11 Shopify Themes that allow streaming Tweets

June 23, 2023

Social media means more than just socializing and no one values this better than those selling online. Amidst millions of ecommerce stores entangled in a cut throat competition, social media has emerged as a great medium to reel more traffic and ultimately convert more sales. However, there are a number of blunders that keep most estores at bay from unlatching the true potential and ignoring Twitter is surely one of those.

Twitter, just because it restricts the post length to a few characters doesn’t mean lacks any power to scale your brands. It is, in fact one of those lean mediums that can win over your target audience. And by the time you were just waking up to the unexplored world of striking engagements through the compact platform, 67% of b2b marketers were using it aggressively.

The site that introduced hashtag campaigns in the social ecosystem is now empowering ecommerce businesses across sectors, capital and geography to appear better. And if your ecommerce store is built on Shopify, then tweeting is easier and quicker.

Discounting the type or scale of business you do, the following Shopify themes for twitter will surely change your outlook towards the site.

1. Reach

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Reach Shopify Theme

Reach Shopify Theme

Frisky and smart, the UI of this theme cohesively keeps the elements intact while delivering a smooth browsing experience, especially on the mobile screens. Reach, just like the title, is made to expand your brand’s reach outside the ecommerce store and a well-crafted content strategy backs the mission. Hence, interactive product imagery in high resolutions, uninterrupted video viewing, and a full-width section to play slideshows is what Reach is all about.

The mobile-first approach not just puts your store at the forefront of m-commerce league but also publishes an epically beautiful layout of products. Available in 3 style variants, Plush, Solid and Nature, Reach is spacious and exhibits a soothing effect, making it even more lovable.

Although it has a greater following amongst home décor brands, the high degree of customization makes it scalable to fit for different types of markets and the audiences. Least to mention, the 100% positive reviews it has garnered on the Shopify store puts it amongst the best themes in the portfolio.

Amongst the anchoring features, streaming live tweets from the brand’s Twitter account is a memorable takeaway for the visitor. You can publish live tweets in a full-width section and position it anywhere on the home page. Similarly, the Instagram feed can be streamed in real-time along with the response (likes & no of comments) on every post.

Amongst others, SEO friendly design and complimentary upgrades eliminate the hassle to make your store stable in the digital sphere. Given the ability to customize easily, Reach has access to a plethora of prebuilt web forms, landing page templates, banner sections and copyright-free images from Burst.

Some of the best features on the theme include the following –

  • Product-Focused Testimonials
    Testimonials are an integral part of any ecommerce site and Reach has an engaging section to publish product imagery along with the customer feedback. Besides being easily readable, it helps create a bold reputation of the brand.
  • Visual Story-telling Appeal
    Unlike other themes that depend upon the site’s usual content to narrate brand stories, Reach goes a step ahead with a dedicated Story section on the header. Brands can utilize this section to post content that triggers engagement. Just like a blog’s section, Story on Reach is an attempt to strike curiosity about every product or collection on the store.
  • Masonry Style Layouts
    Unlike other grid arrangements, Masonry doesn’t have fixed dimensions of rows & columns and hence, works by utilizing unnecessary space on the web page. At Reach, you can post a number of products, posts and promotional content to keep the visitor hooked.
  • Social Sharing
    Besides being one of the fewer Shopify themes that enable streaming live tweets, Reach lets you share content from Instagram and Facebook with equal ease. Share your brand story, product details using social icons in the testimonials and other sections of the page.

As the demand for quick customization increases, Reach enables you to do modular changes without having to engage with technical professionals. Henceforth, you can select, deploy, experiment and change multiple features & styles to achieve the most appropriate visage.

Reach provides a long list of documents to help your deployment. From basic setup to trying different theme settings, there’s an ocean of help available. Explore the knowledge base here.

2. Blockshop

Developed By : Troop Themes
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Blockshop Shopify Theme

Blockshop Shopify Theme

Blending with the style quotient of fashion brands, Blockshop has one of the most beautiful layouts with spaciously positioned sections for product imagery, social media feeds, slideshows and more. With the horizontal menu strip positioned in the top center, the theme has a vivid approach to display the banner picture without having to crop the size. Available in 4 stunning style variants – Beauty, Deli, Summer, and Moto, Blockshop delivers a calming effect and thus, makes for an engaging browsing experience.

