Top 10 Shopify Themes in 2020

June 23, 2023

Businesses flocking to the ecommerce model have been locking horns with the complex management of inventories, adjusting costs and staying in compliance to the CMS limitations. While this led to increase in overhead costs, small businesses and startups couldn’t dare to plunge in the highly competitive market.

However, with initiatives like Shopify, going digital is a dream actualized by the smallest of traders. It is one of the rarest CMS platforms that empower businesses across the industrial stretch to compete in the agile market. Henceforth, the ecommerce giant is pacing to the top while there’s no stopping in the coming year.

In fact, it is all set to surpass Ebay in terms of sales volume / year while emerging as the 2nd most valued US ecommerce platform, after Amazon. In 2020, the user base is expected to grow to 1 million while raising the target price from USD 370 to USD 410.

Planning to adapt Shopify? If handpicking from hundreds of themes scares you, here’s a comprehensive list of top 10 Shopify themes for 2020.

1. Blockshop

Developer : Troop Themes
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 160

Blockshop Shopify Theme

Blockshop Shopify Theme

Next on our list of top Shopify themes for 2020 is Blockshop. A favorite amongst the food brands, Blockshop has an airy grid style layout that lures the user focus on the product details. One of its kinds, Blockshop offers 4 style variants, each suiting a different product type.

Relatively neater and higher in resolution, the Deli design variant works by presenting the food goods as effectively as in TV commercials. The Moto variant is deeply customized keeping in mind the needs for a clothing e-commerce store.

The 4 variants

However, the 4 variants have equivalent access to the prebuilt content including template, home page layouts and product catalogue styles. Therefore, developers have the creative freedom to handpick elements from each design and produce an absolute new design for their store.

Amongst the star features, the currency converter feature, slideshows activated by hover effects, blog & landing page templates, full-width sliders and multi-column drop down menus all built specifically for the vertical (mobile) and horizontal (desktop) browsing. Ultimately, like every great Shopify design, Blockshop has plug-in for Social share on every page. You could selectively pick and drop the social icons to be displayed alongside the product.

Blockshop is fully compatible with Shopify’s latest version 2.0, Bootstrap 4.x followed by all leading web browsers such as Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE.

Significant Features

  • Home Page Video
    To run a Demo, features preview or any video content as per the content strategy.
  • Header Slideshow
    Showcase product catalogues at the top of the page
  • Wide layout
    Full-width layout available to publish more content
  • Instagram feed
    Share latest posts from Instagram on every page
  • Free stock photos by ‘Burst’
  • Free theme updates and mobile friendly design

Blockshop has a detailed documentation available to help developers and users with DIY guides, installation manuals and customization handouts.

2. Focal

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 170

Focal Shopify Theme

Focal Shopify Theme

As the highest rated pick for foods & beverages, Focal is the newest entry to the list of top Shopify themes for 2020. Garnering 99% positive reviews, it has a swathe of small, medium and large scale stores using it. Grid styled, bold and interactive, Focal lures the readers to browse across the catalogue. There are 4 variants available – Standard, BlackBox, Sea and Giveat.

Out of these, Giveat has been used by maximum number of stores. Focal works well by using color schemes that best synchronize with the food business ideology.  Besides interactive home page videos and imagery banners, there’s swift scrolling, multilevel menus, social media feeds and prebuilt product size charts.

Focal has a stunning design for vertical browsing and lets you enhance your reach to mobile users. Try out their demo for mobile here.

Featuring on the Shopify store, Focal is SEO compliant, supports dropdown menus, has access to free stock pictures from Burst , free updates and many more.

Striking features

  • Publish large catalogue
    Focal understands the FMCG model and lets you publish more products and update inventories seamlessly. Businesses of all scales can utilize this.
  • Color Swatches
    This feature makes it suitable for fashion clothing also. However, food items, cutlery and other cookery accessories can be made available in different colors can be published using the color swatch.
  • Swift scrolling
    Scroll down to through multiple products wherein they keep positioning automatically on the same page. Faster navigation and better customer experience.
  • Videos
    Instantly post videos from your YouTube or Vimeo accounts and showcase products more effectively.
  • Built in styles
    Browse through a vast catalogue of color palettes and quickly pick a standard color.

Browse through a list of documents for setup, installation, customization and support content. Detailed tutorials and videos are readily available.

