Top 10 Shopify Themes for Fashion Brands

June 23, 2023

Ecommerce is all around us and fashion is at the helm of it. Forrester predicted 36% of ecommerce sales to drive from fashion and clothing brands and that’s exactly what the digital shopping community is eyeing at. Since everything nowadays can be linked with fashion in some way or the other. So, in this article, we have listed the best free Shopify fashion themes with which you can create a fashion website. All these themes are carefully selected to best suit your fashion needs. These themes can be used for any fashion related websites like fashion blogs, photo shoots, portfolios, store, and events and so on.

Whether you are running a local boutique or selling high end fashion accessories from different brands, the following Shopify fashion themes will surely provide valuable inputs to pick your next template.

1. Flow

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Flow Shopify Theme

Flow Shopify Theme

Topping the list of best Shopify themes for fashion is the sleek and mostly white in background, Flow. Using simpler color combinations, Flow rests more on the quality of the catalogue, has menu options limited yet sufficient and ultimately a tiled display of pictures in different sizes.  Since fashion products have large inventories, Flow wants your readers to focus on the product content only than miscellaneous ad content here and there.

All the 3 style variants – Cannes, Byron and Queenstown have dismayed from colorful templates. The theme has a liking for personal care and clothing brands; hence the minimalist design that works aptly in sync with the picturesque.

This fashion themes has impressive reviews too. Aggregating 98% positive sentiment advocates for the awesome experience and live support rendered by the makers. Like most other Shopify themes, Flow too fits beautifully on the mobile screens. The UI is highly responsive and complements vertical browsing.  Resizing the top banner and scrolling down seamlessly to the footer content, Flow is highly multi-device friendly. Try the mobile demo here

Being featured on Shopify store, this has access to free pictures from Burst. This has been included keeping in mind the theme’s thought on minimal static content. Moreover, the rich prebuilt content in the form of templates, landing pages, forms, blocks, slideshows etc ensure instant customization changes. Here’s more on the hot-selling features of Flow -

Striking features

  • Quick Cart
    Customers could add to cart instantly without leaving the current page. Known as the slide-cart functionality, this has been developed for customers who shop in bulk
  • Banner
    Features a full screen high definition banner for publishing promotional content, sales & discounts announcements, new arrivals and more
  • Home Page Video
    Feature product videos from your integrated YouTube or Vimeo accounts. This can be posted in the home page to present a quick glimpse about the brand through insightful stories
  • Masonry grid style
    Editorial like layout for product pictures in a tiled display. Highlight specific products on the hover event. Lets you showcased more products smartly.

Flow is well documented for developers and CMS users to execute most tasks without any professional help.

2. Focal

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 170

Focal Shopify Theme

Focal Shopify Theme

Rated at 99% positive reviews, Focal is one of the best Shopify themes for clothing. Grid styled, bold and interactive, Focal lures the readers to browse across different catalogues. There are 4 variants available – Standard, BlackBox, Sea and Giveat. Out of these, Giveat has been used by maximum number of stores. Focal works well by using color schemes that best synchronize with the spirit of fashion.

Besides interactive home page videos and imagery banners, there’s swift scrolling, multilevel menus, social media feeds and prebuilt product size charts. Focal has a stunning design for vertical browsing and lets you enhance your reach to mobile users. Try out their demo for mobile here .

Featuring on the Shopify store, Focal is SEO compliant supports dropdown menus, has access to free stock pictures from Burst , free updates and many more.

Striking features

  • Publish large catalogue
    Focal understands the FMCG model and lets you publish more products and update inventories seamlessly.Businesses of all scales can utilize this.
  • Color Swatches
    This feature makes it suitable for fashion clothing also. However, food items, cutlery and other cookery accessories can be made available in different colors can be published using the color swatch.
  • Swift scrolling
    Scroll down to through multiple products wherein they keep positioning automatically on the same page. Faster navigation and better customer experience.
  • Videos
    Instantly post videos from your YouTube or Vimeo accounts and showcase products more effectively.
  • Built in styles
    Browse through a vast catalogue of color palettes and quickly pick a standard color.

Browse through a list of documents for setup, installation, customization and support content. Detailed tutorials and videos are readily available.