Despite accommodating medium to large scale catalogues, the theme seamlessly displays a large grid-like arrangement of pictures in the form of blocks (hence the name) that enable the visitor to have a comfortable view of every block.

Amongst others, slideshows are an integral element of the template. Publish high-resolution pictures in a full-width section for the slideshows while publishing multiple of them throughout the home page.

There’s also a multi-column dropdown menu that helps in easy navigation since more sub-items can be put on display. Not to miss, the videos don’t hinder the site’s browsing efficiency and thus provide an interactive session. Blockshop rates at 96% positive reviews on the Shopify store and the terrific mobile display must be credited for the same. Vertical viewing is an engaging stint here. Try the mobile version demo for better clarity.

Given the swathe of features that come attached with Shopify themes, this one takes a step ahead with streaming real-time content in a special social feed section. Therefore, not just Instagram or Facebook, Blockshop lets you stream content from Twitter along with other details such as likes and comments on every post. Working as a great social media hack, social media feed appears vertically on the mobile screen. Add to it, search engine friendly templates, automatic updates and prebuilt content that make up for a stunning portfolio of features.

Here’s more on what you get from the theme

  • Slideshows
    A great browsing experience can’t be dreamt without slideshows streaming high definition pictures. Here, you can publish multiple slideshows starting with the one at the header and others anywhere on the page as per customization.
  • Home Page Videos
    Despite having videos on the landing page, Blockshop lets you post multiple videos on the home page. Brands often utilize video sections to post different types of content such as advertising, product imagery, announcements and others.
  • Multi-Column Menus
    Multi-column menus demarcate menu items vertically so that more landing page headers can be published and hence make it easier for the visitor to browse across the site. However, keeping intact to the philosophy of a spacious menu, Blockshop doesn’t compromise upon a leaner menu design.
  • Twitter feed
    Going beyond Instagram feed sections; Blockshop is one of the rare themes that let brands to stream live tweets from the social media handle. The pre-configured plugin can be used to enable and disable the functionality as and when required.
  • Prebuilt Content
    Like most Shopify themes, Blockshop too has access to copyright-free images from Burst. Moreover, there’s a list of prebuilt forms and templates that can be instantly deployed to create a stunning ecommerce visage. Not to miss, these pages can be experimented with using instant drag and drop functionality.

Getting started with Blockshop has the backing of an extensive support desk that has published detailed self-help guides. Browse through different categories such as theme setup, maintenance, issue-resolving and experimenting with different features. Explore more about it here.

3. Responsive

Developed By : Out of the Sandbox
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Responsive Shopify Theme

Responsive Shopify Theme

Naming its 4 style variants – London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco after the 4 most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Responsive is made for those brands that understand the scope of high-resolution content in generating valuable traffic for eCommerce shop. Not missing a beat at using bold and bright colors, Responsive is an ode to vivid brands.

Beginning with a big banner section at the top, Responsive leads to a vertical exhibition of breathtaking image sections, smart functionalities and a never-ending scrolling session that loads the products automatically.

Keeping in mind the impact of more content upon the reader, Responsive doesn’t lose the focus from your products and lets the interactive content formats such as pictures, videos and slideshows drive the engagement.

Being featured on the Shopify’s store, the theme offers a swathe of high performing features such as automatic upgrades, search engine optimization, and social media-friendly layout, official support for dropdown navigation and lastly, a rich database of copyright-free images from Burst.

Ensuring faster development, these functionalities fit seamlessly on the mobile screen and hence, deliver a world-class vertical exploring experience. Given such expertise at creating wonderful customer experience, Responsive values social media content and enables the brands to post live feeds. With the swift integration of Instagram and Twitter accounts, expect greater web traffic returns.