3. Goodwin

Developer : BigSteps
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 49

Goodwin Shopify Theme

Goodwin Shopify Theme

Goodwin covers a wide range of product types including clothing, electronics, apparels and many more. Wrapped with 15 homepage layout designs and 50+ templates, Goodwin makes it easy to drag & drop elements and conceive highly customizable e-commerce stores as per the business scale and style. Even if the prebuilt content doesn’t accomplish the envisioned design philosophy, developers could still unlatch the inbuilt tools and create a template from scratch.

There’s a library of 70+ widgets that help perform instant development. Moreover, there are over 12 header & footer designs to utilize and create exclusive pages. Given such vast scope of development, Goodwin suits small and medium scale businesses with less complicated sitemap architecture while placing itself amongst top Shopify themes for 2020.

Some of the classic features such as the banner generation tool, instant reviews publishing plug-in and advanced checkout options are also available here.  Fully mobile responsive, Goodwin is smartly designed for vertical browsing and let businesses successfully incarnate mobility presence. Ultimately, it’s the integrated slider tool for product catalogue displays and slide show videos that keeps Goodwin well in the list of the best.

Goodwin is compatible with Shopify 2.0, Bootstrap 4.X and all leading web browsers including IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Edge.

Significant Features

  • Compatible with Shopify AR
    Provides 3D insights into product specs
  • Mega Menu builder
    for a range of vertical and horizontal layouts
  • Banner builder
    3rd generation tool for instant creation
  • Fully compatible with Oberlo

Goodwin is well documented and provides deep insights into installing, configuring and developing the theme.

4. Parallax

Developer :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Parallax Shopify Theme

Parallax Shopify Theme

True to its name, this theme produces a Parallax effect wherein the background images appear to move slower than the foreground objects. Thus, it delivers a deep 2D effect while the user scrolls down the screen.  Just like any other smart Shopify theme, Parallax too comes with prebuilt packaged content for instant deployment of themes and pages.

In 2020, Shopify themes will strengthen their focus towards full width image sliders and wide video players for an enhanced catalogue browsing experience. However, it is the adding excerpts from blog pages to the home slider that puts Parallax amongst the best Shopify themes.

Moreover, it features a dynamic home page banner wherein you could have glimpses of recent blog posts, selective products, announce discount coupons and invite participation for contests and more.

The Parallax theme comes in 4 variants –

Parallax is fully compatible with Shopify’s latest version 2.0, Bootstrap 4.x followed by all leading web browsers such as Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE.

Significant Features

  • Parallax Effect
    Produces an animated effect while scrolling down the pages
  • Disqus Blog
    Lets users post interactive comments with Avatars and social sign-ins.
  • Promotional Banner
    Use the prebuilt promotional design to announce discounts, sales and contests
  • Instagram Feed
    Share recent posts from your Instagram account showcasing products
  • Access to collection of free pictures from Burst
  • Free updates to themes

The Parallax theme Help Center has access to vast content including DIY Guides, training materials, video tutorials and installation e-books that make it and out and out user friendly theme to deal with.

5. Pipeline

Developer : Groupthought
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 140

Pipeline Shopify Theme

Pipeline Shopify Theme

Branded as the minimalist design theme, Pipeline offers an impressive approach for businesses outside the apparels sector. Like most Shopify themes, this one too comes in 3 variants that mostly differ in their color psychology - Light, Bright and Dark. However, all the variants possess the hugely in demand full – width layouts and integrated slider controls to effectively display the product catalogue and slide shows.

It is immensely user-friendly to upload multiple images of the products in different specs or add images of alike products anywhere below the descriptions block.  All the variants of the Pipeline theme are smartly designed to publish large and small inventories.

Pipeline works well with Shopify’s latest version 2.0, Bootstrap 4.x followed by all leading web browsers such as Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE.

Significant Features

  • The Parallax Effect
    Produces an animated depth effect while scrolling down
  • Modular Home page
    Showcase product content in a modular layout
  • Optimized for large scale images
    Fully optimized for high resolution images
  • Instagram feed
    Share your Instagram feed alongside to showcase published products
  • Multi
    Column Drop Down menu for faster navigation
  • Inbuilt ‘Burst’ feature for quicker access to free stock photos

Pipeline has an extensive knowledge base backed by all possible technical and business documentation. The articles in different categories can be accessed on the developer’s website.

