7 Shopify Themes for Beauty & Wellness Products

June 14, 2023

Here’s a thing that you must know while developing the store for beauty products – it has to look stunningly alluring across devices. Given such glamour quotient, conceptualizing e-commerce stores for this category requires an artistic outlook while assuring smart functionalities at the same time. Beauty and health & wellness products cater to a highly cosmopolitan audience and thus have to appear bold and attractive. In fact, in 2019, approx. 74% of the surveyed respondents bought cosmetics and wellness products from ecommerce stores.Shopify has an exclusive collection of themes that are specifically crafted for brands in this segment. With an astute focus on high-definition imagery, these themes feature catalogs from mid-sized to large inventories. Shopify has a lineup of themes that help brands attain an enticing appeal.

1. Alchemy

Developed By : http://www.cleancanvas.co.uk/ Demo : https://themes.shopify.com/themes/alchemy/styles/swimclub/preview Cost : USD 150

Alchemy Shopify Theme

Alchemy Shopify Theme Alchemy has one of the most compelling and bold intro lines that speak for the theme’s bold and high resolution imagery. Creating depth with high resolution pictures, Alchemy leaves you spellbound in the first glance thus making it to our list of best Shopify themes for beauty & wellness products. Be it the desktop or the layout for the mobile, Alchemy fits perfectly, has a clean menu strip positioned appropriately on the top horizontal bar, variety of text fonts, and 4 amazing style variants to chose from that synchronize perfectly with the theme’s soothing visage.  SwimClub, Driftwood, CloudBreak and Seasons have similar access to theme’s standard features yet have an exclusive appeal of their own. The banner image has a unique style and appears like sliding up from an envelope. Another peculiar feature here is the grid display of products without any boundaries that make the overall look more elegant and clean. Having all the prerequisites for a lifestyle brand, Alchemy hosts hundreds of websites dealing in Beauty and wellness products. However, the easily customizable design makes it a great alternative for interior décor businesses also.One of the few themes on the Shopify stores to have 100% positive reviews, Alchemy has been used by an array of reputed brands in the cosmetics and wellness products business. Not just the design is highly SEO friendly, but the businesses get free access to the database of free copyright images from Burst. The design is highly mobile friendly (Try here), offers free updates and easily customizable contents sections on the home page. Here’s more on the hot selling features of the theme –

  • Interactive Slides how Run a slide show of your products on the home page. Publish full-width high definition graphics, product imagery and miscellaneous ad content to leave lasting impression
  • Home Page Video Post videos from the YouTube or Vimeo accounts and showcase your prebuilt content. You may also upload new videos to the theme; HD, full width and can be posted anywhere on the home page
  • Multi-level dropdown menu Benefit from faster navigation and let your users access more products without any confusion. This helps feature large inventories effectively
  • Customizable rows The highlight of this theme is ability to readjust sections in different rows, easily. Reorder the appearance of blogs section, products, CTA bars and other types of promotional content as and when you want.
  • Sticky Navigation Helps with swift scrolling down while keeping the top horizontal menu intact. Going back to the main menu becomes quick and without losing sight of your current page section.
  • Instagram Feed Publish a live feed of your Instagram posts and showcase more variety of content than just pictures. Instagram posts will help share stories and briefs about every picture. A great channel to flaunt your social media presence

Documentation Clean Canvas is one of the most reputed developers in the Shopify community. They help with valuable support through DIY tutorials, case studies and customization training material to help you built better without digging deeper into the technical details.

2. Mr.Parker

Developed By : https://www.weareunderground.com/ Demo : https://themes.shopify.com/themes/mr-parker/styles/desk/preview Cost : USD 160

