UI/UX Optimization

Comprehensive Store Optimization for Ocean and San: Enhancing the User Experience and Page Speed


Ocean and San's initiative to optimize their Shopify store focused on a meticulous store audit and subsequent enhancements, aimed at refining the store's performance and user interface.

Project Overview:

The project was structured to address critical findings from a detailed store audit, emphasizing page speed optimization and UI/UX enhancements. The objective was to create a seamless, efficient online shopping environment, directly impacting customer satisfaction and engagement.

Page Speed Optimization:

  • Challenge: The audit identified several issues affecting page load times, including oversized images, unoptimized JavaScript, and excessive CSS.
  • Solution: Strategies included optimizing image sizes without losing quality, deferring offscreen image loading, minifying JavaScript and CSS, and reducing JavaScript execution time. These measures aimed to improve metrics like First Contentful Paint, Largest Contentful Paint, and Total Blocking Time, enhancing the site's performance score.

UI/UX Enhancements:

  • Challenge: The audit revealed areas for improvement in the site's user interface and experience, including misaligned elements, inconsistent pricing displays, and inadequate form validations.
  • Solution: The team implemented adjustments such as realigning header images, standardizing price displays, optimizing form pop-up dimensions, and ensuring all navigational links functioned correctly. Mobile-specific enhancements were also prioritized, addressing layout inconsistencies and improving interactive elements' accessibility.


Post-optimization, Ocean and San experienced a marked improvement in site performance metrics and user engagement. The site's enhanced speed and streamlined user interface contributed to a better overall user experience, potentially increasing conversion rates and customer loyalty.


This case study underscores the importance of a comprehensive approach to store auditing and optimization. By focusing on both page speed and UI/UX, Ocean and San have set a benchmark for e-commerce excellence, ensuring their online store remains competitive and resonates well with their audience.