6. Retina

Developer :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Retina Shopify Theme

Retina Shopify Theme

Keeping intact to the ‘bold & beautiful’ trend in ecommerce, Retina is one of the highest rated Shopify themes for 2020. Available in 4 style variants – Amsterdam, Austin, Montreal and Melbourne , this template accommodates a range of product types. All the variants have access to the centralized prebuilt content comprising of home page layouts, templates, landing page designs, newsletter designs and product catalogue styles.

Furthermore, Retina satiates full-width designs, video players for effective product demonstration, slider controls, and multi-level menus, testimonials and many more.     There’s product filtering, image zoom in & out and social media integration to showcase live feeds.

This one too has a promotional banner template wherein you could announce sales, discounts, contests and other campaigns for enhanced customer participation. There’s also an in-built popup display tool that helps you gain traction by converting more newsletter subscribers.

Fully mobile responsive and high in resolution, the Retina theme could be a great pick for e-commerce stores experimenting with interactive graphical content. The 4 template variants are –

Retina is fully compatible with Shopify’s latest version 2.0, Bootstrap 4.x followed by all leading web browsers such as Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE.

Significant Features

  • Quick Buy
    Lets user directly add more items to cart without leaving the current page
  • Instagram Feed
    Showcase live feeds from your e-commerce site’s Instagram account
  • Discus Commenting
    Lets users comment directly from their Discus account
  • Full-Width Videos
    Feature full width videos on the home as well the product pages
  • Shopify standard features
    Free theme updates, free stock pictures from Burst and drop down navigation support


The Parallax theme Help Center has access to vast content including DIY Guides, training materials, video tutorials and installation e-books that make it and out and out user friendly theme to deal with.

7. Shella

Developer : MPIThemes
Demo : Click Here
Cost : 44 USD

Shella Shopify Theme

Shella Shopify Theme

In 2020, the fashion ecommerce market shall grow at 9.8% every year and that’s why flexibility is the key to a successful store. Acting swiftly, Shella lets you perform high degrees of customization while accommodating more products without creating any hassle. In fact, the theme offers easily deployable prebuilt libraries of content including 8 prebuilt pages, 15 home page designs and a plethora of layout designs. All of these feature full screen sliders and video players to make the inventory look more beautiful while putting the theme amongst the top Shopify themes of 2020.

Not to miss, the builder tool lets you perform developments from scratch and use any element from the library as and when needed. Given such freedom of creativity, it becomes easier to publish exclusive banners and slideshows.  Shella is compatible with Bootstrap 4.x and all major web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge.

Significant features

  • Mega Menu Builder
    Configure popup layouts from a 12 column grid. Different types of promo boxes, product lists and a navigation menu.
  • RTL Support
    RTL writing system support available for Arabic, Persian, Hebrew and Urdu.
  • Dynamic Checkout Buttons
    Direct Checkout buttons available in addition to the traditional ‘Add to Cart’ feature. Lets buyers skip the process and make a purchase instantly.
  • True Filter
    Filter products by category, description, color, price, tags and vendor
  • Advanced Product Swatches
    Display different versions of the product in colors and sizes and image swatches.

Shella is well supported with detailed documentation insights into setup, integration, and customization

8. Split

Developer : Krown Themes
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Split Shopify Theme

Split Shopify Theme

Deriving inspiration from the split-screen design, Split divides the space into 2 parts wherein the product specs can be simultaneously published alongside the picture.

Since e-commerce stores look forward to implementing minimum scrolling, Split makes best use of the available screen space for a variety of devices.

Besides the full width layout, there’s parallax scrolling effect and hover activated animations for instant information. Moreover, fully optimized large sized and high resolution images add value to the browsing experience. In the race to last amongst the best Shopify themes of 2020, Split is addressing the needs for the customer on mobile. It displays the product catalogues in a sleek slideshow down the screen while making the content easily accessible while leaving a tangible effect.

Other significant features include -

  • Two Menu Option
    Features a large horizontal menu, a slide-out sidebar menu and a multi-level menu
  • Social feed grid
    Post content on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds in a voguish grid layout.
  • Customer Testimonials
    Share customer reviews and feedbacks in a testimonials block just below the product catalogue.
  • Related products
    Showcase similar products from the collection on the product page

Highlight feature - The Newsletter Optin Form
Integrating a popup form as a CTA functionality to encourage email subscribing is easier in this theme. Using this feature, you could send timely newsletters, update customers about new offers, discounts and additions to the collection. The templates are attached with social media CTA buttons for you to grow your social media followers and enhance brand influence.

