Top 10 Shopify Themes for Medium Inventories

June 23, 2023

A medium sized inventory is a complicated position for any ecommerce brand. It is that phase when the company has fought their way so far yet they don’t have the clarity about the business expansion in future. While staying optimistic and prepared is the key, rising overhead costs about infrastructure including the ecommerce website is a concern worth brainstorming.

Shopify, in one of its first attempts has rolled out recommendations for those businesses that are pacing towards business expansion and might need a better CMS backing. Henceforth, the following Shopify themes for medium size inventories offer a great deal for show runners to sustain quality of deliverable.

1. Context

Developed By : Fluorescent Design
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Context Shopify Theme

Context Shopify Theme

Big and beautiful banner image with crystal clear CTA buttons is the takeaway from the first browsing stint of this theme. The horizontal menu strip on the top appears with a transparent background of the picture while the login and social icons are positioned on the right. Context is vivid, colorful and smart enough to accommodate brands that have medium to large sized inventories. The 3 style variants – Chic, Modern and Essential are almost alike in their arrangement of template elements but differ in their tints. Staying committed to their ‘easy to navigate’ mission for the theme, Context has a multi-column dropdown menu to let the user browse through more number of page titles.

Context comes attached with a plethora of support documents to help you implement the features more productively.

Having scored 100% positive reviews on the Shopify store, Context is one of the most popular themes in the league and is loved by brands across the industries. Besides the free upgrades and support for the dropdown menus, Context understands the behavior of the search engine algorithms and thus strengthens the marketing functions in your strategy. Amidst all this, it is the mobile version of the theme that sweeps away all the love. The vertical browsing is a splendid experience with the elements falling into place swiftly as you scroll down. Without missing upon a single element from the website version, Context is easy to make a purchase from the mobile. Try the mobile version here  

Here’s more on the anchoring features from the Context’s portfolio –

  • Advanced filtering
    Enable the customers to browse through more products from the collection on the basis of color, price, availability, sizes and brand type. Faster browsing brings in more relevant traffic and thus increases the customer conversion rates.
  • Live Search
    A live search option to browse through the store’s content across product pages, blogs etc. This displays live search results and the associate links to the pages. This feature eliminates the need to browse through every page manually.
  • Story telling Approach
    Make use of high resolution photography, videos, graphics and text content to narrate a visually stunning brand story. Either upload your own content or pull from external sources such as social media accounts etc.
  • Medium sized inventories
    Brands with medium to large volumes of product inventories can make use of the theme. The theme will accommodate your larger inventories as your store expands in the future. Post multiple collections on the home page efficiently.
  • Mobile friendly design
    The theme loads beautifully on the vertical screens while delivering ease of product browsing, adding to carts, purchasing and raise any queries. The customizable content sections can be used to experiment with different layouts.

2. Canopy

Developed By : Clean Canvas
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Canopy Shopify Theme

Canopy Shopify Theme

Brands with medium product inventories looking for contemporary features must not move ahead without trying the Canopy Shopify theme. Like all other themes by Clean Canvas, this one too has a neat visage that accommodates all functionalities seamlessly. Canopy has an editorial display of product images that can be rearranged anywhere eon the home page. Even if you don’t wish to begin your site with a banner picture, the grid display makes for a stunning introduction to the brand and its story driven content. Canopy has 96% positive reviews on the Shopify store.

Available in 3 distinct styles – Elda, Thread and Klin, this one has a lean menu strip on the top strategically positioned to let the banner picture or the grid display at the top appear bolder and more impactful.  The home page gallery lets you upload upto 20 high resolution pictures stapled with links to different landing pages.  Not to miss, the home page videos and slideshows are a sight sweeper for they stream swiftly, on the website and the app.

However, it is the theme’s astute focus on marketing that makes it a clear winner. Besides enabling content pull from social media accounts, Canopy makes it a point that the content on the store is interactive enough to garner more viewers and hence more sales. Not to miss, it is efficiently compliant with search engine requirements.

The mobile version (Try here) has been smartly compact to smaller elements that deliver browsing experience without missing anything from the website. The vertical design is highly responsive and accommodates your catalogue appropriately.

Canopy can be upgraded for free and is immensely easy to configure. The extensive support from the developers has made it lucid to experiment with different features without disturbing the overall theme configuration. Being supported by Shopify, Canopy is trusted by hundreds of brands.

