Boost up your International E-commerce Sales using Facebook Ads

June 14, 2023

With over 2-Billion user of Facebook you really can’t ignore the crowd and its influence on social media. However, with these huge numbers gaining an online shoppers attention is just like shooting an arrow in flying bird’s eye.

Advancement in digital marketing has optimized the way you draw your targeted consumer to buy your product in more personalized manner.

The two Silicon Valley giant followed by Google’s AdWords, Facebook Ads is 2nd most popular advertising network in the digital world.

As per data of Statista, in the first quarter of 2016 there were 3 Million advertisers using FB, whereas in first quarter of 2018 it got doubled to 6 Million active user using the platform to promote their product and services.

Facebook is a ground which has no bounds. Your family, friends, colleagues everyone are well connected with just a good internet connection.

Thus advertising your brand on this huge platform would not only get your business a prolific attention of the domestic buyers but also it would drive attention of International online buyers too.

Now lets see how to get the most out of Facebook Ads and know how you can boost up your international sales using Facebook Ads.

Tell your Brand’s Story

Not every single person on facebook is looking to make a purchase. Most of them are there to connect with others rather than to shop. Thus you need to advertise your product in such a way that your prospect feels to take an action that is in favor to you as well as for them.

According to recent study it is observed that campaigns that tells a brand’s story before actually asking people to buy something are significantly more effective than the one’s which are directly encouraging people to take an action.

Research by Facebook and Adaptly showed, creating a sequence of ads which conveys your fundamental brand message instead of selling, improves overall conversion rates. In one study, the difference in conversions between standard and sequence of ads was as good as 87% and subscription by 56%.

Make your advertising message in such a way that,

  • How your product can help them solve their daily life problems
  • Why it is better than others in the market
  • Your brand mission, vision, aim.

Blend the message depending on what people know about the brand. Research on what is the most trending thing is going on, or what are people most attracted towards, what are their needs, what makes them interested/happy/laugh following this all you can create an advertisement on facebook which would surely gain you a healthy amount traffic on your online store.

Storytelling is an art, not everyone can master it. When it comes to advertising your own brand, you’re the only best person available on earth who can do that.

Dynamic Product Ads

Setting up dynamic product ads may be the highest ROI strategy ecommerce sites can use. Facebook allows to set up dynamics ads for their partners including Shopify.

Dynamic Product Ads templates would ease your advertising life by automating the tasks like getting the images of the product, product name, pricing and other necessary details from your product catalog. So if you are selling hundreds or thousands of product then this could be a great solution for you.

Using dynamic ads you can advertise single or multiple products ads to customers who have visited your site at least once, added item in the cart, or your regular customer.

To get started with Dynamic Product Ads:

  • Upload your product catalog to Facebook Business Manager. Include all items you wish to promote with data to show for each product (name, image, price,).
  • Set up App Event or FB pixel to your site. Modify it to report on consumer’s shopping manner.
  • Creating a dynamic template. Facebook will automatically populate it with the appropriate products and associated information. Give your ads a title, specify keywords to get images, product names from the product catalog.
  • Set up Display Product Ads in the Power Editor. Specify if you want to advertise products from your entire collection (catalog) or just selected categories and …. you are all done to run your ads.

Multiple Product Ads

As the name says, Facebook’s Multiple Product Ads give you the ability to showcase different products in single ad, reducing the amount of clicks necessary to get from an ad to an order.

Let say your store is selling bags items. Then you can use different types of bags (hiking bag, school bags, office bags, college bags, laptop bags…etc) in the single unit of ad.

  • This give your customers more options to choose from.
  • They can also help you increase conversion rate.
  • More relevant products a customer sees in the ads chances of buying the product increases.
  • You can also use them to show different benefits of a single product.

According to Adobe’s research with Multiple Product Ads:

  1. Click-Through-Rates (CTR) got a significant improvement of minimum 50% and as high as over 300 %.
  2. Decrease in cost per click, with cost decreasing by as much as 35 % as a result of higher click engagement driven by the availability of more product options.
  3. Efficiency of Cost per acquisition increased up to 261 %.

Give them a Reason to Click

As mentioned previously, with 6-Million active user advertising their product on Facebook, snatching your prospect’s attention can be a challenge.

When it comes to spending a penny to buy something online – always remember they like to procrastinate. Even though it is most exciting deal you have to offer them, they’d still wait in hope of coming across an even better deal.

To avoid this procrastination you can apply few suggestions such as:

  • Create Urgency by showing ads like: last few minutes left to grab the deal, limited/few stocks only, prices are going up in next hour.
  • Include Triggering words like ‘last chance’, ‘hurry’, ‘clearance’ , ‘offer expiring’, ‘You’, ‘New’, ‘Free’, ‘Cheap’… and many more.
  • Offer an Irresistible deal that you also as customer would love to grab that without even thinking twice.


Facebook ads has a great influence on your potential customer as well as your regular buyers. Your competitors are already making tons of bucks using the most used social media platform till date.

However if you're feeling that your ads don’t deliver the ROI you expected, work on ‎increasing their relevancy, grab your audience’s interest and supply them with ‎a robust reason to click.‎

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