3. Fashionopolism

Developed By : We Are Underground
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Fashionopolism Shopify Theme

Fashionopolism Shopify Theme

Premium brands with medium sized inventories rely on impactful pictures and that’s exactly what Fashionopolism delivers. Curated for the fashion clothing and lifestyle brands, the theme is a beautiful collection of contemporary features that can be used with ease on the desktop, mobile and other devices. Embracing the need for a Shopify fashion theme, Fashionopolism offers publishing high resolution images and lets you do more with banners, slideshows and product imagery. Available in 4 exclusive styles – Empire, Secret Sale,  Popup Shop, and Galleria, the theme provides sufficient room for essential ecommerce tools such as currency converter, quick baskets, social account buttons, dropdown menus, testimonials and more.

Being featuring on the Shopify store, Fashionopolism has an edge with SEO compliant templates, official support for dropdown menus, free upgrades and a plethora of prebuilt content to choose from. Brands that have to showcase multiple collections on the home page can make use of the wide display of product content feature.

Scoring 97% positive reviews on the store, Fashionopolism knows how important is it to sustain the brand quotient on the platform and thus doesn’t miss out on assuring the quality of the store. To replace the void of lesser products on display, the theme lets you pull content from the social media accounts, blogs and other channels so that the everyday user stays hooked.

Here’s a quick run through the most important features stapled with the theme –

  • Product Zoom
    Zoom in & out of the product imagery to gain better insights into the specs. Just hover over the lens shaped icon and zoom in to a selective area of the picture. High resolution images will support the feature more effectively.
  • Product Quick View
    Make use of the popup feature to display important details about the product. Easy to deploy from the pre-configured plugins, Quick View lets the customer access product details while not having to browse away from the current page.
  • Sticky Navigation
    Scroll down the page while keeping the menu intact at the top. This approach helps in easy navigation as the reader doesn’t lose sight of the menu and can go back to a different product page easily.
  • Slideshows
    Slideshows are an essential content hack for ecommerce portals. Make use of HD images and publish in a large width slideshow player to attract more traffic. Post important products, sales announcements, blogs snippets and more.
  • Videos
    Not just any video player. Fashionopolism lets you post longer videos to enhance your brand story telling strategy. You may also pull video content from your brand’s Youtube, Vimeo and Instagram channels.

4. Grid

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo : Click Here

Grid Shopify Theme

Grid Shopify Theme

There’s a thing about masonry displays; they accommodate a variety of content and highlight everything on the top of the page. The idea with such designs is to pitch more pictures in limited space while using hover effects to display contextual details. Pixel Union’s Grid is one of the bestselling Shopify fashion themes.

Bestowed with a stunning visage of headers and customizable blocks, Grid lets you pull your creative threads and experiment with the positioning of different section. So, you could follow the standard design wherein the header banner picture rests at the top and the grip display continues beneath it or you could straight away begin with a large grid of images.

Grid lets you try them all. There are 4 style variants – Moody, Warm, Light and Bright; each one of them possessing the standard look of the theme while differentiating in their appeal to sync with types of clothing & lifestyle products.

Fashion & lifestyle pictures usually have plain backgrounds and that collectively produces a neat layout. Given such setup, conceiving visual story-telling is a terrific experience to go through. Grid lets you publish brand stories, advertisements, announcements, product features and more alongside the actual products in sale. Moreover, you could pull content from your Instagram and other social networking accounts, instantly. There are videos, slideshows, and interactive pictures to feature in a full-width section to have high definition effects.

Costing at USD 180, Grid has aggregated 95% positive reviews on the Shopify store. Unmatched enhance-ability, rich in prebuilt content and an inclination towards storytelling make Grid a preferred choice.

Grid comes with free upgrades, access to copyright free images from Burst, support for dropdown navigation, prebuilt templates & forms and a vertical design variant that loads perfectly on the mobile devices.

Here’s more on the salient features of the template –

  • Slideshow
    Post highly interactive HD posts in a slideshow and run it on the homepage. You may use it at the header, in between the page or below.
  • Videos
    Tell tales about your brand through interactive videos that can be placed anywhere. Upload HD videos or directly pull the content from your YouTube channels.
  • Quick Buy
    Instantly adds products to your basket without having to leave the current page. This helps in filling the cart quickly and checking out everything together at the end.
  • Smart Navigation
    Scroll down the page while the horizontal menu strip stays intact! This effect helps in browsing across different landing pages and accesses the menu at the same time.
  • The Masonry Effect
    Post multiple product pictures, posts, testimonials, and others in a grid style layout. Such an editorial effect helps in advertising more products in a smaller space.