Here’s more –

  • Two Menu Options
    Pick from a variety of menus to enable easy navigation. A multi-level menu at the top, a slide out bar vertical menu or a long traditional horizontal menu is available.
  • Instagram feed
    Publish a full width Instagram feed to flaunt content from your brand’s account.  Easy to setup, the content can be automatically pulled and published in real time. No technical support needed.
  • Quick Buy
    This one allows customers to add multiple products to the cart without leaving the current page. Such ease in filling the basket helps converts more sales than usual.
  • Home Page Videos
    Narrate your brand’s story by featuring an interactive, high definition video and place it anywhere on the home page. Pull content from YouTube, Vimeo or upload your own custom made videos directly to the store.
  • Home Gallery
    Make use of the editorial grid display and publish upto 20 high resolution pictures in the arrangement.

3. Blockshop

Developed By : Troop Themes
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Blockshop Shopify Theme

Blockshop Shopify Theme

Blockshop comes with an editorial display to accommodate bold and visually appealing pictures. Keeping intact to the traditional horizontal style, the menu follows a leaner font and is positioned over the banner image at the top. Despite having so much content on the page, Blockshop is spacious and delivers a soothing browsing effect.

The 4 style variants – Beauty, Moto, Summer and Deli, are all packed with the same set of features yet differ in their perceptible appeal. A swathe of slideshows, videos, graphics and customizable content sections contrive towards a great story telling experience. Not missing out on the essential plugins that a ecommerce platform should have, there are preconfigured tools such as currency converter, live search, product swatch comparisons and a quick view option.

Scoring 97% positive reviews, Blockshop has the backing from Shopify and features on the platform amongst the selected best themes.

Besides being supportive with the search engines, Blockshop allows pulling content from the social media pages and enhance the overall content architecture of the site. The theme makes the out of the large imagery while enabling high definition posts effortlessly. Given such volume of content on the store, Blockshop successfully puts your inventories on display and yet, performs equally well on the mobile devices.

Like most Shopify themes, this one too comes attached with extensive content including access to copyright free images from Burst.  The colors used exhibit a calming effect and encourages the visitor to explore more. Some of the salient features in the theme also include –

  • Slideshows
    Showcase multiple products and collections at the top in a fully width header slideshow section. Post the most important content here. You can also publish multiple slideshows in the throughout the page including HD images
  • Instagram feed
    Repost the content from your brand’s Instagram channel automatically. The posts will automatically stream in real time with details to the response garnered on each one of the, this is a smart social media hack to share your brand’s digital reach.
  • Multi-column menu
    Make use of the multi-column drop down menu to enhance the navigation experience in the store. This helps accommodating more number of product and collection landing pages. Thus, it eliminates the need for manual browsing.
  • Videos
    Like most Shopify themes, videos are an integral part of the Blockshop theme. Publish high definition videos and share brand stories in a remarkable way. You can post multiple videos on the home page.

4. Masonry

Developed By : Clean Canvas
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Masonry Shopify Theme

Masonry Shopify Theme

Masonry does a lot of things, differently. Take the menu for example that has been positioned in an accordion style on the left hand side bar. Not just it keeps the visitor hooked but also leaves sufficient room in the vertical space. However, that doesn’t mean that the banner pictures are any less visually beautiful. Keeping intact to the basics of contemporary ecommerce designs, Masonry makes it a point to use bold CTA sections in the imagery. You can pick one of the 4 available styles – Dragonfly,  Chameleon, Flamingo and Coyote. Putting your products front and center, the typical masonry type arrangement works for brands that have specific goals such as an upcoming launch or sales announcements. The developers (Clean Canvas) follow their trademark philosophy of designing spacious pages that exhibit a soothing effect. Successfully implemented by hundreds of brands, Masonry has an undeniable appeal for lifestyle products. Specially made for brands that have medium sized inventories, Masonry can be customized to accommodate bigger inventories in the future. Hence, you won’t need to modify your store’s theme.

As it features on the Shopify store, Masonry is free and easy to upgrade, provides support for dropdown navigation, has access to a plethora of prebuilt content and is highly flexible to experiment with different styles.