Mr. Parker Shopify Theme

Mr. Parker Shopify Theme If there’s any theme that doesn’t shy away from publishing multiple collections, then it’s Mr. Parker.  Bold, Cosmopolitan and smart, Mr. Parker is finely crafted for businesses (small and big) willing to feature multiple categories. So, be it home décor or beauty products, you could publish both and yet mark difference effectively. The banner picture is large and HD while the block layout just beneath has a striking presence. The top Menu bar has been kept less broad to make room for the crystalline content in images and text below.Available in 4 style variants – Wardrobe, Sunset , Apothecary and Desk , Mr. Parker doesn’t lose its inherent character of a pin-board for variety of pictures.  If you got high quality product imagery, this is the theme to go for. Highly effective for showcasing multiple collections, Mr. Parker has smarter navigation process using multi-level dropdown menus and sidebars.Beauty brands are apprehensive about the quality of product pictures they have and the theme’s capacity to let them upload. Mr. Parker lets you upload as much interactive content (pictures and videos) as you want.Like all other Shopify themes listed on the Shopify store, Mr. Parker too has SEO friendly designs, pre-built templates for landing pages, access to free theme updates, copyright free images from Burst  and a terrific mobile compliant design.Read more for the hot selling features –

  • Marketing Popup Popup messages on the landing page to inform your customers about anything immediate such as short term discounts, new arrivals and more. Most themes don’t have this feature.
  • Collection Page Sidebar Post details about the collection that the user is browsing in a parallel section. Tel about the range, display price range bar, color board, highest selling and more specific to the collection
  • Instagram Feed Publish a live feed of posts from your integrated Instagram accounts and showcase more content. Go beyond pictures only and let the users consume brand stories.
  • Product Filtering Allow users to filter products by category, color, sizing, print and availability. Great way to browse through more products without having to visit multiple landing pages.

Documentation Support content for Mr. Parker and other themes from Underground can be accessed in the above link. Browse through an array of articles and guides to conceive a highly impactful website.

3. Lorenza

Developed By : http://fluorescent.co/ Demo : https://themes.shopify.com/themes/lorenza/styles/air/preview Cost : USD 160

Lorenza Shopify Theme

Lorenza Shopify Theme Highly professional and sophisticated, Lorenza’s target customer’s are the boutique stores and retailers. The design has ample room for content – text, video, pictures and customized slideshows all collectively put a great visual treat for the reader thereby converting more purchases. Pick from 3 amazing variants – Air, Handmade and Urban ; each having equal access to the entire Shopify standard as well as developer’s created pre-built content. Inspired from the Editorial style layout, Lorenza helps you create panels or blocks of content so that glimpses of more products could be published on a single page. This Shopify theme for beauty products provides user controlled dynamic navigation, product filtering, high resolution images and more functionality like these have put Lorenza in the top of the list. Not to miss, there’s a SEO friendly template wherein graphical content and videos can be published to gain traction. Such customizable content sections let you quickly edit a particular block without affecting the overall design page. Henceforth, this one is a comprehensive addition to the list of best Shopify themes for beauty products and accessories. Lorenza’s vertical viewing friendly design has made it a popular choice amongst the businesses proactive on the mobile phones. Try the mobile demo here Besides all the standard Shopify features, Lorenza offers –

  • Intact Navigation Scroll down to the page while the top menu stays intact. This is highly useful when the user has to go back and forth to the menu and explore multiple products
  • Editorial Style Layout Perhaps the signature functionality of this template, Editorial style lets you showcase more products & descriptions in different panels.
  • Product Filter Filter product collections by best sellers, price, brand, color, category and more. Lets customers browse through more products and make instant purchases
  • Two Menu Feature Deploy an inline horizontal menu at the top of the page. You can also hide it behind an icon to bestow cleaner look to the template. Menu appears on clicking the icon.
  • Instagram feed Publish live feeds from your Instagram accounts and showcase your product imagery. Adds value to your advertisement quotient and keeps the visitor hooked for long
  • Large images The theme lets you upload high resolution photographs to conceive an interactive home page

Documentation Lorenza has one of the most richful content in form of DIY guides, tutorials, installation manuals, customization tips and more. Visit the link above and seek deeper insights to the extensive content available.

4. Prestige

Developer : Maestrooo Demo : https://themes.shopify.com/themes/prestige/styles/vogue/preview Cost : USD 180