Here’s a sneak peek into more functionalities from the theme –

  • Twitter Feed
    Gain an edge over your competitors who stick to Facebook and Instagram content integration only. Publish live tweets from your brand’s Twitter account including pictures. The tweets appear in a full-fledged section exclusively for Twitter that can be positioned with a mere drag & drop operation while performing customization
  • Instagram Feed
    Like most Shopify themes, Responsive too allows publishing Instagram posts directly from the account. Along with the Twitter feed, this contrives for a smart social media strategy to flock more traffic to the site.
  • Home page videos
    Narrate your brand story in videos and publish them at the top of the home page. Post them anywhere on the page and add value to the eCommerce site’s content quotient. Create high definition videos and upload them directly to the site or pull content from the YouTube and Vimeo channels.
  • Product Image Zoom
    Let the visitor seek closer look at the product specs using in a zoom-in lens. As the reader hovers over the image, the portion of the image under the scanner expands into a bigger picture. Image Zoom feature is available for all landing pages.
  • Multi-level Menu
    Specially crafted for the brands with bigger catalogues, multi-level menu helps including all pages within the menu section strategically. Customers can navigate freely and land upon their product of choice, instantly.
  • Collection details
    Feature a sidebar section that includes all the details about the collection being currently browsed. This makes it easier for the customer to keep track, make comparisons and have a quick high-level understanding of the collection group.
  • Disqus Commenting Let the user’s sign in with their Disqus accounts and comment directly on the blog posts. Besides encouraging the visitors to comment more, this helps to analyze the reviews garnered by different products.

Responsive has one of the most extensive documentation support section amongst all Shopify themes. FAQs, Video tutorials, feature guides, theme settings, customization and much more can be be easily browsed through a search bar at the top of the page. Use keywords to search for the desired document or video. Explore more about the documentation section here

4. Startup

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Startup Shopify Theme

Startup Shopify Theme

Addressing the needs of new businesses or brands that have a focus on a few products only, Startup is an out and out winner. Styled in the modular display, Startup enables one-page stores to advertise their product innovatively and effectively unlatch all the features that most big catalogues use.

Despite limitations in the choice of content, the theme manages to accommodate high-resolution imagery, testimonial sections, slideshows, and social media streaming widgets to produce a highly engaging page.

The theme keeps it straight and has 4 style variants each meant for a specific industry type. Home for interior décor and accessories, Tech for devices & gadgets, Cloth for fashion and Art for creative tools & accessories harmonize with different types of brands.

Although the store’s meant for very small sized catalogues that don’t mean there’s isn’t any scope of publishing slideshows and videos. While eCommerce brands with large catalogues have the choice to include several products, Startup lets you curate different subjects of content around the product yet keeping the visitor hooked and allured to explore further.

Given the astute focus on few products only, Startup has a full-width section for large imagery to be published in the header section. Amongst others, free and automatic theme upgrades, SEO friendly design, official support for dropdown navigation, built-in color palettes and access to copyright-free images from Burst.

Not less than a boon for new businesses, Startup scores 94% positive reviews on the Shopify store and ranks amongst the best Shopify themes for new or small scale online brands.

Here’s a quick run through the best features of the theme –

  • Twitter & Instagram feed
    Full-width sections each for Instagram and Twitter to stream real-time content. The feature includes ready to deploy widgets to automatically pull content from the brand’s social accounts and stream along with a number of likes and comments on each post. The sections can be positioned anywhere on the home page.
  • Customer Testimonials
    Run an exclusive section for publishing customer feedback and words of encouragement. Testimonials are a great hack to enhance the brand quotient and must be included on the home page. The section is a wide box including the customer quote along with product imagery and other details. It also helps in analyzing response garnered by different products.
  • Home page videos
    Despite having fewer products to feature, videos can be used to tell brand stories. A full-width section to feature high-resolution videos can be positioned anywhere on the home page and published multiple times. Either create customized videos and upload directly to the site or pull already published videos from the brand’s YouTube or Vimeo accounts.
  • Modular Style
    Make use of a stylish modular layout to publish the product and enhance the readability appeal of the site. The layout has large sections to accommodate high definition imageries of the product in different specs. This adds the enticement factor to single-page website browsing. Moreover, promotional content other than the product imagery can be added to the modular sections.

The Pixel Union help center has a proactive content support dashboard that features product guides, detailed tutorials, videos and FAQs for the theme. Use relevant keywords to search for the needed topic. There’s a long list of topics for setting up & customizing home pages and product landing pages. Explore more about the available documents here.

5. Launch

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Launch Shopify Theme

Launch Shopify Theme

Twitter is a popular choice amongst startups since they have the opportunity to express more frequently within a single day. Addressing the needs of the new businesses in the quest for capital backing, Launch is the newest rage.

As a single page site, Launch helps new businesses scale into successful online shops. Synonym to its name, Launch is meant for businesses that use eCommerce as a tool to pitch stakeholders and raise funds. With an astute focus upon advertising core business products or services, Launch is meant for the new bees aiming to make big in the markets.