Amidst all these features, it is the mobile compliance that puts the theme amongst the best. The mobile version (try here) is splendid when browsed vertically while enabling quick purchases.  Here’s more on the noteworthy features of the theme –

  • Collage layout
    Inspired from the set grid style, Masonry has a collage layout to accommodate different types of images such as product images, blog posts or promotions. Publish the collage at the top or anywhere on the home page
  • Infinite Scrolling
    Scroll down the page infinitely as the products load automatically. Besides saving time, the customer gets to access more products in a single session. Upon liking any product, just hover over it and click to access the product landing page.
  • Quick Buy
    This enables to instantly add items to the cart without having to leave the current page. It allures the customer to add more products and hence, convert more sales. Quick buy is an important design hack.
  • Sidebar Menu
    As discussed, the accordion style menu on the left side bar is quirky attempt at designing. Such a rare style attracts more customers to browse across the store. It leaves more room to post content on the top horizontal menu strip.
  • Slideshows
    Make use of full-width slideshow sections on the home page to play highly interactive slides. Post product pictures, marketing graphics, sales content and more. Use multiple slideshows anywhere on the home page.

5. Impulse

Developed By : Archetype Themes
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Impulse Shopify Theme

Impulse Shopify Theme

Impulse works for a variety of products and in multiple ways. Besides the usual features that all Shopify themes possess, Impulse takes a leap with further more contemporary features. Henceforth, it is one of the most loved themes on the platform with 100% positive reviews to its side.

While multiple videos and high resolution slideshow players contrive for a beautiful home page layout, a series of smart functionalities ensure that the customer experience isn’t compromised upon. Enticing a fresh outlook towards ecommerce designing, Impulse is available in Modern, Bold and Vintage; each of these possessing a large HD imagery as the introducing banner.

Relying upon a leaner menu strip on the top, a live search option towards the left and the brand’s logo in the top center, Impulse is made for the sophisticated brands. Hence, fashion and lifestyle stores will benefit from the theme’s focus on product promotion throughout. As one of the most popular themes here, Impulse delivers impeccable support in SEO.

Add to it, the free yet automatic upgrades, support for drop down navigation, a rich collection of prebuilt content to choose from and customizable content sections are all complementary features. The finest feature, however, is the mobile version that streams swiftly across a variety of devices.

The theme, in one of its kind approach, allows creating custom promotional content for exclusive landing pages. Moreover, the menu lists and product filters enable customers to browse more effectively. Some more striking features offered in this theme are –

  • Promotion Tiles
    Custom tiles arrangement to post pictures from product pages, blog posts, social media accounts and more sources.  Create content for new releases, seasonal discounts and other offers. Rearrange the tiles arrangement as per the requirement, experiment with different styles.
  • Collection sub listing
    Brands with multi-level collection must implement Impulse. Publish multiple collections within the main header collection to convey about the brand catalogue more systematically. Best suited for brands with medium to large scale inventories!
  • Sidebar filters
    Enable customers to filter through collection of products across categories and land upon the targeted item, quickly. Make use of filters such as category, color, price, availability, tags and more. The filter helps are available in a sidebar throughout the store.
  • Home page videos
    Publish multiple videos on the home page and create an impactful brand quotient through stories, testimonials, tips and trends. The videos are HD in resolution and stream perfectly on the mobile devices.
  • Menu Lists
    Display home page menu lists to help the customer easily navigate to the targeted product page. This feature accommodates all the list items in a full-width menu section.

6. Grid

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Grid Shopify Theme

Grid Shopify Theme

Masonry style grid layouts are one of the prime factors for the stupendous success of Shopify CMS. There are hundreds of themes that have a grid display and the best amongst them is named as Grid. Specially made for brands with a contemporary approach to publish content, Grid lets you put on display the product images in a grid style at the top or anywhere throughout the home page.

Naming its 4 style variants after different moods, Grid delivers a soothing effect while browsing the store. You can pick from Light, Bright, Moody and Warm as per exclusive needs of your brand’s story telling pitch. Each one of these variants has a spacious visage, beginning either with a big and bold banner image or a grid mesh of images.

The horizontal menu strip at the top has a lean font while the live search option is there on the right. The store’s logo can be placed on the top right.

