UI/UX Optimization

Crankshooter's E-commerce Transformation: A Detailed Study on Site Auditing and UI/UX Enhancements


Crankshooter's strategic initiative to audit and optimize their Shopify Plus platform was driven by a commitment to superior user experience and operational excellence. The focus was on dissecting and enhancing every facet of their digital presence, from loading speeds to interactive elements, ensuring alignment with best practices and industry standards.

Detailed Audit Analysis and Identified Challenges:

The audit unfolded in multiple stages, each revealing critical insights:

  • Performance Metrics: Detailed analysis of metrics like Time to Interactive, Speed Index, and Cumulative Layout Shift provided a granular view of the site's performance issues.
  • Resource Loading: Examination of resource load order and sizes pinpointed inefficiencies, highlighting opportunities for optimization.

In-Depth Optimization Strategies and Implementation:

Image Optimization:

  • Employed advanced techniques like adaptive sizing, format switching, and image compression to enhance loading speeds without sacrificing visual quality.
  • Implemented responsive images to ensure optimal display across devices, further contributing to improved LCP.

JavaScript and CSS Refinement:

  • Deconstructed and streamlined JavaScript execution, employing code splitting and deferring non-essential scripts to enhance FCP and reduce TBT.
  • Overhauled CSS delivery, utilizing critical CSS and purging unused styles, boosting rendering times and improving user interactions.

Network and Resource Optimization:

  • Optimized asset delivery through CDN enhancements and better caching strategies, reducing latency and accelerating content availability.
  • Conducted thorough reviews of third-party integrations, optimizing or replacing them to minimize their impact on the site's performance.

UI/UX Enhancements for Desktop and Mobile:

  • Desktop enhancements focused on creating a unified visual language, aligning interactive elements for intuitive navigation, and optimizing layout structures for better content consumption.
  • Mobile optimizations tackled usability challenges, enhancing touch targets, improving form factors, and ensuring content is easily accessible and engaging on smaller screens.

Results and Impact Assessment:

Post-optimization, Crankshooter's site exhibited a substantial uplift in performance metrics. The technical adjustments led to a significant decrease in load times, enhanced interactivity scores, and a more stable visual layout, directly impacting user satisfaction and engagement.


This case study exemplifies the intricate work involved in elevating an e-commerce platform's performance and user experience. Through a meticulous audit and targeted optimizations, Crankshooter has not only improved its site's operational metrics but also laid a robust foundation for future growth and customer engagement in the competitive e-commerce landscape.