gorgeous variants – Genesis, Revelation, Exodus and Deliverance.  With an astute inclination for the glamour business, Testament has a Color Swatch feature; users can seek instant details about the product variants in different colors. Moreover, the Collection page side bar lets you display collection specific information about the products from the associated category.

High responsive on mobile and rich in prebuilt content, Testament is highly customizable. Here’s more on the starlet functionalities –

  • Swift Navigation
    Multi-column dropdown menu for customers for navigation to the desired product
  • Controlled scrolling
    Highly responsive design wherein the menu stays fixed to the top while the page scrolls down
  • Quick View
    Product details can be viewed in a popup without leaving the current page
  • Home Page Videos
    Features a full-width player to stream HD videos from associated YouTube and Vimeo accounts
  • Free updates
    Free theme updates and free access to copyright free pictures stock from Burst.

12. Kagami

Developed By : Maestrooo
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

[caption id="attachment_1127" align="alignnone" width="675"]

Kagami Shopify Theme

Kagami Shopify Theme[/caption]

Kagami has an editorial layout with spacious blocks to accommodate large imageries. This has led the theme garner 98% reviews on the Shopify store. The editorial style layout for pictures just beneath the full screen banner is a smart move to arrest the user’s interest with interactive pictures. Kagami is available in 3 variants – Kyoto, Baptise and Geneve.

The styles differ in their color philosophy and the imagery position but have kept the theme’s masonry layout intact. The social optimization is clear winner here; the icons appear at multiple spots making social profiles easily accessible. Not to miss, running a live feed from Instagram account alongside the product catalogue helps bring variety on the content board.

Kagami has an assertive focus towards customer interaction. There are a range of options in the prepackaged content to weave CTA sections, forms, FAQ pages, Testimonial banners, feedback forms and more. Clearly, confident brands that don’t shy away from sharing testimonials will love this.

Striking Features

  • Instagram Feed
    Integrate your Instagram accounts and publish live feed along with flaunting your total followers and comments on each post. This is an essential social optimization hack.
  • Two-menu options
    Feature a side bar menu to show glimpses of the collection displayed on the right side. Also features a horizontal bar to scroll sideways and explore more products.
  • Collage style layout
    Post high definition product imagery in a grid fashioned editorial display. Publish product information, promotional content, pictures, testimonials and more
  • Videos & Slideshows
    Post interactive slideshows, video content from YouTube & Vimeo and share brand stories, product catalogues and more insightful content.

13. Boost

Developed By : Clean Canvas
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

[caption id="attachment_1128" align="alignnone" width="672"]

Boost Shopify Theme

Boost Shopify Theme[/caption]

Boost is a multi-faceted theme that caters to the business needs of large inventories and lets you scrutinize results using different page elements. Henceforth, lifestyle accessories and clothing brands have a keen inclination towards Boost. Available in 3 styles – Flourish, Spark and Inspire , Boost has a large banner image followed by a section for brief description and ultimately a series of blocks with interactive functionalities. There’s Image hotspot linking, room to pull and publish social media content as well as displaying related products and blog posts in a dedicated section.

Moreover, the content sections on the home page are highly customizable. Boost loads seamlessly on the mobile screen and vertical viewing is an experience worth trying. Ultimately, being featured on the Shopify store, Boost has complimentary access to copyright free images from Burst and offers free upgrades.

Other salient features of the theme include –

  • Menu promotions
    Promote your products, posts, collections and offers right there in the main menu.
  • Color Swatches
    Allows the customers to view the product in different colors
  • Custom Promotion Tiles
    Make use of special tiles on the home page to highlight specific products, sales & discounts and announcements
  • Live Search
    Display search results for any content string in the website. This will produce landing pages, specific content sections, blog posts and product descriptions.

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