Henceforth, features that help upscale the content quotient are all easily usable here. Be default optimized for single page products, Launch is clean and swift so that the user doesn’t lose sight off the targeted content. However, browsing down a single-page site could be dull experiences while this theme, works by keeping the reader hooked. Moreover, Launch has been designed to support presentations and pitch decks.

However, that doesn’t mean Launch is restricted to single page sites for products only. Easily scalable to accommodate small to medium-sized portfolios of products, the theme can be put to greater use in lesser cost.

Available in 3 style variants – Fresh, Cool and Bold, Launch has a long, vertical display of elements on the home page. Starting with a beautiful banner image window at the top to a tiled display of product imagery, blog section, testimonials, and others, this one doesn’t look like short on content.

Costing at USD 180, Launch has a lineup of features that produce an overwhelming browsing experience. Here’s a quick run through the most valued functionalities –

  • Live Twitter Feeds
    Since social media content brings added value to the website, Launch allows streaming live posts from multiple platforms while Twitter is their prime focus. Twitter is an excellent board to publish a series of short posts (tweets) for startups to advertise more aggressively without any overhead costs.
  • Especially for crowdsourcing
    Since the fundraising campaign has an exclusive set of content, Launch makes it a point to highlight your product or service while curating an enticing sentiment around them through text, pictures, and videos. Enabling the reader to browse swiftly, there’s a beautiful flow of information, exactly what you need while pitching stakeholders.
  • Goal Tracking
    Crowdfunding campaigns attract millions of visitors from different geographies. Therefore, a proper analytics dashboard is required to filter the most valued leads and simultaneously acknowledge them through different channels. Launch makes it easy to track the response generated to the campaign and produces an insightful report about the progress. This is a must-have tool for startups in the making.
  • Modular Home Page
    Share a variety of content such as videos, product imagery, graphics, testimonials, blog snippets, and social media streams, etc. in a perfectly arranged multiple sub-parts of the main home page. Besides enhancing the readability experience, modularity makes it easier for the designers to make and review changes.
  • Home Page Video
    Publish a high resolution and beautiful video on the top of the home page to advertise brand stories, services, and announcements. Upload a video manually or simply pull content from your YouTube or Vimeo channels directly to the site. Not to miss, you could publish multiple videos without fearing the streaming efficiency.

Launch is backed by instant support from the developers, Pixel Union, a popular name amongst Shopify theme developers. Browse through an array of documents, guides, DIY tutorials and videos to strengthen your design philosophy. Explore more about the theme in the given link.

6. Venue

Developed By : Safe As Milk
Demo : Click Here
Documentation : Click Here

Venue Shopify Theme

Venue Shopify Theme

Venue comes attached with a list of rare features, exactly what helped it score 100% positive reviews on the Shopify store. Made for the brands that are operating across multiple channels and geographies, Venue is a one-stop (venue) for the visitors to explore your brand in detail, besides making purchases from the online catalogue. Henceforth, it’s a multipurpose theme with selling and socializing made seamless. Venue is available in 3 style variants – Morning, Evening and Weekend while each one of these sustaining the standard lean menu strip at the top followed by the currency converter and the product search tools.

With a mix of dropdowns and single page header items, the menu collapses to a vertical strip on the mobile version. Not missing out anything from the larger version of the desktop, Venue accommodates content perfectly and hence, produces a lucid browsing experience for the mobile screens.

In a rare approach, Venue goes beyond online selling and enables you to use the platform to make announcements and share essential updates about the brand, just like a social media channel would do. Therefore, brands that have a great presence across physical stores can benefit from the eCommerce reach for advertising their locations and events.

As far as Twitter streaming is concerned, there’s a dedicated broad section to publish live tweet from the social media handle. Unlike other themes, this one displays the likes, comments on every post while a brief about the profile followers also appears. If you have an impressive presence on Twitter, this is a must-have theme for you.

Besides the beautiful and bold product imagery, blogs and testimonial sections, following are the anchoring features to look out for. It is SEO supportive, comes with built-in color palettes & forms and provides free updates. The subscription for the theme is available at USD 180.