Available at USD 180, Grid easily harmonizes with the stores of medium and large scale inventories. Brands in fashion clothing, cosmetics and other lifestyle accessories segment have implemented the theme without any hassle.

In fact, it has garnered 95% positive reviews on the Shopify’s store. Adding up to the essential features that an ecommerce site must have such as the currency converter and quick cart, Grid delivers a world class browsing experience on the mobile screens.

Not to miss, it performs efficiently on search engine rankings, provides free upgrades and support for dropdown navigation.

Some of the salient features of the theme are –

  • Interactive Slideshows
    Make use of multiple slideshows on the home page. Post high resolution product pictures, brand stories, tips, discounts announcements, graphics and more in a full width slideshow player.
  • Instagram feed
    Pull content from your brand’s Instagram page and stream it in a dedicated section. The posts can be streamed in real time without having to perform any manual integration. Preconfigured plugins are available.
  • Quick Buy
    Instantly add items to the cart without having to leave the current page. The dynamic cart can be accessed on all the pages. Given such ease to fill the cart, the possibilities of triggering a purchase increase by 3x.
  • Sticky Navigation
    Scroll down the page while keeping the header menu fixed at the top. This looks like a letter discharging from an envelope. It helps the customer to browse across landing pages without losing sight of the main menu. Hence, faster browsing is achieved.
  • Collage layout
    Make a choice from different styles of grid arrangements to publish your product inventories without any hassles. Make use of the beautiful collage to enhance the site’s content appeal.

7. Reach

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Reach Shopify Theme

Reach Shopify Theme

Dreamt to expand a brand’s reach, Reach rests its focus on the most impactful design elements only and thus emerges out to be a clean, spacious and easy to use theme. With a mobile first approach, most of the elements have been designed keeping in mind the audiences for vertical browsing. Therefore, the menu, the live search and the social media icons have been positioned at the bottom of the screen so that sufficient room is provided for the top banner image and the introductory content that follows.  The 3 style variants – Natural, Solid and Plush, have been exclusively tailored to suit the brand pitch of different types of products. Hence, Reach becomes well suited for interior décor and other lifestyle brands that wish their stores to exhibit a soothing effect by the use of light colors.

For the sheer brilliance at UX, Reach has garnered 100% positive reviews on the Shopify store and currently, is one of the best Shopify themes around.  For enterprises not aiming beyond small to medium seized inventories, Reach could be the perfect pick. Ultimately, featuring on the Shopify’s selective list, the theme comes attached with navigation support for dropdown menus and a plethora of pre-configured plugins to use, instantly.

There’s also a template that is in compliance with the search algorithms of various digital platforms. The social media integration to all leading platforms can be performed seamlessly while the built in color palette and styles help in quick deployment of landing pages.

Here’s more on the selective best features of the theme –

  • Mobile first approach
    The mobile compliant designs prepare your brands for the mobile commerce. All the forms, screens and CTA sections have been nicely crafted keeping in mind the scalability limitations in the small screen.
  • Visual story telling
    A dedicated section to narrate brand stories has been attached at the top. Make use of slideshows, videos, graphics and text content to weave a brand presence that keeps the reader hooked while alluring them to explore further
  • Animation effects
    Create a playful experience by customizing animation & icon styles while using them throughout the home page. It enhances your store’s content pitch by making it more engaging and innovative.
  • Product focused testimonials
    Publish highly engaging customer testimonials in a full width dedicated section. Make use of product pictures and link the landing pages directly in the testimonial to make it more trustworthy.
  • Collage style layouts
    Feature multiple product pictures, blog posts and any other promotional content in masonry like arrangement. The same can be displayed anywhere on the home page.

8. Streamline

Developed By : Archetype Themes
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Streamline Shopify Theme

Streamline Shopify Theme

Here’s a spectacular theme that steers all the attention towards the product in focus. Be it the full sized motion image at the banner, HD product imagery or slideshows, Streamline can handle a variety of content yet sustaining a cleaner look throughout the site. Available in 3 style variants – Luxe, Core and Hype, the theme has sticky menus that enable swift scrolling down without losing them. Moreover, the banner image section at the top overlaps the content at the header thereby exhibiting full screen effect.

Despite such inclination towards pictures and videos, Streamline manages to stream the content on the mobile screens with similar effectiveness. In fact, the mobile first approach makes it a stellar of a theme that complements the mcommerce anticipation.