Support & Documentation
Access a range of documents from the developers to help yourself with installation, customization and maintenance of the theme. However, the support team is available on demand to handle issues beyond your technical scope.

5. Kagami

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Kagami Shopify Theme

Kagami Shopify Theme

Fashion isn’t just about clothing and Kagami knows it well. Fast emerging as a trusted ecommerce theme for fashion wearables such as wrist watches, jewelry, cuffing etc, Kagami deserves to be enlisted among best Shopify themes for fashion.

A grid style like masonry display coupled with sufficient space to publish large imagery has made Kagami garner 98% reviews on the Shopify store. The editorial style layout for pictures just beneath the full screen banner is a smart move to arrest the user’s interest with interactive pictures. Kagami is available in 3 variants – Kyoto, Baptise and Geneve.

The social optimization is clear winner here; the icons appear at multiple spots making social profiles easily accessible. Not to miss, running a live feed from Instagram account alongside the product catalogue helps bring variety on the content board.

Kagami has an assertive focus towards customer interaction. There are a range of options in the prepackaged content to weave CTA sections, forms, FAQ pages, Testimonial banners, feedback forms and more.

Besides loading swiftly on the desktop screens, Kagami has been diligently developed for the mobile UI. The theme looks stunning when browsed vertically and doesn’t miss any element from the original design. Moreover, it is SEO friendly, provides free updates and has consistent support for the dropdown menus.

Striking Features

  • Instagram Feed
    Integrate your Instagram accounts and publishes live feed along with flaunting your total followers and comments on each post. This is an essential social optimization hack.
  • Two-menu options
    Feature a side bar menu to show glimpses of the collection displayed on the right side. Also features a horizontal bar to scroll sideways and explore more products.
  • Collage style layout
    Post high definition product imagery in a grid fashioned editorial display. Publish product information, promotional content, pictures, testimonials and more
  • Videos & Slideshows
    Lets your brand speak more with interactive slideshows, video content from YouTube and Vimeo. Share brand stories, product catalogues and more insightful content.

The developers Maestrooo share the same support content for Kagami as they do for their other products such as Prestige and Focal.

6. Lorenza

Developed By : Fluorescent
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 160

Lorenza Shopify Theme

Lorenza Shopify Theme

Over the past few years, boutique retailers have flocked the digital space and looking eagerly for a ecommerce template that satiates their medium scale needs. Addressing the needs, Lorenza provides sophisticated outlook to your brand. As a popular Shopify fashion theme, Lorenza provides ample room for content – text, video, pictures and customized slideshows all collectively put a great visual treat for the reader thereby converting more purchases.

Pick from 3 amazing variants – Air, Handmade and Urban ; each having equal access to the entire Shopify standard as well as developer’s created pre-built content. Inspired from the Editorial style layout, Lorenza helps you create panels or blocks of content so that glimpses of more products could be published on a single page.

User controlled dynamic navigation; product filtering, high resolution images and more functionality like these have put Lorenza in the top of the list. Not to miss, there’s a SEO friendly template wherein graphical content and videos can be published to gain traction. Such customizable content sections let you quickly edit a particular block without affecting the overall design page.

Lorenza’s vertical viewing friendly design has made it a popular choice amongst the businesses proactive on the mobile phones. Try the mobile demo here

Besides all the standard Shopify features, Lorenza offers –

  • Intact Navigation
    Scroll down to the page while the top menu stays intact. This is highly useful when the user has to go back and forth to the menu and explore multiple products
  • Editorial Style Layout
    Perhaps the signature functionality of this template, Editorial style lets you showcase more products & descriptions in different panels.
  • Product Filter
    Filter product collections by best sellers, price, brand, color, category and more. Lets customers browse through more products and make instant purchases
  • Two Menu Feature
    Deploy an inline horizontal menu at the top of the page. You can also hide it behind an icon to bestow cleaner look to the template. Menu appears on clicking the icon.
  • Instagram feed
    Publish live feeds from your Instagram accounts and showcase your product imagery. Adds value to your advertisement quotient and keeps the visitor hooked for long
  • Large images
    The theme lets you upload high resolution photographs to conceive an interactive home page

Lorenza has one of the most richful content in form of DIY guides, tutorials, installation manuals, customization tips and more. Visit the link above and seek deeper insights to the extensive content available.

7. Prestige

Developer : Maestrooo
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Prestige Shopify Theme

Prestige Shopify Theme

A gorgeous design is a foremost requirement for a fashion & lifestyle store, exactly what Prestige commits to do. Lean, elegant and highly interactive, Prestige is used by hundreds of clothing & grooming stores making it one of the best fashion Shopify themes.