  • Dates & Events Section
    Use your home page to post details about upcoming events such as product launch, store opening, and other essential updates. A dedicated box for the same enables you to pick dates from the integrated calendar alongside a description section.
  • Age checker
    A popup updates you about specific visitors who have been exploring the eCommerce store for long. Given such insightful data for the sales team, filtered visitors could be pitched exclusively either through email campaigns or social media accounts.
  • Multi-column menu
    Make it easier for your customers to navigate through the store via multi-column drop-down menus at the top. A staple feature of the Shopify stores, multi-column menus are easy to configure and sync aptly with stores of different catalogues.
  • Video Gallery
    Keeping intact to Shopify’s love for interactive content, there’s a dedicated video gallery to feature HD videos anywhere on the home page. You may also publish multiple videos on the same page. Manually upload the videos or directly pull content from the brand’s YouTube or Vimeo accounts.
  • Social Media Streaming
    Besides being one of the selective themes that automatically stream content from Twitter, Venue is equally seamless with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Rearrange the appearance of all the social media widgets as per the content marketing strategy in execution.

The Safe As A Milk help center has a long list of articles featuring tutorials, tips and essential updates about the theme. Not to miss, a devoted customer support team is available to address any issues in customization.

7. Grid

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo : Click Here

Grid Shopify Theme

Grid Shopify Theme

There’s a thing about masonry displays; they accommodate a variety of content and highlights everything on the top of the page. The idea with such designs is to pitch more pictures in limited space while using hover effects to display contextual details. Pixel Union’s Grid is one of the best themes that have an editorial layout.

Bestowed with a stunning visage of headers and customizable blocks, Grid lets you pull your creative threads and experiment with the positioning of different section. So, you could follow the standard design wherein the header banner picture rests at the top and the grip display continues beneath it or you could straight away begin with a large grid of images.

Grid lets you try them all. There are 4 style variants – Moody, Warm, Light and Bright; each one of them possessing the standard look of the theme while differentiating in their appeal to sync with types of products.

Home interior and exterior décor product pictures usually have plain backgrounds and that collectively produces a neat layout. Given such setup, conceiving visual story-telling is a terrific experience to go through. Grid lets you publish brand stories, advertisements, announcements, product features and more alongside the actual products in sale. Moreover, you could pull content from your Instagram and other social networking accounts, instantly. There are videos, slideshows, and interactive pictures to feature in a full-width section to have high definition effects.

Costing at USD 180, Grid has aggregated 95% positive reviews on the Shopify store. Unmatched enhance-ability, rich in prebuilt content and an inclination towards storytelling make Grid a preferred choice.

Grid comes with free upgrades, access to copyright free images from Burst, support for dropdown navigation, prebuilt templates & forms and a vertical design variant that loads perfectly on the mobile devices.

Here’s more on the salient features of the template –

  • Slideshow
    Post highly interactive HD posts in a slideshow and run it on the homepage. You may use it at the header, in between the page or below.
  • Videos
    Tell tales about your brand through interactive videos that can be placed anywhere. Upload HD videos or directly pull the content from your YouTube channels.
  • Quick Buy
    Instantly adds products to your basket without having to leave the current page. This helps in filling the cart quickly and checking out everything together at the end.
  • Smart Navigation
    Scroll down the page while the horizontal menu strip stays intact! This effect helps in browsing across different landing pages and accesses the menu at the same time.
  • The Masonry Effect
    Post multiple product pictures, posts, testimonials, and others in a grid style layout. Such an editorial effect helps in advertising more products in a smaller space

Support & Documentation
Access a range of documents from the developers to help yourself with installation, customization and maintenance of the theme. However, the support team is available on demand to handle issues beyond your technical scope.

Other honorary mentions

8. Kagami

Developed By : Maestrooo
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Kagami Shopify Theme

Kagami Shopify Theme

9. Pacific

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Pacific Shopify Theme

Pacific Shopify Theme

10. Atlantic

Developed By : Pixel Union
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Atlantic Shopify Theme

Atlantic Shopify Theme

11. Mobilia

Developed By : Out Of The SandBox
Demo : Click Here
Cost : USD 180

Mobilia Shopify Theme

Mobilia Shopify Theme


Although Twitter may not be the most popular pick for many ecommerce stores but it is still a very trustworthy platform for driving customer support services. The very idea of raising your complain in 1-2 lines while seeking instant response from the brand’s official account has put it on the front line, again!

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