Having garnered 100% positive reviews on the Shopify store, Streamline is easily scalable and adaptable to harmonize with different business requirements. Not to miss, it is one of the rare themes that feature on the Shopify’s official store and thus comes attached with an array of perks. This includes SEO compliant design aesthetics, prebuilt forms and templates to develop landing pages quickly, official support for dropdown navigation, built in color palettes and social media widgets to stream real time content.

Here’s a quick run through the following essential features available in Streamline –

  • Mobile First Approach
    As the acceptance for mobile commerce grows, ecommerce themes ought to revamp their outreach. Inspired by Shopify’s love for the mobile, Streamline has an awesome approach for vertical browsing. Henceforth, without any manual hassles, the theme transforms automatically for mobile viewing.
  • Animated Content
    Make use of highly interactive animations in your texts and videos for an elevated browsing experience. Besides making your home page stand out from others, animation in Streamline is easier to develop and publish. Ultimately, the overall brand quotient improves.
  • Sticky Checkout
    This feature provides Instant access to the checkout basket on every page. Given such reach, it is easier for the customer to fill the basket while selecting multiple products from different pages. Besides cutting down on the browsing effort, Sticky checkout ensures faster purchases.
  • Instagram Social Proof
    Since testimonials are a proven hack to enhance brand value, Streamline lets your customers flaunt the products on their social media pages while you can stream their feeds on your ecommerce store. Hence, brand credibility gets rewarded.
  • Story focused
    Move over boring product descriptions and ad copyrighting and publish engaging stories about the brand, its vision and the relationship with customers in different geographies.

9. Editorial

Developed By : Switch
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Editorial Shopify Theme

Editorial Shopify Theme

Given the proven impact of brand storytelling, the Editorial theme has a clear focus on publishing a variety of content while conveying everything from brand announcements to product descriptions.  Therefore, blog posts, testimonials and ad videos earn a prime spot in the theme’s home page design layout.

Fitting perfectly for medium scale inventories, Editorial makes it a point that you don’t run out of space for interactive content. Beginning with the banner to post slideshows at the top, this one keeps populating different types of content as you keep scrolling down.

Hitting the bull’s eye for mobile browsing, Editorial feels like scrolling down a blog post along with product imagery and relate descriptions. Available in 3 style variants – Adventure, Amour and  Agency, Editorial’s journalistic approach to post content in modular style (hence the name) makes it an innovative UI to communicate with the readers. Moreover, the horizontal menu strip at the top has default header titles such as ‘Reads’, ‘Journals’ etc to keep the theme’s philosophy intact.

Since brands with small to medium scale inventories depend extensively on content marketing, Editorial enables you to pull content from social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook while streaming live updates from them.

Not to miss, besides letting you upload videos directly to the site, the theme can integrate with YouTube and pull content from there. Least to say, the theme earns 100% positive reviews on the Shopify’s store and is amongst the top Shopify themes of 2020.

As it makes it to the Shopify’s official site, the theme offers a swathe of ready to deploy prebuilt forms, design for landing pages, official support for dropdown navigation, SEO compliant designs and a great tech support to look out for.

  • Feature multiple blogs
    Unlike other themes that allow only one latest blog post at a time on the home page, Editorial makes up to 5 blog posts visible. This encourages the user to browse more content and understand the brand more efficiently.
  • Instagram Feed
    Stream a live feed of content from your brand’s Instagram’s account on your store’s home page. Besides adding value to the store’s overall content architecture, an active Instagram account can help to flock more visitors and convert them to customers. Publish pictures along with brief descriptions of each.
  • Multiple home page videos
    Given the theme’s staunch focus on interactive content, publishing multiple videos is a great opportunity run ad content, make announcements and tell engaging brand stories. You may also pull video content from the YouTube channel directly on the home page.
  • Blogs on landing pages
    In a rare attempt, Editorial allows publishing blogs directly on a specific product page. Therefore, blogs that are related to the product can help to elaborate details that usually descriptions don’t do efficiently.
  • Optimized for large images
    Last but not the least, big and bold imagery whether targeted at a specific product or the brand on the whole can be published multiple times on the page. Since the modular style easily accommodates more images, Editorial ensures a swift top-down browsing experience on the mobile.

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