Prestige Shopify Theme

Prestige Shopify Theme A gorgeous design is a foremost requirement for a store that sells beauty products and that’s where Prestige takes the lead. Lean, elegant and highly interactive, Prestige is our next addition to the list of best Shopify theme for beauty products as it is used by hundreds of stores in the wellness product business. Available in 3 variants – Vogue,Couture&Allure, Prestige is precisely crafted for the premium high-end brands and features some of the most advanced functionalities.  As the e-commerce business community steers their preferences for telling stories telling through products, Prestige lets you use the built-in Timeline tool, large and high-resolution pictures, full-width Instagram feed and many other features aimed at visual storytelling.It is developed by Maestrooo, one of the most popular developers in the Shopify community. Rating at 92% positive on the Shopify reviews, Prestige benefits from a world class support service, access to free pictures from Burst,  free updates, prebuilt content including color – palettes and templates for home and landing pages.Beyond beauty & wellness products, the different variants here let you weave beautiful stores for clothing, accessories, and footwear without any hassle. Not to miss, the highly interactive UI design over the mobile makes vertical browsing easy and swift.  Try the demo for mobile browsing here. Here are some of the hot-selling features of the theme.

  • Visual Story-telling Optimized for large sized pictures, Prestige makes it easier to upload as many high-resolution pictures as you want and thereby conceive a compelling brand quotient that connects with the reader more efficiently. Use features such as the Timeline tool and slide-show runner.
  • Image Hotspot Linking Create multiple hotspots in the product images for deeper access to details. Create tags by dragging hotspots.
  • Menu-Lists Seamless navigation of the large catalogs on the site through categories dropdown menus
  • Instagram Feed Run live feed of your Instagram posts and showcase your brand pictures

Documentation Hailed for its world class customer support, Maestrooo helps with detailed tutorials, DIY guides, FAQs, Blogs and customization docs!

5. Responsive

Developed By : https://outofthesandbox.com/ Demo : https://themes.shopify.com/themes/responsive/styles/london/preview Cost : USD 180

Responsive Shopify Theme

Responsive Shopify Theme[/caption]Sleek in style and bold with imagery, Responsive is crafted with love for the beauty products. No other theme presents the products as elegantly as Responsive; advocating for the 96% positive reviews it has garnered making it one of the best Shopify themes for beauty and cosmetic products. The pictures are large, HD and fit perfectly on the screen. There are menu options in the horizontal bar followed by social widgets of leading social media platforms. Moreover, the style variants are named after the 4 cities famous for their glamorous quotient London, Paris, NewYork and SanFrancisco.  In sync with the ad philosophy of beauty products, the styles exhibit a soothing effect while keeping intact the cosmopolitan ethos that wellness brands are most peculiar about. Read the reviews from over 200+ businesses that have used and loved the theme. True to its name, Responsive has one of the finest navigations on the store. Be it desktop or the mobile, browsing content while switching landing pages is worth trying. Being featured on the Shopify store, Responsive comes with prebuilt content such as SEO friendly templates, landing page designs, color palettes, copyright free picture stock and more. Striking Features

  • Product Image Zoom Hover over the image and seek additional details about the product specs. Zoom anywhere over the product image followed by 360 degree view as the user moves the cursor. Provides actual shopping experience
  • Integrated Disqus Lets users integrate their Disqus accounts and comment on the blog posts. Instant feedback from the customer helps you identify flaws, take immediate decisions and address to grievances quickly. Avatars and social sign in available.
  • Multi-level Menus Let your customers navigate easily using multi-level drop down menus. Faster access to more landing pages means making more collections accessible! Greater chances of closing more purchases
  • Collection Page Sidebar Share details about the collections in a dedicated sidebar menu for quicker understanding of the products. Collection details changes automatically as you hover over different products
  • Home Page Video Integrate your YouTube or Vimeo accounts and feature a high-definition full width video on the top of the home page. Such interactive content leaves a lasting impact on the visitor.
  • Instagram Feed Showcase posts from your Instagram accounts and publish live feeds. Adds value to the brand quotient and up scales your social media optimization readiness.

Documentation Responsive offers extensive customization that can be easily performed by following the user manuals. Checkout the given link to access blogs, tutorials and other content form the developers.