Available in 3 variants – Vogue, Couture & Allure, Prestige is precisely crafted for the premium high-end brands and features some of the most advanced functionalities.  As the e-commerce business community steers their preferences for telling stories telling through products, Prestige lets you use the built-in Timeline tool, large and high-resolution pictures, full-width Instagram feed and many other features aimed at visual storytelling.

It is developed by Maestrooo, one of the most popular developers in the Shopify community. Rating at 92% positive on the Shopify reviews, Prestige benefits from a world class support service, access to free pictures from Burst, free updates, prebuilt content including color – palettes and templates for home and landing pages.

Beyond fashion clothing & wearables, the different variants here let you weave beautiful stores for clothing, accessories, and footwear without any hassle. Not to miss, the highly interactive UI design over the mobile makes vertical browsing easy and swift.  Try the demo for mobile browsing here.

Here are some of the hot-selling features of the theme.

  • Visual Story-telling
    Optimized for large sized pictures, Prestige makes it easier to upload as many high-resolution pictures as you want and thereby conceive a compelling brand quotient that connects with the reader more efficiently. Use features such as the Timeline tool and slide-show runner.
  • Image Hotspot Linking
    Create multiple hotspots in the product images for deeper access to details. Create tags by dragging hotspots.
  • Menu-Lists
    Seamless navigation of the large catalogs on the site through categories dropdown menus
  • Instagram Feed
    Run live feed of your Instagram posts and showcase your brand pictures

Hailed for its world class customer support, Maestrooo helps with detailed tutorials, DIY guides, FAQs, Blogs and customization docs!

8. Palo Alto

Developed By :
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

PaloAlto Shopify Theme

PaloAlto Shopify Theme

Palo Alto believes that the text hasn’t gone outdated. Keeping intact the belief in story-telling, this Shopify fashion theme provides ample space to tell your brand’s story through pictures as well as written content.  The theme gives you the creative freedom to add text and CTA buttons to the images. Just beneath the banner picture, the tiled display of products and their descriptions is positioned in a zig-zag pattern; this ensures optimal utilization of the available space unlike most other designs where the page length scrolls down longer.

Palo Alto is available in 3 different styles – Palo Alto, Stanford and Soma. The variants let you instantly built e-commerce websites for a range of businesses with beauty, fashion and home décor at the heart of it. All the styles complement the theme’s inherent character of being an interactive catalogue. Minimalist in design but not in features, Palo Alto communicates your brand’s essence through videos, slideshows, pictures, written stories and more forms of content.

Like all other themes featuring on the Shopify store, Palo Alto too comes attached with a SEO friendly design. The prebuilt template content for home & landing pages, forms and other sections is a highlight of this theme. The UI is highly mobile friendly and lets the user browse through the collections briskly. There’s a built-n palette to experiment with different colors and the navigation support for dropdown menus is simply exceptional.

Here’s more on the most popular features of the theme –

  • Built for small catalogs
    The theme is a great pick for businesses with limited collections. Showcasing limited products creatively without making the user realize the lack of multiple collections is a challenge intelligently handled by the theme
  • Single Product Feature
    One of the rarest themes with a single feature product for showcasing the specs from different angles on the home page. A must have functionality for businesses depending upon selected products.
  • Large Imagery
    Palo Alto is highly optimized for publishing full-width and high quality imagery. Showcase HD pictures of multiple products and publish them on the home page and other places on the store.
  • Collage layout
    The good old masonry layout isn’t outdated. Post your product pictures, descriptions, brand stories, posts etc in an editorial style layout.
  • Post Video
    Publish a video at the top of the home page and communicate your brand’s story to the readers with an effect. Directly upload new videos or stream directly from your integrated YouTube accounts
  • Testimonials
    Not all themes confidently pitch this functionality. Palo Alto has a testimonials section to feature right there on the home page. Showcase reviews and ‘thank you’ notes from happy customers.

Palo Alto has garnered 99% positive reviews. The high quality support services have led the product this far. Browse through an array of documents including customization guides, installation manuals and more.

9. Pacific

Developed By : Pixelunion
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Pacific Shopify Theme

Pacific Shopify Theme

The first thing that catches your glimpse here is the full width and High definition images in the slide show positioned in the top center of the menu. Though changes can be done as wanted, Pacific steals the show with its clutter free design. Modular in approach, Pacific makes it easier for the developers to use prebuilt content blocks and create a newly customized design from scratch.