Split is well documented and has a vast list of guides for technical and non technical consultants. Browse through the following links and know more.

9. Universe

Developed By : Outlane Themes
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Elegant and fully customizable, Universe is a multipurpose Shopify theme with beautiful layouts and responsive functionalities. Available in 2 variants – Mars and Earth, Universe is highly popular amongst lifestyle and fashion brands. Synonym to its name, the theme is a universe of features ranging from navigation to scrolling, purchasing and checking-out.

Since 2020 is all about ecommerce going mobile, Universe follows a mobile-first design approach and thereby converts sales faster. Not just the theme is easy to set-up, it is highly user-friendly while making customizations and adding new features. Just by functionally adjusting the theme settings, it helps you experiment more with the overall appearance of the template.

Amongst the functionalities for an ecommerce store, Universe has a slide-out cart for adding items to the basket without leaving the current page. There are swatches to try the product images in different colors, product zoom to have deeper details, multi-level dropdown menus and an array of customization tools.

However, the below functionalities have put the theme amongst the best in the league.

  • Sticky Header
    The horizontal menu bar stays intact while the page scrolls down. This helps in easier navigation of pages.
  • Parallax Sections
    Achieve animation depth with the popular Parallax effect. This elevates the overall content consumption experience
  • Social media widgets
    Pull content from social media accounts (such as Instagram) and publish them in a live feed section. Add value to the ecommerce store content with interactive posts.
  • Call to Action
    Display specific sections to trigger a response from the visitor via alluring content followed by a button to the contact form

Documentation & Support
Explore an extensive section of documentation and tutorials for DIY training.

10. Wokiee

Developed By : p-themes
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 36

Wokiee Shopify Theme

Wokiee Shopify Theme

Wokiee is a multipurpose premium template that jibes appropriately with different types of brands. Often counted amongst the top 10 Shopify themes, Wokiee has a list of high-end tools to conceive superlative experience for the end user. Not just it looks beautiful but responds really fast with awesome UI. Immensely user friendly, Wokiee lets you take control over the entire template and perform instant modifications in the landing pages, forms, images, products & collections and more. Moreover, you could change the navigation of the site easily without any technical help.

Wokiee comes attached with more than 20 skins to suite different products. Explore a range of these variants such as for books, furniture, toys, medical, cosmetics, electronics and automobiles. Not to miss, there are 40+ prebuilt designs layouts for home pages, landing pages, single product pages and more.

There are dynamic checkout buttons on every page to take you directly to the payments page. There’s also a sticky Add-to-cart button that lets you add multiple products to the cart without leaving the current page.  Amongst others, there are 5 variables for Blog pages, a catalogue page without buttons and prices, wishlits, color swatches and numerous product filters to count upon. However, what makes Wokiee amongst the best in this list are the following anchoring features –

  • Automatic image resize
    Resize all images in the store to the same size; no need for manual adjustment.
  • Slider Revolution
    Publish high resolution product slides in a slideshow on the home page banner section. Explore a number of features to add effects, fine tune images and add text content.
  • Newsletter Integration
    Automatically sends brand updates such as product announcements, updates, sales discounts etc to millions of subscribers through Mailchip.
  • Easy to install
    Use our predefined structures to install / uninstall any skin, plug-in or the overall theme in just 1 click. Move over lengthy procedures!
  • Color Schemes
    Choose from a range of colors to set as your standard theme. The default color for the theme is blue.

Documentation & Tutorials
Wokiee steals the show here. There’s no other theme that has the documentation as detailed and user-friendly as Wokiee. Apart from a long list of DIY documents, Wokiee has video tutorials for faster customization.

By the end of 2020, Shopify’s net worth hovered around USD 1.50 billion. In fact, there are 8 lakh + stores powered by the CMS. As the market for ecommerce gets cut-throat, Shopify vows to get everyone on board and engage a prosperous community of store owners. As the market takes a step forward in the new decade, businesses must embrace the transformation and elevate the overall ecommerce experience.

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