6. Palo Alto

Developed By : http://presidiocreative.com/ Demo : https://themes.shopify.com/themes/palo-alto/styles/stanford/preview Cost : USD 180

Palo Alto Shopify Theme

Palo Alto Shopify Theme[/caption]Palo Alto believes that the text hasn’t gone outdated. Keeping intact the belief in story-telling, this theme provides ample space to tell your brand’s story through pictures as well as written content.  The theme gives you the creative freedom to add text and CTA buttons to the images. Just beneath the banner picture, the tiled display of products and their descriptions is positioned in a zig-zag pattern; this ensures optimal utilization of the available space unlike most other designs where the page length scrolls down longer.Palo Alto is available in 3 different styles – PaloAlto, Stanford and Soma. The variants let you instantly built e-commerce websites for a range of businesses with beauty, fashion and home décor at the heart of it. All the styles complement the theme’s inherent character of being an interactive catalogue. Minimalist in design but not in features, Palo Alto communicates your brand’s essence through videos, slideshows, pictures, written stories and more forms of content. Like all other themes featuring on the Shopify store, Palo Alto too comes attached with a SEO friendly design. The prebuilt template content for home & landing pages, forms and other sections is a highlight of this theme. The UI is highly mobile friendly and lets the user browse through the collections briskly. There’s a built-n palette to experiment with different colors and the navigation support for dropdown menus is simply exceptional. In 2019, it ranked consistently among best Shopify themes for cosmetic and beauty products. Here’s more on the most popular features of the theme –

  • Built for small catalogs The theme is a great pick for businesses with limited collections. Showcasing limited products creatively without making the user realize the lack of multiple collections is a challenge intelligently handled by the theme
  • Single Product Feature One of the rarest themes with a single feature product for showcasing the specs from different angles on the home page. A must have functionality for businesses depending upon selected products.
  • Large Imagery Palo Alto is highly optimized for publishing full-width and high quality imagery. Showcase HD pictures of multiple products and publish them on the home page and other places on the store.
  • Collage layout The good old masonry layout isn’t outdated. Post your product pictures, descriptions, brand stories, posts etc in an editorial style layout.
  • Post Video Publish a video at the top of the home page and communicate your brand’s story to the readers with an effect. Directly upload new videos or stream directly from your integrated YouTube accounts
  • Testimonials Not all themes confidently pitch this functionality. Palo Alto has a testimonials section to feature right there on the home page. Showcase reviews and ‘thank you’ notes from happy customers.

Documentation Palo Alto has garnered 99% positive reviews. The high quality support services have led the product this far. Browse through an array of documents including customization guides, installation manuals and more.

7. Pipeline

Developed By : Groupthought Demo : https://themes.shopify.com/themes/pipeline/styles/bright/preview Shopify Reviews : 100%

Pipeline Shopify Theme

Pipeline Shopify Theme Parallax scrolling coupled with a clean design produces a swift browsing experience and Pipeline nails it. The menu strip on the top right has minimal header elements with possible enhancements to add dropdown navigation. The header image at the top spreads across the screen size delivering a breathtaking cover page look for the store. There are CTA buttons to land your user to a specific product page. Given such opening to the store, Pipeline makes sure the user stays arrested and develops the knack to explore more. If not done correctly, Parallax scrolling could get complicated on the mobile screens. In fact, not all themes with the effect perform equally well for the vertical show. However, Pipeline scrolls down seamlessly without missing a beat for the smaller screens. This has had a positive business impact making it one of the most trustworthy templates on the list. Hence the 100% positive rating aggregated on The Shopify store. Besides all the standard features stapled with themes featuring on the Shopify store, Pipeline takes a step ahead and lets you pull content from social media channels. Henceforth, its listing to best Shopify themes for wellness products is greatly justified. You could also seek professional support available for dropdown menus. Despite being minimal in approach, Pipeline has been designed to accommodate large inventories. Moreover, there are built-in color palettes, forms and templates for instant creation of tailored made landing pages.Adding to the Parallax effect, here are more themes that make Pipeline a hot-selling theme

  • Multi-column Dropdown menu Help customers with easy navigation of the store with a multi-column dropdown menu
  • Instagram feed Automatically stream content from your brand’s Instagram channel and add value to your store’s advertising pitch.
  • Modular layout A stylish modular design spread for easier understanding of content across sections on the home page
  • Large imagery Showcase high-definition pictures in a full-width section for greater interaction.
  • Reputed Support The developers have documented user-friendly tutorials and guides for you to perform initial setup and customization. However, dedicated help is available for issues beyond your scope.


Shopify is known to have high quality content elements that help upscale the readability of any store. Since beauty and wellness products cater to a massive consumer base across the globe, ecommerce stores must up their game and keep experimenting with new features introduced by Shopify. Stay connected for more such updates.

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