The different blocks for banner image, CTA sections, product catalogue, blogs and others can be picked and dropped on the design palette. Suited for large scale businesses with an impressive inventory touch points, Pacific offers 4 stunning variants to choose from – Cool , Bold , Bright  and Warm. Minimalist and clean, Pacific lets you post videos on the home page, make use of a large multilevel sidebar and publish live feeds from social media accounts.

Keeping intact to the conventional desktop browsing, Pacific works well with mobile devices too. It is designed in sync with the SEO algorithms for content friendly layouts. On the Shopify reviews scale, it rates at 85% positive and stays a trusted choice for hundreds of businesses.

Striking features

  • Home Page Video
    Instantly integrates your YouTube or Vimeo accounts and publish videos on the home page. This can be done anywhere on the home page as per the sitemap philosophy of the business
  • Sidebar Menu
    One of the selective themes to feature a sidebar menu and let users navigate more comfortably. This helps browse through large product catalogues easily and hence reduce the bounce rates.
  • Custom Modules
    Choose from a range of prebuilt content modules such as product catalogue, FAQs, Blog posts, videos, reviews, CTA sections and more to design your pages
  • Multicolumn Menu
    Features multicolumn menu setup to post large product images in a dropdown fashion Moreover, posting HD images on the home page either in a slide show or grid style content layout is a striking feature here. Businesses can also staple social media icons and publish live feeds from their Instagram accounts. This adds value to the site content.

The developer’s support page has an array of topics to help you with the initial setup, installation, and customization and resolving technical issues of all types.  The menu has detailed tutorials to work on home pages, static pages, product landing pages and others. Beyond this, a dedicated support team is readily available to address escalated issues.

10. Streamline

Developed By : Archetype Themes
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Streamline Shopify Theme

Streamline Shopify Theme

Next on the list of best Shopify themes for fashion is the spectacular streamline.  Be it the full sized motion image at the banner, HD product imagery or slideshows, Streamline can handle a variety of content yet sustaining a cleaner look throughout the site. Available in 3 style variants – Luxe, Core and Hype, the theme has sticky menus that enable swift scrolling down without losing them. Moreover, the banner image section at the top overlaps the content at the header thereby exhibiting full screen effect.

Despite such inclination towards pictures and videos, Streamline manages to stream the content on the mobile screens with similar effectiveness. In fact, the mobile first approach makes it a stellar of a theme that complements the mcommerce anticipation.

Having garnered 100% positive reviews on the Shopify store, Streamline is easily scalable and adaptable to harmonize with different business requirements. Not to miss, it is one of the rare themes that feature on the Shopify’s official store and thus comes attached with an array of perks. This includes SEO compliant design aesthetics, prebuilt forms and templates to develop landing pages quickly, official support for dropdown navigation, built in color palettes and social media widgets to stream real time content.

Here’s a quick run through the following essential features available in Streamline –

  • Mobile First Approach
    As the acceptance for mobile commerce grows, ecommerce themes ought to revamp their outreach. Inspired by Shopify’s love for the mobile, Streamline has an awesome approach for vertical browsing. Henceforth, without any manual hassles, the theme transforms automatically for mobile viewing.
  • Animated Content
    Make use of highly interactive animations in your texts and videos for an elevated browsing experience. Besides making your home page stand out from others, animation in Streamline is easier to develop and publish. Ultimately, the overall brand quotient improves.
  • Sticky Checkout
    This feature provides Instant access to the checkout basket on every page. Given such reach, it is easier for the customer to fill the basket while selecting multiple products from different pages. Besides cutting down on the browsing effort, Sticky checkout ensures faster purchases.
  • Instagram Social Proof
    Since testimonials are a proven hack to enhance brand value, Streamline lets your customers flaunt the products on their social media pages while you can stream their feeds on your ecommerce store. Hence, brand credibility gets rewarded.
  • Story focused
    Move over boring product descriptions and ad copyrighting and publishes engaging stories about the brand, its vision and the relationship with customers in different geographies.

Going Forward
Ushering into a new decade altogether, ecommerce will continue to grow explosively while satiating all our shopping needs. Since fashion is excelling the lot, brands, no matter what the size and scale must upscale the quality of content on the site. They must use high-end tools to publish product catalogues so that the tiniest of details are visible clearly. Stay connected and explore more new themes in the space!

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